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science journal 2

Posted by on March 31, 2015

Day 2 Polymers concept map/Gloop

  • What did you/we do?

We shared our research information with our groups. Than we put this information on a mind map using Inspiration. We then made a polymer using PVA glue, borax, and water.


  • What did you learn?

Polymers are made up of many many molecules all strung together to form really long chains

Linear polymers have one backbone and does not branch out. It can curve around, but its only one line.

Branch polymers has branches, no matter how you trace it, you cannot go to the other end without going backwards.

An example of a polymer is plastic, it is light but strong.


What question do you still have?

Is there a limit on how many monocles that a polymer can hold?

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