Lennie’s Interview and Rationale

November 16th, 2015


I saw the movie about one guy, who was mentally issued when he was a baby. Reason why I am telling the story of “Dumb” man is because when we say someone is “dumb” it usually means that person can’t live without extra care. But him, he tried his best to along with other kids. Though Lennie, Steinback represents the people who need extra care. The “Dumb” man and Lennie had in common that the “Dumb” man only knew to run and Lennie only knew how to squeeze. What I am trying to get from the movie is that we call “Dumb people” has feelings and every second they are trying to survive. I will use Quicktime to record the interview, but only the voice.

“’I am a good skinner. I can rassel grain bags, drive a cultivator. I can do anything.”’ All of his preferred job requires strength, which shows that Lennie is strong as bull. However, he was treated poorly because he was too stupid to think and usually does bad things. When he talks about his dream, he enjoys imagining just like what little kids would do when they think about their dreams. He, Lennie, love George so much that he said, “’I could go off in the hills there. Some place I’d fine a cave.”’ George is Lennie’s everything. George is Lennie’s parent. Lennie obey him, love him and respect him just like other little kids. Reason why I am kept mentioning “little kids” is because Lennie is a little kid even though he is huge and strong as bull. He needs extra hands to take care of him.

“’ No. After then when she died…um… people die an’ no food an’ no money to stay there so we decided to leave.”’ People at the time didn’t know when people die from the starvation was called the great depression. They did know they were starving and they needed to move out from the country and get jobs in order not to die from the hunger. Lennie and George represented the migrant workers, who move out from their country to find the jobs. “’ Is working in ranch your first job?’ We worked in the weed before.”’ Lennie explains to the Interviewer that they’ve worked in different places, which shows the evidence of the great depression. Great depression effected the migrant workers, Lennie and George, because of great depression lose jobs and had to work in many different places.


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