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August 15th, 2014

Do you know who I am? SKT T1 Faker! No! Hello my name is Nick. I am living in China with my cousins so I am living far away with my parents. I turned 13 this year and I came to ISB since I was grade 5. English is my second language so I am really stressed about learning English. My goal this year is to get out of ESOL. I have lots of hobbies to share but I will tell you my favorites. I love sleeping, play League of Legends, watch TV and taste new food that my aunt makes.

My first hobby that I am going to share with you is that I love to sleep or nap. Almost everyday I nap after school. When I am on the car I always fell asleep even though it is only 5minutes drive.  Everyday I nap 1hour at least so then my aunt decide to give me a medicine to make me stay up. My friend Ryan always called at bus “sleep again” and I was proud of it.

LOL (League of Legends) is famous game shorten by League of Legends and I love to play this game. Everything I do is not as good as anyone else in my opinion but LOL is the only one I am good at in my opinion. So I am keeping up my skills by playing but I don’t play that much because my parents don’t really like me playing this game because once you start to play this game, you can’t end playing. I usually play LOL after finishing my homework.

Watching TV is my time for me to rest my brain. I usually can’t watch TV because I have no time to watch, but if I can I usually rest my brain with some tasty food such as noodles or chips.  In my opinion, everyone loves to eat and watch. This is best way to rest to your brain and have some freedom.

I loved to try new food that my mom or aunt make. I am the one who taste the food and rank and tell them what is missing or it is perfectly fine. My last hobby is listening to music. Almost everyday I listen to music and go sleep. Listening to music always makes me feel relaxed and makes me want to sing along. When I listen it feels like nothing is stressing me or make me sad or unhappy. These are my 5 hobbies I loved.

All in all I am boy who loves to sleep, loves to play LOL, watch TV and taste new food. This is me, Nick. I am looking forward to be a great student to every teacher. I will be a boy who will continue loving my hobbies.

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