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Percy Jackson Drawing

Posted by on April 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 12.59.57 PM



Identify and explain the introduction of a type of conflict in the story.


In Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian, A Titan from the West called Typhoon is fighting its way across America to destroy Olympus. Which is located on the “six-hundredth floor of the Empire State building” (49, Riordan). Greek gods were sent to fight Typhoon, or at least slow him down. But the gods are no match to the Titan, only one of the Big Three’s is fighting in the battle – Zeus, god of the sky. Poseidon is fighting his own war under water, and Hades is hiding underground waiting Olympus to be destroyed so he can rule afterwards. The gods are scattered. The ones that are still fighting are at the west, battling Typhoon. While Kronos, another titan is leading an attack on the East, in New York. It is up to the Demigods, lead by Percy Jackson – son of Poseidon, to protect Olympus.


Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. London: Puffin, 2010. Print.

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