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Asian Studies: How Did the Organization of Early Societies Change?

The organization of human life changed from the nomadic way of life, with little consistency of food source, to the agricultural way of life, with a surplus of food, and later, into a complex and modern civilization. At the beginning of human life, people were mainly hunter-gathers. This means they relied on killing animals and collecting … Continue reading »

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P: The relationship between the Mughal government and the Hindus have worsened under the rule of Aurangzeb. Ev: “Hindu writers have been entirely excluded from holding public offices,” wrote Baktha’war Khan, an adviser to Aurangzeb Ex: The exclusion of Hindu writers from public offices suggests the unfairness towards the Hindus and the bad relationship between … Continue reading »

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John Green’s video vs.section one of the text book

A portion of John Green’s Crash Course video is on Asoka, Hinduism and Buddhism. While a section of the textbook also talks about Asoka and his introduction of religion to India. The reason that Asoka is so famous is that he introduced a religion where it gave not only Asoka but the whole country a new … Continue reading »

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Asian Studies Summative Assessment

Prompt: Discuss how multiple social studies subjects are analyzed together to develop and understanding of Spice Trade. Multiple lenses of social studies are interacted to form the world we live in today. In this assignment, I will discuss some of these lenses in terms of the Spice Trade. Economy and Geography are interacted in the … Continue reading »

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Art Composition Project Reflection

  The steps that I take to make my composite drawing are as the follows. I first visualize what I am going to draw, by combining the teacher’s criteria with my own ideas. I learned from looking at other student’s drawings online that in order to be successful at this project, I have to have … Continue reading »

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crash course video and the 4 lenses of asian studies

The crash course video relate to economy because it is all about trading with other countries and making money. Without the money aspect this all would not have happened. In John Green’s video he said, Zheng He sailed the seas to build relationships with other countries. China did not need anymore resources, all Zheng He wanted was … Continue reading »

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How the world works

By considering the evidence presented in the Traders simulation, and the ‘Spice it up’ reading done in class, explain how the 4 lenses of the social studies interact to help us understand how the world works. Max 1 paragraph.   Geography, History, Cultural Anthropology and Economics interact and helps me understand how the world works because they are the … Continue reading »

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learning card

What did/do you enjoy about this task? Why? I liked how there is so many different variety of questions and so many different point of views. I answered some of them and read some answers to my questions.

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People of Sparks Found Poem

Show how a type of conflict  is developed or intensifies up until the climax of the story. In Jeanne Duprau‘s People of Sparks, refugees of Ember have settled in the village of Sparks. The Sparks promised the People of Ember to feed and shelter them, in return, the people of Ember have to help with … Continue reading »

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math ice cream project

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