Punish by reword

September 25th, 2014

Rising action/ Climax

Rising action for ungifted is when Donovan Curtis is in trouble because instead of getting punish about doing something wrong, Donovan is reworded as a gifted student and change his life. “ To the parents of DONOVAN CURTIS: The time has come to recognize your child’s hard work and commitment to excellence as a student in the Hardcastle Independent School District.” (Korman 25). This quote shows that instead of Donovan getting in to huge problem he is now known as a excellence student. After is making a big mass his life has changed. He is known as a perfect student in Hardcastle Independent School District. I have a connection with it. Once when I was a troublemaker I was a rude kid who never listen to his parents I secretly used my dad’s money without permission and I got caught. My dad was really mad at my bigger brother and I. I was frozen because I was too scared to say I did it and I kept it secret. Surprised when I realized that dad thought it was my big brother who used his money without permission and punished him instead of me and he reworded me about not doing what my brother did. When think about it this sort of fit the event that Donovan has.

Climax in my opinion would be when Donovan Curtis gets reword and go to the Academy for Scholastic Distinction, which only gifted people are allowed because after joining the ASD Donovan’s life has changed. “This letter is to inform you that DONOVAN has been selected to attend the Academy for scholastic Distinction, a special program geared toward gifted and talented students, tailored to their exceptional abilities and extraordinary potential for academic achievement…” (Korman 26). This quote shows that now Donovan is going to the gifted school and his life will be 100 percent different than before. I have similar situation as Donavan because last year I did really bad on math and went to math 8 so now I am working hard to go to Algebra 1 and I think this is similar to Donovan because my life is 100 percent different than my last year.


September 18th, 2014

I use the poster because I thought I can interest the reader by poster because there has different kind of quotes I put and 2 of them is talking about how bad and rude the character is and 1 is talking about how smart he is now.


Nothing is worst than living a lie

September 3rd, 2014

This movie shows no matter whom is the person lying it end up crying or regretting. I choose the sad music for my movie because I want to show the theme of this book in sad mood and makes other feel sad and watch my movie. The story of NBTT is really sad so I want my movie to be sad.

Watch here:

What is your best part in NBTT

September 2nd, 2014


In my opinion, Climax of Nothing But The Truth is when Ms. Narwin retires and goes to Florida.

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