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science project journal 4

Posted by on April 15, 2015

This lesson we watched everyone’s videos, and evaluated them on a pieces of paper. My favorite one was Ellie and Jisu’s, since they had a high quality video and they added some humor into it, which captured everyone’s attention. Me and Ben Lin’s video did ok, but we did not get high votes. I think the reason was that we did not have enough time, since i was sick for two days, ben had to wait for me and do some of the work himself. If we were to make another video later in the year selling a product, i would remember to add some humor into it, and maybe spent more time on the sound effects, since our video’s sound effects were either too early or too late. I think the polymer we made was pretty good, it was a good idea and it worked well. I really enjoyed the over all polymer project and learned a lot of stuff this quarter.

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