Life is a bumpy road, it doesn’t work out every time. We all know that love is difficult, wether its because of an argument, or someone not being loyal. Well, this is exactly what happened to the characters in the play.

For the past four weeks, my group and I have worked on this video. This an interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There were four parts to the director’s notebook: staging, costume design, prop design, and music selection. I was responsible for getting the staging aspect done. Karl designed the characters’ costume. Nick designed the props. And lastly, Richard chose the music to go along with the film. The parts we interpreted for the play was Act 3 Scene 2, lines 165-275. Below includes a slide show of all the group member’s parts, my rationale, and the final film. Enjoy!

In the creation of my group’s director’s notebook, I contributed to our group as the script writer, the staging director, the video editor, and assisted each group member with their roles. As the main script writer, I translated the lines from the original play and translated it into modern text. The main thematic issue that our group explored in our performance was the difficulties of love. In terms of acting, I played Demetrius. Through various movements and speeches, I demonstrated Demetrius’s ill mannered and demanding characteristics. For example, when I argue with Lysander over Helena’s love, I made aggressive physical contact with Lysander, through movements such as slapping and nudging to my character’s ill mannered characteristics. In addition, I used rude gestures. For example, during my confrontations with Lysander. Through gestures such as finger-pointing and eye rolling to emphasize on Demetrius’s ill mannered characteristics. Furthermore, I also used the speech of my character to create an emphasis on the idea, I used an aggressive tone when speaking with Lysander. Though out almost all my scenes, I am very loud and I speak in a condescending tone.

In charge of staging, I used blocking to enhance the theme and characterization of the scenes. In terms theme, through the staging of each character I show the theme of love. For example, in all the scene with Lysander, Demetrius and Helena, I stage Helena between Lysander and Demetrius to show that she’s coming between the two character. A way to show representation in the relationship between the characters which shows the theme of love difficulties, and how infatuations can act as an obstacle of love. The proximity of both characters to Chloe depicts their affinity towards her. Then afterwards, I placed Demetrius and Lysander constantly next to Helena. While Hermia is placed far away from the other characters, showing that she is being ignored. Emphasizing on the theme of love difficulties. In terms of characterization, I was able to plan all the character’s movements, actions, and interactions with the other characters in a way that would best present their personality and intentions. For example, to show Lysander’s neglect towards Hermia, I had Luther repeatedly turn his back on Jasmine.

You might’ve heard of Luke Skywalker and Katniss Everdeen and tales about their journeys,  but have you heard of John Smith and his journey?! Probably not, because he’s just some guy I made up for my CREATE project….  I’ve created a short animation of a story Nick Choi and I created, based on the archetype of the hero’s journey. Which is related to the English standards of Make strategic use of digital media (e.g., textual, graphical, audio, visual, and interactive elements) in presentations to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence and to add interest. And Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem, situation, or observation, establishing one or multiple point(s) of view, and introducing a narrator and/or characters; create a smooth progression of experiences of events.  For our post, I created an animation for Nick’s short story on the story of John, a father determined to save his son. I used Videoscribe to create the animation to enhance the understanding of findings and engaged and oriented the views by setting out a problem. Where John has to save his son, after his son is abducted by the undead creatures of the forests. Hope you all enjoy!


Thy Post is Tedious

May 2, 2016


William Shakespeare is arguably one of the greatest writers in the English language and playwrights, if not all languages. However, I think that his works are some of the most boring things I’ve ever read, but then that’s just how I feel. Although his writing was boring, the characters in his writing were brilliant. In a way, some of the characters in A Mid Summer Night’s Dream resembles people today.


Comparing myself with Nick Bottom, one of the main characters of the book. The appearance of Nick Bottom wasn’t specifiacally mentioned in the book, except for the fact that he had the head of a donkey “O Bottom, thou art changed. What do I see on thee? What do you see? You see an ass head of your own, do you?” (Shakespeare 63), which I am pretty sure and hope that I don’t have. Then later on Titania tells Bottom, “O, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now!” (105). Bottom’s appearance is addressed as rather unattractive and plain. So I would assume that Bottom is pretty normal looking, which I consider I am, so I think that there are similarities between Bottom’s appearance and mine. Other than the fact that I’m Asian…..


As for his personality, throughout the book, specifically when rehearsing the play with his fellow mechanics. He is portrayed as being very enthusiastic and full of excitement. “I may hide my face, let me play Thisbe too” (21) , Bottom is very enthusiastic and eager to participate when it comes to the play. “Let me play the lion too. I will roar that I will do any man’s heart good to hear me” (23). Bottom is very confident in himself. I have Bottom enthusiasm from time to time, however, I don’t have his confidence.



The Words of a Mad Man

March 24, 2016

This is a persuasive monologue I wrote based on The Book Thief by Markus Zusak from Death’s point of view addressing the German people, convincing them to not follow Adolph Hitler.

I’ve seen you people do incredible things; you’ve built civilizations from the ground up. You’ve built buildings hoping to reach the skies. You’ve built schools for you children, Created treaties for the greatest cause of humanity. Let me ask you; are you willing to throw all of that away for him? “It haunts me sometimes, how you people die” I’ve also seen thing you people wouldn’t believe. Battleships on fire off the coast of France. Innocent women and children forced into rooms where they suffocate. Men executed in front of their families. Families separated from their loved ones, fathers taken away from their children to fight the war. I’ve seen men beaten for trying to offer help to those in need. An old man nearly crippled for trying to provide food for a hopeless Jew.

This is all the doing of one man, Adolph Hitler. Over 60 million lost their lives already because of him, amongst them, 7 million of your own people. There’s no need for more casualties Germans!

Do not give yourselves to this man, do not give yourself to people who tell you what to think, what to do, what to feel! He treats you like puppets; he uses you as bullet shields! You are not his puppets! You are not bullet shields. Do not follow this man! This Deviant!

Look deep inside your hearts, find your kindness, your empathy, which has been suppressed for all these years! I find you humans at your best and worst. I’ve seen your ugly and your beauty. Adolph Hitler brings out the worst in all of you. He made you burn books meant to educate your children, teaching them how to hate and discriminate, instead of to love and appreciate the beauty in this world. He made you wage war upon the world, made you turn against people who were once your friends, just because of their race, he made you kill for him. You are not heartless robots manufactured for war! You are humans!

You should be helping those in needs, be humane, that’s what separates you from devils. Believe me, I’ve dealt with them before; they are not nice people. I am haunted by what you’ve become, you used to stand up for what was right! You fought for moral reasons; you passed laws for moral reason. You waged wars on injustice. You explored the world and cured diseases. You reached for the stars, you aspired to intelligence, not belittle it, you cultivated the world’s greatest artiest and the world’s greatest writers. One of you humans once said, “the first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one”-that problem is Adolph Hitler I fear for your future. Please, do not follow the words of a mad man before it is too late.



March 17, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.44.20 PM

This is a pro America World war II propaganda poster. I created this poster to strike fear in the American audience using pathos to convince them to enlist in the U.S army, using the persuasive technique of appeal to fear.


In the foreground and background, New York city and the Statue of Liberty have been destroyed. New York city, the most populous city in America and the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and hope, are often used as a symbol of America. Due to the use of New York city and the Statue of Liberty in films at the time, New York city was commonly the symbol of America. Because it’s a symbol of America, when it is destroyed, America is symbolically destroyed. The Statue of Liberty, being a symbol of freedom and hope, when the Statue of Liberty is destroyed. It is as if, the would be no more freedom and hope. The use of this figure in the foreground shows that freedom and hope are the most important thing to Americans

In the middle ground of the poster, there are Nazi warships The Nazi warships symbolizes the archetype of the shadow, shown through the use of dark colors. The use of the dark Nazi vessels gives the audience a sense of fear.

Then finally in bold text it writes, “it could happen HERE! ENLIST NOW!”. Emphasising to the audience that this horrifying image could one day happen at their door steps, giving the audience a sense of fear. Encouraging the audience to enlist in the U.S army and defend their homes and their loved ones.

To conclude, my propaganda poster strikes fear in the American audience using pathos to convince them to enlist in the U.S army, using the persuasive technique of appeal to fear.

One World One Chance

December 13, 2015

This is a children’s book intended to show kids the environmental issues of China. To show our understanding of the social issues in China.

Did you know that there are 1.6 million deaths in China caused by air pollution? And more than half of China’s underground water is polluted? This is how dire environmental issues in China are right now. This is suppose to show how the growing industries in China is causing environmental issues in China. As the children’s book talks about how a factory is polluted the environment.

This book informs young audiences about the environmental issues in China, as the book talks about a young girl living in China. Who’s hometown’s environment is being polluted by the factories near by. “The air is now gray, and makes my friends and I cough” (7) shows how pollutants from factories is polluting China’s air. “The forests which were once green are now all gone. Cut down for the power plant” (8), shows China’s deforestation. This project is suppose to entertain the audience so I made the book in a less serious tone, and used colorful images for the intended audience.

Passion Of The English

December 2, 2015

What happens when you put English and passion together? You get the CREATE project.For my CREATE project, I decided to do a short informative video explaining how to analyse a short story through symbolisms. This CREATE project shows the standard of Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text. For example in the video, I talked about how the symbolism of the 7 chambers in Masque Of The Red Death, plays a part in the central idea of the story. As it “Represents the idea of the seven stages of life”.

A Dreams Come True

November 15, 2015

Imagine yourself living the perfect life, you have the perfect job, lots of money. Then BOOM! You’re unemployed! You lose your money, and you find yourself roaming all over America looking for work. That is exactly what happened to people during the Great Depression. Through George, Steinbeck represents the people who are the voice and reason, but struggling to control their desires. This is a fake interview where I interview George, one of the characters in the story.

I showed characterisation from some parts of the interview, “I didn’t think at the time that we was gonna make it. I would spend the money on whores, gambling and whisky” shows that George had many desires that he struggled to control.

I showed the historical context of the story throughout the interview. ”

Back then, it was just me and Lennie. We would go from town to town looking for work. When we was in Soledad, we only made 50 bucks a month, so it was hard for us”. Shows the hard times migrant workers had during the Great Depression, making very little income, and moving across the country to find work.




Stay With Me

October 21, 2015

A found prom from Of Mice And Men

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 6.37.08 PM

Exam Week

October 8, 2015

My short story is about a 14 year old, who’s intelligent and eager to learn, takes a government-required exam. (Spoiler Alert), he’s executed at the end of the story, because his IQ is higher than government limits. The dominant theme of the story was, that intelligence is not always the most important thing in our society.

My exposition foreshadows the ending. “My friend joseph had it after he took the exam. It’s a shame though. He was the smartest kid in my class. Just like you Joshua.”(1), showing that the smartest kid died from The Red Death. Then I used diction such as, sunless, overcast, and polluted to describe the setting of my story. I used smiles to describe the rainy environment of District 4, “Rain was falling down at them like arrows” and “The thunder roared like a lion in the distant”(2). I also used personification to describe Joshua’s nervousness, with “His heart galloped with the ticking of the clock”. I described the characterization of the main character, with his will to learn. “…He would sneak out during history class, with nothing to accompany but a book in his hand”. Describing him as an ingenious student, who loves to learn. My motif showed the theme, with the word exam repeated throughout the story, and the exam is a test of someone’s knowledge. Showing the theme of intelligence is not always the most important thing in our society. With being an intellectual, being a bad thing in the end. Finally I tried the use the structure of the overall story create an suspense towards the ending. Ending the paragraph at “He taken away by two large men into the processing room, and the door shut immediately behind them”(4). Creating suspense towards what happened to Joshua.


Exam Week

“Good Morning Joshua! How would you like your breakfast today? Do you require any help with your clothing selection for the day? The temperature today is 26 degrees, might I suggest…”

“No need, Carson, I’ll do it myself.”

“Ok, but just a reminder sir, this week is the annual 14 year old exam week, better start prepping for your exam.”

“Yea, yea, I know.” Joshua said with an annoyed tone.

“Carson, switch channel to R.N.A news”, Joshua’s dad commanded.

“In other news, a new outbreak of The Red Death has started to occur in district 2, citizens are advised by the C.D.C to beware of sanitation when in public. Scientists are still unable to find any treatment to the disease”

“Oh no, I remember The Red Death ever since I was a little boy just like you Joshua. It’s a nasty disease, a deadly one. Once one contracts The Red Death, it’s just a matter of minutes before the host dies. My friend Joseph had it after he took the exam. It’s a shame though. He was the smartest kid in my class. Just like you Joshua.”

Joshua rushed to the transit, ignoring his dad. The transit was built to connect the 40 districts of Oceania. Running at a speed of 1000 miles per hour. The transit would take him from District 1 to District 5, where school was, in a matter of minutes. On his way to District 5, he could see The Citadel, in the center of District 4. Surrounded by 9 story walls, in the center, the iconic Oceania Ministry Of Peace. Screens broadcasting news of the frontier in the “Disputed Areas”. Bordering it was the Ministry Of Knowledge. District 4 is sunless, and overcast, polluted from the smoldering of the steel mills. The nights of Oceania were starless from the thick pollution of the steel mills.

In school, the lifeless, spiritless robotic teachers gave lectures on the history of Oceania. Joshua often found these lectures dreary. The halls were lifeless. Everyone found school to be a place of torture rather than a place of knowledge. Joshua was one of the few students who was actually eager to learn. Joshua’s curiosity always got the best of him. He would sneak out during history class, with nothing to accompany him but a book in his hand.

“The following students please stay after class please, I have something to discuss with you. Joshua Peterson, Billy Northup, Alex Smith, Jason Stafford, and Mike Wallace!”

The robotic teacher waited for the room to be cleared.

“It has come to my understanding that you kids are the smartest students in this school. So! You have been selected by the Ministry Of Knowledge to take the examination tomorrow. Further information of the exam has been sent to your parents. You may be dismissed.”

The next day, the Ministry Of Knowledge personally sent officials to bring him to The Citadel. The heavy rain of District 4 poured down at the car like a million arrows fired at them, the thunder roared in the distance. Up above, the news of the frontier plays on the screens of the Ministry Of Peace.

“Breaking news today as Eurasia launched a series of missile strikes at District 5.”

He could see the horrific images of what remains of District 5, the entire west face of the local district hall was black, except for two places. Here the silhouette of a boy, hands raised into the air, higher up, an image of a ball, trying to catch the ball that never came down. And opposite of him, a silhouette of another boy swinging a bat. What used to be the sunny, verdant District 5 was now an ashen, lifeless wasteland.

“Oh dear god”

When Joshua exited the car, each raindrop was like tiny needles penetrating his skin. He hurried inside the facility. He was taken into a waiting room, and there he saw some of his classmates.

“Please register here! Name, and citizen code number please.”

A voice in the wall called upon.

“Joshua Peterson. Citizen number, 18492.”

“Yes, please be seated until your citizen number is called.”

One by one, each and every one of the children in the waiting were called upon by a dull voice in the wall. The heavy rain echoed in the empty room, Joshua’s heart galloped with the ticking of the clock. Tick tock, tick tock. Time passed by and very slowly, some kids came out of the testing room.

“The exam was so hard! I barely answer any of the question right!”

“I know right! I bet I failed it”

“The only person who could possibly passed this exam would be Billy. He’s the smartest kid in my school. This exam would’ve been a piece of cake for him.”

“Wait a minute.. Where is Billy?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him since he was called in for the exam.”

The robotic voice of the speaker shouted, “Number 18492 please! Please report to Mr. Bryant.”

Joshua quickly got up, and rushed to the counter, there he saw Mr. Bryant.

“I’m Number 18492 sir.”

“Ah, yes. Please come with me.” Mr. Bryant said, in an almost demanding voice.

Joshua was brought inside a very compact dark room. The light from a desktop screen was the only source of light in the room. A cool shudder trickled down Joshua’s spine. Glancing around nervously waiting for someone to start his exam. He couldn’t help but to feel someone was watching him, like a predator stalking its prey. The thunder was roaring outside. Until a masked man walked inside the room.

“Hello, Joshua, before you begin your test. Please drink this.”

“What is it?”

“Oh, just something that will help with your nerves, it will calm you down a bit.”

Joshua was handed a test tube of fluorescent liquid, which had a very pungent smell. Hesitating at first, he chugged the liquid in one big gulp. The taste of the liquid could only be described as tangy and acidic.

“You may begin your test. Feel free to start when you’re ready. There is no time limit for this exam, so take your time. I’ll be waiting inside the processing room, but remember! Do not go inside that room! Am I understood?” The masked man said with a very controlling tone.

As soon as the masked man stepped outside of the room, Joshua began his exam.

“Please solve this algebraic expression. X^2+4X+8=18, what is the value of X?”

One by one, Joshua answered the questions cautiously. Hours passed, and Joshua finally finished the exam. He waited quietly for the masked man to get him. Suddenly a voice from the wall disturbed the silence of the room.

“Very good Joshua, now please wait while I process your scores.”

Joshua waited alone in the room, nervously waiting for his score.

“I have some good news for you Joshua, you passed the exam!”

“That’s great! I can’t believe it! I did it! I passed the exam!”

“But unfortunately, your Intelligence quotient is higher than the Ministry Of Knowledge’s issued standards, and with people as smart as you, there would be another rebellion. Now, we wouldn’t want another rebellion would we?”

“No, sir. So what’s going to happen to me?”

“Oh, nothing. We’re just going to send you to the processing room, and you’ll be all cleared to go.”

Two large men came inside the room and brought Joshua to the processing room in the back, and the door shut immediately behind them.

Nighttime came, Mr and Mrs Peterson waited for Joshua’s return.

“Mrs. Peterson, you have a incoming call from the C.D.C. Would you like to accept the incoming call?”

“Yes Carson, accept the call.”

Moments later she accepted, a long loud wail of shock and misery from the kitchen. Mr. Peterson quickly rushed to the kitchen, only to find Mrs. Peterson crying on the kitchen floor. Her tears

“What is it Muriel?” Mr. Peterson asked, confused by his wife’s sudden outburst.

“It’s our boy…” Mrs. Peterson shrieked before she could finish her sentence.

“ The C.D.C said he got The Red Death!” cried Mrs. Peterson trembling.

The couple burst into tears, devastated. Comforting each other on the cold kitchen floor. In the end, it wasn’t The Red Death that killed Joshua it was, his intelligence.