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Art Reflection

Posted by on March 26, 2015

Final Reflection

 “Cultural Un-Barriers”


Last quarter in art was really fun. We made a digital portrait with a background that we printed ourselves. There were many steps to making this. First you have to make the background. To make the background we printed ink on a piece of A3 paper with different patterns. Then we carved stamps on a piece of foam. We printed the stamps all over the A3 paper and the background is done. Then we make our digital portrait by using Adobe Illustrator. We traced our picture with the blob brush and colored our picture with the pencil tool. The last step is to put the printed portrait over the background and we’re done.

My stamp design represents the video game aspect of my cultural identity. This aspect is significant to me because I like to play video games and this is the topic that my friend’s and I talk about all the time. To visually symbolize my cultural identity, I found my favorite characters in the game and I mixed them up and produced my stamp. I choose Howard’s stamp to add on my background since we both speak multiple languages.

In this unit in art I learned many things, but the skill I learned that I am most proud of is being able to draw with Adobe Illustrator. I also learned how to print without the printing press. A way to make the learning further would be to make more of these digital paintings at home.

The most challenging thing in this unit was to make an original stamp. I started out with many different designs and put them near each other, but it was not original enough and was basically many tiny designs. Later I mixed them together and added some of my own though into the design, and it worked out looking pretty cool. In this unit I really enjoyed making the background, because it looks vintage and worn off. 

Matthew Yu 8-3

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