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How the world works

Posted by on August 25, 2015

By considering the evidence presented in the Traders simulation, and the ‘Spice it up’ reading done in class, explain how the 4 lenses of the social studies interact to help us understand how the world works. Max 1 paragraph.


Geography, History, Cultural Anthropology and Economics interact and helps me understand how the world works because they are the included in all areas of life, especially this trading unit. For example the three stages of trading. The farmers are related to the geography, because the crops depend on the geography to grow, the weather, temperature, altitude… The traders/middleman are sailing across the world because of the economics, they are doing it for the money. They merchants are also doing their job to make a living. With trades going from Europe to SE Asia and back to Europe creates a spread of Cultural Anthropology, which then translates into different patterns which is the definition of history. These four basic factors are not only represented by trading, but every human interaction in this world.

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