It Is Always Good To Have Curiosity?

February 27th, 2015

In the Black Vine Swamp

Hammering on a dead stump

A piercing cry

Rise from the vines


Come panther

Among the tree trunks


Nick excited

But shaking

(Hiaasen 33)

Curiosity. Is it a good thing? This found poem I made from the book Scat written by Carl Hiaasen describes the characteristics of the character named Nick Waters. He is a boy who likes a girl named Marta, and he is able to “sacrifice” himself for her. The poem shows the dark setting by using the words black, dead, piercing, cry and shaking. These words have a negative connotation and tell how dark the situation is in the book. “Some of the kids got spooked, but Nick was excited. He thought he knew what kind of animal they’d heard” (Hiaasen 33). Unlike others, Nick is excited, calm and curious. He would go for the creature no matter how dangerous it could be. This shows he becomes the bravest kid when he is up to something that he is interested in. The poem and the quote describe the characteristic of Nick Waters. He is brave, calm and has lots of curiosity.

Escape from the equalism

February 3rd, 2015

Running away from the equality in The Giver written by Lois Lowry has the resolution with Jonas, the Receiver,  with all the memory he has running away with Gabriel. They both have a conflict with society. Jonas by running away from the society is safe from the society and he is satisfied with what he has done. At the beginning Jonas thought he was living in a perfect house in a perfect world and friends with perfect friends. But after receiving the memory of past Jonas felt he was alive but not living. Jonas and The Giver’s plan is to get away from society as far as Jonas can. However, when Jonas reach the point where he is too far away the memory he is holding will go back to where it belongs. “That night, Jonas was forced to flee. He left the dwelling shortly after the sky became dark and the community sill…and he had taken Gabriel, too.” (Lowry 163,166). Nobody outside Jonas sneak into the babysitting center and brings Gabriel with him. The Giver stays and whenever the memory comes back from Jonas he will help the people from panic and will go to where his daughter is. Jonas knew where his daughter is. Heaven probably. Jonas leaving the Giver he and Gabriel reach the new world where he could be normal but has a talent. As he gets near he could hear the people singing. But perhaps it is only an echo.

I personally like how Lois Lowry finishes the book by giving us the curiosity whether Jonas and Gabriel find the new world or whether it was an imagination that Jonas makes. I also wonder what happened to the Giver. The last word he gives it to Jonas before he leaves the city is that Giver is going to see his daughter. In the other word he is going to release himself. “’But I have another place to go. When my work here is finished, I want to be with my daughter.”’ (162). Giver’s daughter named Rosemary was once the Receiver. Giver gave Rosemary only the memories of happiness. However, Rosemary was the Receiver and had to hold the painful memory the Giver gave Rosemary the war memory. Next day the Giver found out that Rosemary had released herself.

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