The Apocalypse – an interactive novel

The Apocalypse

Note: this is an interactive novel where you, as the reader, can choose how the story begins, how the story continues and how the story ends. There will be choices after each section for you to decide. Try considering this question as you progress: how would you yourself react to these scenarios in real life?


It is mid-night. Jason, being a hardcore game player, is still awake, sitting on his chair with his headphones hanging loosely from his head. Suddenly, he fell to the floor as the world shook around him and his windows shattered. Struggling to get up, he propped himself up on the window and looked out. As it happens, a huge explosion just happened somewhere downtown. Huh? Jason thought. Are we being invaded? He reads the news everyday, but he didn’t remember reading about the relationship between countries being so tight at the moment. He turned around quickly as he heard footsteps behind him. Had the enemies, whoever they were, come to his house? No, the person who had burst in his room, panting, was his friend Jack. “Jack? What are you doing here?” Jason was perplexed. He suddenly saw that Jack’s clothes were messed up, along with his hair. There was also some dried blood on his forehead. “Jason, you gotta come with me! There was a sudden zombie infection that happened downtown!” Jack paused for a few seconds as he read Jason’s expression. “Yes, just like in the movies, or television series, whatever you call it! Now, we’re running out of time, just come with me!


You are left with 2 choices.

  1. Jack’s probably trolling Jason. I’d rather play my cod.
  2. But Jack looks pretty serious. Jason should go with him.




“Stop joking, Jack.” Jason laughed. “You got me for a few seconds there, I’ll give it to you.”

“WHAT?! This is no joke! Jason! The zombies are probably going to come here any momen…”

Jack’s voice stopped abruptly as suddenly a growl came from behind him. He turned around, just in time for him to see a zombie come launching at his face. Jason watched in horror as the zombie ripped away at Jacks’ face. “AHHHHH!” Jack screamed, and as he finally struggled away from the zombie, now locked on to him tightly, a few more appeared behind him. Jason, still unable to move, was frozen on his chair. And he would never move again. When the zombies rose from Jacks’ corpse, they had obviously found their next target. Jason. Five minutes later, the room was silent, without sound and without life.

















Jason considered his choices. “Yeah, sure, I’m going with you. But I don’t know anything about what’s happened, so you’d better give some answers… wherever you take me.” Jack looked relieved. “Good. Hurry up. We’re running out of time.” They ran out of the room. As they went out of the building, Jason had time to take a glimpse of what was on his right: A zombie, wobbling on his feet. Everything about him was green. His eyes, his skin, what seemed to be his clothes, his hair (which wasn’t a lot). Trying to be calm, he kept on running along Jack.

Jack raised a brow. “You don’t seem surprised about what’s happened so far.”

“Well, I’ve had my fair share of video games… I guess I was mentally prepared a long time ago.”

“Oh, you and your video games.”

“Wait a second”, Jason had a thought so sudden he almost stopped in his tracks. “Since when did you become a zombie expert? You never seemed to be interested in anything like these when we were in school. Hold on? Your dad’s like, a super famous scientist, right? Does he know anything about this?”

Jack sighed. “Well, things change… my dad was fired a few months back, after he did some forbidden experiments or something. As it turns out, he never stopped those experiments, and I did hear some weird noises coming from the basement. I’m guessing that these ‘zombies’ have something to do with him.”

“Fair enough. Not really, but whatever. Where are you taking me?”

“My dad has already done some research into the zombies. The riot has been going on for a few days now, but no news on the media has ever made a report on it. Anyways, my dad has already found a way to kill the zombies – by hitting them with something hard, around the place of the belly button. He said it had something to do with the umbilical cord or what it was.”


“So, I’m going to take you to my house. He already invented some weapons that could be used to fight off the zombies, so my house is probably the safest place in the city right now. By the way, you live by yourself, right?”

“Yeah. Been that way ever since I went into high school.”

“Cool. I’d feel sad if we forgot to bring your sister and left her to the mercy of the zombies.”

“Oh, shut up. I feel sick from thinking of that.”

And so they went. Jack’s house wasn’t far from Jason’s apartment, so they arrived there with the luck of not running into any zombies. His dad was there to meet him when they arrived.” Jason took a look at the old man. He looked exactly like what you’d think of when you thought of a mad scientist, somewhat like one of those cartoon Albert Einstein. Squiggly white hair jumbled up like an afro on top of his head, one of those really large glasses you could only find in a laboratory, and a long, white robe, sprayed with a few colors.

“Come in, boys!” The old man waved his hand. At this time, Jason also noticed that there was automatic weaponry all over the house and the front yard. There were machines holding whips, guns, bazookas, even a few boxing gloves. Not one of them seemed trust worthy. As he stepped in the house, he noticed that a few zombies from when they were running here had caught up, probably because they took of whiff of him and Jack.








You are left with two choices.

  1. The machines are probably going to malfunction. Fight the zombies. Rather to die a warrior fighting than to die a coward.
  2. Put your life and your faith into the hands of Jacks’ father. Tell him the zombies are coming, and let him activate the machines to annihilate them.




“Guys! There are zombies on the porch! I’ll kill all of them! Don’t worry!” Jason charged to the zombies. He heard Jack’s father running up. “Are you crazy?! I’ve got my weapons!” Before Jason could react to that, he heard Jack: “He’s probably gone crazy, dad. Don’t mind him. Just get them all.” Jason turned around, just in time to see Jack’s father press down a few buttons on a controller. He heard the churning and cracking sounds of machines behind him. Then, he felt like he was pierced somewhere. Taking a look at his stomach, he saw a huge whole that suddenly made itself onto his body. His insides were showing. Scared and afraid, he threw up on the ground and fell on his side. His world became dark after.









“Hey! Jack’s dad! Some zombies followed us and they’re on the lawn! Can your weapons take care of them?”

“On my way!” Jack’s dad jogged up and pressed a few buttons on his remote. Jason whistled as a huge laser came out of nowhere and made a precise hole in the stomachs of the zombies. “By the way”, said Jack’s dad in a low voice trying to sound cool, “call me Gary.”

“Well then, those are some impressive weapons you got there, Gary. Oh, and also, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about how this sudden zombie apocalypse started, will you?”

“Apocalypse… nice word, nice word. Well, of course I would know something. I started it. Those slow idiots at the University are too scared of power. They disprove of my ultimate soldiers. They’ll get a taste of my power.”


Jack appeared out of nowhere. “Come to the living room, you guys. The pizza’s gonna get cold.” The three of them choked down the pepperoni pizza quickly. “Well, today’s been a long day. Get some sleep, you boys. Tomorrow’s going to be even more tiring.” Gary yawned. Half-yawn, he suddenly dropped down on the table.

“Dad?” Jack looked worried. “Are you okay?”

Gary growled, and suddenly launched himself at Jack. Jack shouted. “No! Dad’s probably turned into a zombie himself after he’s been exposed too much to the experiments! Jason, get him off me! NOW!”

Jason struggled to get up, and being a soccer player, gave his hardest kick at Gary’s stomach. Gary the zombie fell. But it was too late. Jack was already morphing into a zombie. Jason was too slow to react, and he fell as well as Jack bit him.

The apocalypse was coming.


Transplanting blog


Today, we had to transplant the vegetables. They probably weren’t going to grow out by the end of the semester, so we are going to let the workers of Sudexo take care of them over summer break.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.35.27 PM

To start, we took all of the plants from their roots.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.34.06 PM








We dug up the soil outside, then put them back in to make the soil loosen up. Then we dug holes for the plants.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.37.17 PM








Finally, we had to water the soil. We put fertilizer around the plants first to let them grow better. Then we dug a trench around the plants and filled them with water.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.38.00 PM







Wish they grow well!




Eighth day planting blog

Today, we went to the greenhouse again. As always, the plants were growing perfectly well. Some plants have fallen over, but I’m pretty sure that they’re fine.


The potatoes however were still in the dirt. We were worried that some may have rotted so we tried to dig one, which was a failure because we couldn’t find any while trying to not harm potential potatoes at the same time.


Fifth day planting blog

Today is the fifth day of checking on the plants. From afar, it’s still hard to tell that anything grew.


But in fact, more stuff grew. It’s still sad that I keep count of my plants singularly, while the others had a flourishing bunch.



I also noticed that the sprouts, when just grown, are very easy to fall over. But it doesn’t stop them from growing.


The potatoes planted last class didn’t have any results. The surroundings, however, were filled with weed.


Fourth day planting blog

Today is the first day we went to check on the plants since they first grew out. From far, it still looks like nothing.








But in reality, There are now 3 sprouts.










There is one tall sprout, one medium and one short sprout.

This one is the tallest.







Also, the potatoes are finally planted. We went and watered them (no sprouts, of course).



Third day on planting blog

Today is the third class we had to look at our would-be vegetables since we planted them. It would have been around 2-3 weeks since they first went into the soil, and while the others’ plants were growing, mine didn’t grow that much.

However, unlike last class, I did get some results. Looking from away, it probably doesn’t seem like we have any plants.


But, once you get closer, you will notice two small plants, the one in the first picture being much taller than the second one.



They grew, but compared to the others’, they seemed very insignificant. Now I can only guess that this is something that carrots only have, otherwise ours is growing much too slow