Jonas’ changes

January 26th, 2015

In The Giver written by Louis Lowry, Jonas had a huge change during the rising action and the climax. Past few days Jonas was a normal kid from his normal society until he saw a little change with the normal apple. Starting from that Jonas started to see something beyond. Then he dreamed a weird dream. Jonas described his dream with a word wanting. This shows that Jonas is becoming a guy not a kid. Jonas at the ceremony of 12 he was selected as the Receiver. Receiver is the job, which receives the memory of the history and holds the memory for people in his world. Jonas meets the Giver, who gives the memory to Jonas. Jonas gets the memory and sees, feel, hear and smell different.

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Jonas’ Diary

Giver & Among the Hidden come together

January 16th, 2015

No color. No specialty. No talent. Everyone thinks their world is equally perfect, except one. The book Giver written by Lois Lowry Jonas has a conflict with his society. Everyone in his world has no special events. “’Maybe we could even keep him,’ Lily suggested sweetly… ‘Lily,’ Mother reminded her, smiling, ‘you know the rules’ Two children-one male, one female-to each family unit. It was written very clearly in the rules. (Lowry 8). Government in the equal society families are controlled, one female and one male. At age of 12, Jonas gets his job “Receiver” and realized he is special. Giver, who is special starts to give Jonas memory. “The ground was thick with furry snow, but he sat slightly above it on a hard, flat object. Sled, he knew abruptly.” (81). Giver is giving Jonas memory of riding sled, which is totally new to him, surprising and joyful. After receiving memories, Jonas sees things different as before. Jonas is mad at people including his friends and his family. The law, which makes people equal Jonas thinks that it should be changed. Jonas wants to escape from equality and from his society, which makes Jonas suffers.

Jonas in the Giver has the conflict with society. Among the hidden written by Margaret Haddix has the same conflict but in a different situation. In the Among the Hidden world government controls the citizens like what Jonas world did. Boy named Luke in the Among the hidden has a normal family with 2 brothers and parents. However, Luke is not allowed in his country. In his society only total of 4 people are allowed in each family. Luke however having 2 brothers already he is not supposed to be out alive. Therefore, Luke needs to hide every day and it has been his hobby. If the policemen find out that Luke’s family has more than 4 people, Luke will be executed. Even though Jonas and Luke have different situation where Jonas is special from his society and Luke is a criminal, they both want to run away and fight back. “‘Did you know that once there really were elephants? Live ones?”’ (101). Jonas knows that sharing memory is illegal but knowing that his world is wrong Jonas wants to fight back with is world and give as many memory to people as he can. “’So if you escape, once you are gone-and, Jonas, you know that you can never return-“’ (155). Jonas and Giver plan to run away from society and find place where everyone has specialty, where everyone can love and loved. Similarly, in the Among the Hidden Luke and Jen, other third child, planned to meet government, with other third children and tell him grandly in front of him. They know that it is dangerous and risky; however they know that badly staying alive as before would not make them satisfy. Day before the plan Luke gets scared and tells Jen that he is afraid. Jen understands him and let Luke stay. They promised that after the plan they would meet together outside not as accomplice but as a friend. 2 different books I read and same conflict both main characters had.



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