Another Sprout

As we continue watering the plants, a new sprout appeared. This one if smaller than the other sprouts, however over time we believe that it’ll grow into a potato. Since the year is almost over, and the majority of plants are still not grown, over the summer people will continue to water and tend to the plants. On Monday, since… Read more →

Finally Sprouting

Finally, after a long time of watering and tendering the plants. We have some green leaves sprouting from the soil. Two of our sprouts have successfully grown, and now it is visible evident. We’re going to have to wait for the other plants to grow. In the meantime, we will continue watering and adding the fertilizer to the rest of… Read more →

Create Project: Speechless Words

There’s three ways to express emotion in life, through words, pictures, or music. In my CREATE project, I explored how music is used to express emotions, tones, themes, and shifts just as how they would in the spoken language. Music is often used to show what words cannot say, and through my project I learned the differences and similarities with… Read more →

Hark! Helena’s Characteristic Comparison

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare, Helena undergoes the often difficult journey of love, exposing her most passionate, raw characteristics. In the following paragraphs, I compare her physical appearance, her personality, as well as how her fellow characters view her, to those of mine. Helena is introduced in Act 1, Scene 1, by Hermia saying, “Godspeed, fair Helena!” (1.1.180)… Read more →

Watering Plants

Today, there was once again no evidence of the plants growing. I am assuming that the potatoes are still growing their roots and will grow taller and get on top of the soil. There were new watering cans today in the shed, and for the first time we used watering cans with sprouts on the end. This is more effective… Read more →