Cheque my Life: An interpretation of “Ordeal by Cheque

August 11th, 2015

Lawrence Exeter’s Diary

August 30,1903

She finally has the baby. What should I do? Calm down me. What should be my first impression for my baby? I am so scared! What if I be the bad father? What would my baby like, want and be happy about? I’ll be going to Baby Shop later on… but would they have what my baby like? No more questions to myself. It’s going to be all right. Again, congratulations me.

September 2, 1903

I’m at Hollywood Hospital ready for the final check with our baby. Everything are all right nothing to concern with. It is me who has to be ready and I am.

October 3, 1903

Waiting and waiting for my baby to be delivered. Today is the day my life change. Since now, I am responsible for my family it is going to require quiet of work and stress, but I am for it.

December 19,1903

My life has been changed a lot. Thanks to my son Jake, you are my hero. I must go now. I need to go to Toyland with my son.

October 6, 1909

Life sure does go fast. Jake is already old enough to go to school. He is still a cute baby to me though.

April 18,1910

What can’t I do for my son? He wants a bicycle? Get the best one for him. I get everything he wants to keep his smile on his face. He loves me more when I buy him more.

August 25, 1915

Today I went to look around the Military Academy for my kid. Of course my kid’s safety comes first. I am little bit conscious about what they do there, but nothing to do about.

November 16, 1926

Big event is near and is as special as my son’s birthday. It is going to be the biggest event in life, my wedding anniversary. I am here in Hawaii with my wife congratulating. I better go though, my wife is finding me. Bye and happy me~


November 18, 1926

Wedding anniversary~ I’ve been preparing for this day and here it is. With my wife never going to forget this day.


July 5, 1931

Life is not fair. He is a bright kid always wanted to venture and discover. He is a smart kid, who always brings awards to me. And now, he is laying on bed in Hollywood hospital getting ready for surgery. Doctors say it is lung disease. I should have kept him away from smoking… It’s all my fault. What if he dies? What if the surgery goes wrong? What if…What if

July 15, 1931

Dr. David MrCoy told me the surgery went wrong and…everyone says Jake’s death is not my fault. And I know it is all lies. I am a terrible father. I should have been in charge of my son’s health. I should have been… I’m sorry…

July 16, 1931

Today I met my son. We talked and talked unless he could be born again…

2 Responses to “Cheque my Life: An interpretation of “Ordeal by Cheque”

  1. Anthony on August 11, 2015 12:23 pm

    Hey Nick,
    Nice idea of writing this short story as a diary. You kept this short and simple, which is a very important thing to do in writing. In the exposition, I liked it how you made Lawrence Exeter Sr. ask a bunch of questions to himself since he was really excited of becoming a father. I also found it cool how he congratulated himself after asking all those questions. I’m pretty sure a lot of people have done this before. A question for you is, how did you suddenly get the idea of including Lawrence Jr. contacting with a lung disease?

  2. Nick on August 12, 2015 1:42 am

    Hey Anthony,
    My reason is pretty simple. The idea suddenly came up to me. But lung disease does make sense to me because Lawrence Jr, Jake, was a teenager and I know from my brother, most of my brother’s friends I know smokes. And I also know that smoking could bring lung cancer. But I was concerning about at that time did they have lung disease surgery? Thanks for your question Anthony. I hope this answered your question

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