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crash course video and the 4 lenses of asian studies

Posted by on August 27, 2015

The crash course video relate to economy because it is all about trading with other countries and making money. Without the money aspect this all would not have happened. In John Green’s video he said, Zheng He sailed the seas to build relationships with other countries. China did not need anymore resources, all Zheng He wanted was good relationships with other countries so China could have good trades with them in the future. He sailed to places around the world which we thought were making friends, but really he was trying to make money in the long term.

This video is related to geography because without any knowledge of geography, there will not be any trades with lands far away. Spices were grown in SE Asia because it had the only suitable geography. To sail to SE Asia from Europe without any knowledge of geography would be like to drive from Beijing to Shanghai without using a map. It is impossible.

This video is also related to Cultural Anthropology because it is the the spread of religion. Christopher Columbus had three tasks as he sailed to “Indonesia”. To bring back spices, to bring back gold, and to convert the people into Christianity. When he came back from what we call today the United States of America, he did not bring back spices, nor gold, but he converted a whole bunch of people into Christians. This is like saying religion is more important than Spices and Gold.

Lastly, this video is related to history because this the making of history. History is defined as “finding pattern in life.” well this is what trading with other countries is all about. First you find patterns in the weather, to help you as you sail to your destination. Then you find patterns in trading, to buy with low prices and sell with higher prices. When you look at the three famous captain, Zheng He, Vasco, and Columbus, they all share the same pattern of converting religion, finding new routes to new spice islands, and to make a lot of money.

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