Propaganda poster: Bottoms Up!

March 14th, 2016

Photo on 3-14-16 at 10.50 AM #2

I have interpreted “Fear” as my propaganda technique, because the Japanese blood falling from the shot cup, it brings the attention to the american. My propaganda poster appeals to pathos, emotions, because the feeling the poster itself has its the great emotions of fear. Archetype used in this poster is the hero, the american, and encouraging people to join in U.S. and fight with them and be the “Hero”.  My design is drawn the way the “Hero” isn’t defined, which gives the audience mythical emotions who’s going to be the hero? and plant the mindset of they could be the one, the “Hero”. “Bottoms Up” and “Color’em Red” emphasis the definite victory or the trust in victory americans have. “Hero” holding the cup full of Japanese blood shows the over control of them and which gives more entertainments to the audience.

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