An analysis of Dorothea Lange’s photos

October 27th, 2015

Notice that in the background, half of the field is empty, which could infer that the photo was taken during a time when the farmer didn’t have enough money to plants crops on all of his land. Also, there are no machines in the picture, you see humans doing all of the labor. This could be before machinery such as tractors were invented, or due to the farmer not having enough money to purchase the expensive agricultural equipment. The focal point that captured my attention was two children and a woman in the field. We could understand it in different ways. One is that two children have nowhere to stay so had to follow their parent to the farm or two kids were looking happy spending time with their parent. From my point of view, they seem fairly happy and enjoying what they are doing.

Rationale and Poem

October 11th, 2015

My poem is based on one question, “Did gun killed him or did shooter killed him?” I write the poem from my thoughts about guns and the murderers and asking whose fault is it. People always blame others for their own mistakes and always repeat the same mistakes. My theme shown throughout my poem is that people don’t admit their faults and would continue to do it.

I used metaphor comparing the guns and the bad words we spit to show how we make injures and how we are being the killer, but never admit our faults. “We say its them/ they say it’s us/ Both blame each other/ like four years old blaming their friend” (16-19). This simile represents how we act when we made mistakes, blaming on others to get away from trouble like what four years old do. In this line “four years old” represents us and the reason I chose four years old is because age of four when they could eat by themselves, walk and start to communicate, but yet they don’t know how to respect and admit their faults. Some negative words such as “cruel, ruthless, kill, damaging” would develop the mood in violent way and would develop my theme.

Who is the Killer?

Some say guns are cruel.

Some say those who use guns are ruthless.

Some say both are evil.

Who is right and who is wrong?


Murderers use guns as we spit bad words

Those words could kill

Make injuries

And have terrifying results.


What is true and what is false?

Some say words are damaging

Some say those who use destructive words are bad

Some say both

Are evil.


Are we the killer?

Or are they the killer?


We say it’s them.

They say it’s us.

Both blame each other,

Like four year olds blaming their friends.




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