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Asian Studies: How Did the Organization of Early Societies Change?

Posted by on February 3, 2016

The organization of human life changed from the nomadic way of life, with little consistency of food source, to the agricultural way of life, with a surplus of food, and later, into a complex and modern civilization. At the beginning of human life, people were mainly hunter-gathers. This means they relied on killing animals and collecting fruits as a food source. The amount of food one gathers varies differently depending on the the time of year, with a lot of food in the summer and little during winter. This way of living is not consistent, and in order for our humans to develop and improve their way of living over time, they needed a consistent food source. This brought the agricultural way of living, “A sustainable way of farming during the spring, summer and autumn seasons” ( This way, farmers grew crops during the three seasons and have a surplus of food during the winter, and this process cycles for every year. Like this, the people not only have a consistent food source, but also a surplus for the other people. With enough food, the population boomed. And with more food, specialized workers became more common, since not everyone has to farm to stay alive. With specialized workers, comes more artifacts, and with more artifacts, trading was possible. Also with the larger population, an institution was required to manage the people. With this institution, the way of writing and the way of recording was invented and used. The surplus of food, the specialized workers, the trading, the institution, and the language all come together to form what we call today – a civilization. And all this complex and modern way of living started with our ancient ancestors, who killed animals and collected fruits in order to survive.


A long way huh?

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