science project journal 4

This lesson we watched everyone’s videos, and evaluated them on a pieces of paper. My favorite one was Ellie and Jisu’s, since they had a high quality video and they added some humor into it, which captured everyone’s attention. Me and Ben Lin’s video did ok, but we did not get high votes. I think the reason was that we did not have enough time, since i was sick for two days, ben had to wait for me and do some of the work himself. If we were to make another video later in the year selling a product, i would remember to add some humor into it, and maybe spent more time on the sound effects, since our video’s sound effects were either too early or too late. I think the polymer we made was pretty good, it was a good idea and it worked well. I really enjoyed the over all polymer project and learned a lot of stuff this quarter.

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science journal 2

Today we spent the whole lesson making our polymer prototype. Our goal was to make a product prototype by the end of the class. Ben and I made several polymers, including a bouncy one, a soft one and a slimy one. We started off with trying to make a blue tag, but after trying all combinations of borax, PVA glue, water, starch and cleaning liquid, we found out that it is impossible to make blue tag, even when dried. So we choose the best looking one of all three, and tried to think of something that this polymer might be useful of. At the end we choose the soft one and made it into a cup holder/cushioner. It turned out to work pretty well and we thought it was an awesome and original idea, much better than a blue tag. IMG_0524-225x300

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Science project journal 3

Today my partner Ben Lin and I made our advertisement video. We started with the problem that we had, “People are always annoyed with spillages during flight turbulences.” And our solution was to make a cup cushioner. We called it the CCC the Cool Cup Cushioner. It is basically a polymer that sticks to the bottom of a cup and the top of the table. During the turbulence, our goal is to have the polymer absorb the shock and stabilize the cup. We ran a few tests and it worked pretty well. One problem that we had was that the polymer dried off really fast. And since a plane flight could last for hours, we had to think of a solution for it. Our solution was to have the costumer moisturize the polymer every now and then or have the plane attendance moisturize it when he/she is pouring the drink, by dabbing drips of water on top of it. We started out the experiment making blue tag, but in the end we made a cup cushioner. This taught me that the results that come out of your work does not always match your plan, and sometimes might end up better than your plan.

Photo on 4-13-15 at 4.28 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.47.05 PM

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Percy Jackson Drawing

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 12.59.57 PM



Identify and explain the introduction of a type of conflict in the story.


In Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian, A Titan from the West called Typhoon is fighting its way across America to destroy Olympus. Which is located on the “six-hundredth floor of the Empire State building” (49, Riordan). Greek gods were sent to fight Typhoon, or at least slow him down. But the gods are no match to the Titan, only one of the Big Three’s is fighting in the battle – Zeus, god of the sky. Poseidon is fighting his own war under water, and Hades is hiding underground waiting Olympus to be destroyed so he can rule afterwards. The gods are scattered. The ones that are still fighting are at the west, battling Typhoon. While Kronos, another titan is leading an attack on the East, in New York. It is up to the Demigods, lead by Percy Jackson – son of Poseidon, to protect Olympus.


Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. London: Puffin, 2010. Print.

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Science Project Journal 1

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.32.12 PM

today we got divided into our groups. my partner was ben lin, he is a nice partner and a cool friend. we also got assigned a project, and it was to make a polymer that will make a “real world impact.” I started thinking while the teacher further explained about the project, “what will i make that will change the world.” i started to think about world problems like global warming and lack of fresh water, but polymer is not something that will solve the problem. so i started thinking small. my first thought was maybe we could make blue tag. it had many uses, it sticks on many materials, like walls, paper, whiteboard… it is also soft, and can stretch into desired shape and amount. we only had one trial and we didn’t get much out of it. but at the end of the class we had, and i still have, high hopes on our own polymer invention!

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Science journal 4

Day 4 Test day


  • What did you/we do?

We had a test today on atoms and them bonding.


  • How did it go/how did you feel?

I feel pretty confident. One question took me really long, but I managed to solve it at the end.


What question(s) do you still have?


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Science Journal 3

March 16 Day 3 – Boogers, Super Slime, Review

  • What did you/we do?

We made super slime and boogers. These two polymers are both soft and sticky. We did poke tests on them and recorded the results on the handout. We also reviewed for the test.

  • What did you learn?

That pva glue is an important ingredient for making polymers.

  • What question do you still have?

why is it so slimy while plastic in solid.

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science journal 2

Day 2 Polymers concept map/Gloop

  • What did you/we do?

We shared our research information with our groups. Than we put this information on a mind map using Inspiration. We then made a polymer using PVA glue, borax, and water.


  • What did you learn?

Polymers are made up of many many molecules all strung together to form really long chains

Linear polymers have one backbone and does not branch out. It can curve around, but its only one line.

Branch polymers has branches, no matter how you trace it, you cannot go to the other end without going backwards.

An example of a polymer is plastic, it is light but strong.


What question do you still have?

Is there a limit on how many monocles that a polymer can hold?

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Science journal 1

Day 1 – Oobleck

What did you/we do?

Mr. Winkelman read us the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss. And after that we made our own oobleck. The oobleck that we made has a combination of Cornstarch and water. To make the oobleck we simply add water to cornstarch, and we stopped adding until mixture hardens when poked with the spoon.


  • What did you learn?

I learned that you could change the state of a substance not only by changing the temperature, but also by pressure.


  • What question do you still have?

What is a polymer, and examples of polymers?

Why are they so important in our everyday lives?

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Art Reflection

Final Reflection

 “Cultural Un-Barriers”


Last quarter in art was really fun. We made a digital portrait with a background that we printed ourselves. There were many steps to making this. First you have to make the background. To make the background we printed ink on a piece of A3 paper with different patterns. Then we carved stamps on a piece of foam. We printed the stamps all over the A3 paper and the background is done. Then we make our digital portrait by using Adobe Illustrator. We traced our picture with the blob brush and colored our picture with the pencil tool. The last step is to put the printed portrait over the background and we’re done.

My stamp design represents the video game aspect of my cultural identity. This aspect is significant to me because I like to play video games and this is the topic that my friend’s and I talk about all the time. To visually symbolize my cultural identity, I found my favorite characters in the game and I mixed them up and produced my stamp. I choose Howard’s stamp to add on my background since we both speak multiple languages.

In this unit in art I learned many things, but the skill I learned that I am most proud of is being able to draw with Adobe Illustrator. I also learned how to print without the printing press. A way to make the learning further would be to make more of these digital paintings at home.

The most challenging thing in this unit was to make an original stamp. I started out with many different designs and put them near each other, but it was not original enough and was basically many tiny designs. Later I mixed them together and added some of my own though into the design, and it worked out looking pretty cool. In this unit I really enjoyed making the background, because it looks vintage and worn off. 

Matthew Yu 8-3

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