Mystery of Human Bones

October 21st, 2014

Mystery of human bones

In the real world forensic equations are really effective. Scientists use this equation to measure the height of people. To use this equation you need to now, which bones are you measuring from what ethnicity and gender. There has varied of equations for different bones, ethnicity and gender. Getting specific equations for each different kind of people and bones you need a large group average of 200. More people tested more specific the equations become. If you have enough information of heights of people you put it on a graph the heights and you try to get the line of best fit for people heights and get the average. After getting an average you now need to find the equation from the best fit of heights using the equation (y=mx+b).

Photo on 10-20-14 at 6.13 PM

As you can see from the photo we tried to make a graph with a people heights we measured. Having a look in the graph we made we can guess direction of heights. There has a three line. Two lines that are in outside is showing the direction of heights and in the middle line is showing the average height. We used the equation (y=mx+b) to get the equation for the average height. In order to get the average equation we need to get two heights, which is really clear. We use the math method Rise over Run. By using the Rise over Run you can get the average equation with the two points we chose.

Even though we had same people heights, he had a small difference with everyone. This is because even though we had exact same heights our average might be slightly different. So more people are tested more accurate the equations will be. We had only 20 people we tested and it was only little difference. To cover the problem we had with the difference scientists use over 200 people to test and get the perfect equations. In my opinion, I think this experience is really helpful and I learned the vary use of math.

In algebra 1 class we learn how to figure the heights of different kinds of people by using the given equations that real scientists use to measure our heights. There were varied Ethnicity, gender and bones. Each equation is different and it is for different people and bones. For example: Femur Caucasian male=2.32*length of femur +65.53cm. Each bones, Ethnicity and gender have different equation. We were told to measure varied people with varied part of bones. We use these equations to get the accurate height of people. We had heights of different parts of bones and we had a information of people such as gender and Ethnicity so we put the equations and the information that are given and measure the heights of many different people.

I am feeling amazed of how scientists have the equations for us and this experience actually courage to be a math teacher or jobs that math is important because having these amazing and surprising work using math really is awesome to me. Over all I really enjoy having the bones measured and all the stuff I did in this experience.

Looking over my work

October 21st, 2014


In quarter 1 I have done 7 posts. As I write and create the multimedia I am getting better and better so eventually I will be getting straight 5 for the blogs. I did a satisfying job on my blogs such as making a multimedia for the first time “Nothing is worse than living a lie.” In the IMovie I chose the sad and depressing music, which fit the sad movie I made. The story of the book was totally depressing so I chose the music, which made the watchers depressed. I think I also improved on writing the essay because last year I did bad on writing but this year I improved on staying focus on one topic and finding some grammar mistake. The one I think I did the best is “Smart doesn’t relate to social.” In this essay I really think lots on the grammar and structure of the essay. I focus lots on the rather it is present or past. In quarter 1 I also made the book cover, which was little bit challenging because I never tried it before but in the result I did pretty much okay. In my book cover I had a great ideas and quote but I didn’t follow the instructions, which were name of the book need to be the biggest in the book cover and don’t put what you don’t need. I am less successful with having a category right and the tags.

In the future I will work on the blogs and improve it by reading a rubric and instructions clearly and check and check as I work on the blogs and if I get something that needs to be fixed I will change better the way it was. Also I need to be able to have a category and tags right and have it in right place. I am trying to be more successful on having effective quotes not like now having a light thinking quotes. My quotes I think is quotes that everyone can think of after reading the book so I want to really improve on deep thinking and finding the successful quotes. I still have some grammar and word choice to work on. My grammar is not perfect and I still have some rather it should be past or present tense. In my opinion, every essay I have done does not really have words that can grab the readers. In my essay every words are simple and not satisfying successful. I will need to learn more vocabulary to grab the audiences.

Smart doesn’t relate to social

October 10th, 2014

Theme of Ungifted

Theme of Ungifted is just because you think you are not intelligent others will think in other way and just because you think you are not enough for your friend your friends will need you. When Donovan need to go back to his place because he is not in the right place, his friends who are really gifted and smart protest with their teacher and want Donovan back. “’Donovan might not be gifted in the same way as the rest of us, but he’s the heart and soul of our team!”’ (Korman 206). This quote shows that how Donovan thinks himself is different than what others think of him. Donovan thinks he doesn’t belong in the Gifted School however, his friends think Donovan is gifted in different way. In the book Donovan is known as the student who is a troublemaker but at the end he is a hope of every friends and he is trying his best to improve himself.  My connection to the theme is when I am playing badminton I am not good enough comparing to my partner and I always think in this way but when I actually play the match with my partner I do okay job with it and I think this will connect to the theme because I think I don’t belong with my partner but others or the outcome is not bad at all. After figuring out that I am not distracting my partner I promised myself to work hard to get better.

“’He’s one of us.”’ (Korman 206). This quote represents how his gifted friends think Donovan is important to them and one of them. Even though Donovan thinks he is not enough or ungifted just like his friends however, his friends, who are really gifted need him and respect him as their family and true friends. I have a similar situation. I am living in china with my aunt and cousin and my brother but I usually fight with him with small problem and I want him to go back to Korea. One day my brother fights with my aunt, a big fight, and starting from that fight the relationship between aunt and my brother is terrible. Finally my brother and my aunt think that it can’t go forever like this so my brother and aunt decide that my brother going back to Korea. I do not really care about the problem until the last day with my brother. I cried hard and I suppose that even though my brother and I am not very friendly but we love each other. This connect with the theme because brother and I are not friendly we care each other in different way.







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