Boy to GIRL

June 4th, 2015

Boy to girl

Are you guys interested in fairytale? Well, if you don’t I have the best story for you. Now, the story I am going to tell is about one boy??’s day life.

Story begins like this. There was a boy who lived a fair life with a normal parents and one younger sister. However, the problem with this boy was that he was bored with his life. On Monday, normal as usual Nick, the boy, was preparing for the school. He had a satisfying grade on his report card and he had great friends. It was always fun to be with my friends and play around. Sometimes we fought but always turned out fine. Friends were my only shiny part of my life. After school on Monday, there was a old woman walking by our school and selling a weird looking bottle with a weird color liquid in it. I never knew meeting that old woman made my life change.

On that Monday, I was with my friends hanging around and had fun until that old potion seller (I would say) came up to us and asked to buy one of those suspicious liquid. Friends laughed but not me. I saw that elder in different way. I thought what she wanted was the money for dinner and so I bought one of those poisons drink. She also gave me one piece of paper seemed like an instruction sheet. After with my friends I went back to my house and sat on my chair and thought of the liquid I bought. I started to read the sheet that woman gave with the liquid. “Warning: only for bored people if not please return.” I would say I was little scared and surprised. I couldn’t hold it. I was bored and that was all with my life. I quickly opened the cap and just drank it. Nothing really changed with my life after the drink. “That woman should have tricked me!” I cried.

That night I had a strange dream. I was a pretty girl and I had to go school with the fact that I was a girl. In my dream I was experiencing life with my opposite gender. I would say it was terrible, awful but not as boring as right now. Starting from that night, I kept dreaming the same dream, me turning into a girl, and it wasn’t that bad. About 10days of dreaming, something started to change. I can not describe with a word but weird. I felt like I was in that dream but in real life. What’s going on with me? I asked bunch of questions to myself and remembered the drink that I drank past few days.

After school, I went out to where I first met that woman but she wasn’t there anymore. I gathered nothing but disappointment. I needed her to explain me what’s wrong with my body.

I found out that that old seller had died few days after meeting me.

I kept dreaming and dreaming the same dream but I wasn’t scared or anything. I was actually happy. I woke up at Friday getting ready for school and what a shock. My gender was totally opposite. In the mirror I saw a pretty girl instead me. My voice was higher than before and everything had changed. I was shocked, worried and scared. I couldn’t tell my parents or my sister about this. I needed to figure it out by myself. I put on my hat to make sure no one realize that my hair grew and carefully went downstairs. My big sister came down right after me. Not like any other day the time didn’t move faster. The thing that worried the most was going to school. All sorts of question came up to me while eating. I thought instead of going to school and get embarrassed by my friends I would tell the truth to my parents. Frist I took my hat off and I could see my sister’s horrified face. I explained what had happened past few days and asked her the solution. The woman, who knows this had died and now I was confused and scared. I imagine my parents face but I need to show them.

At the end I couldn’t change myself back into a boy, so we decided to change school. It was sad leaving my friends but I couldn’t handle myself. Before I leave I went to find my friends and tell them all things that happened to me. It was shocking when I saw my friends not making any surprised face and just hugged me.

How was my story? After all it was all what happened to me. I still contact with them and sometimes go watch movies.

What is Family?

May 31st, 2015

what is family?

What exactly is family? People with a same blood type? Well in book “the old man and the sea“, there was a old fisherman, who wasn’t able to catch any fish for 84days. The fisherman had a companion, who was 5 years old when they first met and the boy consistently came to the old fisherman and helped him. Even though they weren’t sharing any blood, they could feel each others feelings. They weren’t family, but their relationship was as deep as relationship between the normal family.

Lies are like a firing guns

May 26th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 8.54.39 AM

This is my found poem

Everyone has a secret they don’t want to be figured out. Expert survivalist, who has no experience with the real wild didn’t want any other to know that he was not a real survivalist. Because he didn’t want anyone to know, he needed to fight with a real wild animal. He got injured and was in danger by other wild animals. However, his secret was spread. The theme of Chomp by Carl Hiaasen is that all the lies does not last forever.

Excursion: Chinese Minority Edition

May 19th, 2015

This is our group magazine. Check it out!

You or Money?

May 4th, 2015

Having money doesn’t mean people will have happiness. In Chomp, written by Carl Hiaasen, there was a boy named Wahoo who needed money desperately, but, unfortunately, his dad was seriously injured and no one in the family was able to go to work. Wahoo’s mom decided to work, but her job required that she move to another country. Now no one was in charge of his father and the animals they raised. Even though his mom was in another country working, Wahoo knew that there wouldn’t be enough money for the family. So, he decided to work with the famous survival actor to provide an alligator for a scene. They were told that the family would be given a great amount of money for borrowing the alligator in their TV show. Derek, wanting a challenge to create an exciting scene, said, ‘But I don’t want to wrestle the small one. I want to wrestle the monster,’” (Hiaasen 20). This shows that the survival actor, Derek, wanted to wrestle the twelve foot long alligator, which already experienced chomping off Wahoo’s thumb. Derek had no real experience with surviving in the wild. He was only told to act out the scene and that was all. Wahoo and his father already knew that Derek was not a real survivalist and would be in great danger. However, if Derek did not wrestle the big alligator, then Wahoo and his family would not receive the money, which they desperately needed. This shows the conflict that Wahoo and his father had in that they knew the decision was wrong but they needed the money.

When I was young, I had a similar situation as Wahoo. I only thought about what I would earn but not the problem that was going to happen next. I guess not only me, but everyone would make a poor decision at least once. Once at my grandparents’ house, I saw a bunch of money tied all together on the table. I didn’t know at that age how much was it. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. As soon as I realized no one was there, I actually stole money from my grandparent! I didn’t know how dumb and rude that was. I took the money, hiding inside my cloth, laughing, and couldn’t wait to go home. My grandparents didn’t realize that the money was gone and I was really, really excited. So I got home with no one finding out that there was a huge amount of money inside my cloth, but the problem was here. Where should I hide it? I had nowhere to put the stolen money. Maybe I was to small at that time to think. This created a huge problem and that was terrible! Both my mom and dad got mad at me, hitting with a thick stick (it wasn’t that thick but I was young at that time). Crying would not make it better. They would hit me until I felt truly sorry to my grandparents and they would release me.

To sum up, both Wahoo and I were not able to think of the future. Wahoo wasn’t able to think of what would happen to the famous TV show actor, Derek, and I wasn’t able to think of what would happen to myself and the trust between me and my parents. However, after experiencing my own mistake, I was able to fix it and never to it again.


Wahoo’s LIFE

April 24th, 2015


What if the toughest guy you know suddenly gets serious injures and you need to take care of him? In the book called “CHOMP” there has the character named Mickey Cray who gets injured by the falling lizard and his son, Wahoo, needed to take care of him. Wahoo is the kind and responsible kid, who always blame himself and admit his mistake and tries to fix it.


Chomp written by Carl Hiaasen


Polymer project final journal entry

April 20th, 2015

Final journal entry

Our product Keyboarder was a success. Keyboard cleaner worked successfully cleaning the keyboard. However there had some difficulty that we had to face. First was our product was really easy to get dirty. So once we used the Keyboarder to clean the nasty stuff it gets really dirty and the customer need to take the dirty stuff off by themselves.

We didn’t really have many final changes to our product however we did try making a product with different ingredients. It was hard to make a polymer that we wanted: sticky and stretchy. However from many tries we got the final product that wasn’t bad.

At the last day of the polymer project we presented our group’s product and shared ideas. Many groups were amazing and also we needed to evaluate the groups except for our own group. The hardest part of evaluating was that I could not give my friends the harsh score. However the evaluation went well because I thought that every group deserved 4, which is the best.

This project was fun but still helpful. This polymer project was just right project to finish the chemistry unit. The best parts was making our own polymer and share it to others.

journal entry 3

April 8th, 2015

I have been planning on making protection on cars to prevent car accidents. However, I changed my mind. Instead I am going to make a keyboard cleaner that can be reused and be washed. It can work with anything such as piano, computer and so on. The problem is that there have no certain polymer that is right for our project. We need polymer that is sticky enough to clean the dust but stretchy so it can fit anywhere. So we choose to work with two different polymer that has different features. One would be superslime and other would be gloop. Superslime is not sticky but stretchy and gloop is sticky but not stretchy. However, the real problem was that the gloop and superslime wouldn’t mix together. We kept squeezing but it did not work. So we thought of how about we put all the things we need to make for gloop and superslime and mixed it together before it gets a shape? The result was not good. It did not work but we made a improvement that it mixed better than before.

jorunal entry 2

April 8th, 2015

My own polymer would be used to cover the car and prevent the car crashes. These days we are having so much trouble with car crashes. This polymer would impact our world by able to prevent car crashes and deaths. Be able car to not break while car crashes polymer should be really bounce, soft and stretchable. We have 2 kinds of polymers. We have polymer that is bouncy but the stretchable and we have polymer that is soft and stretchable but not bouncy. If I use one that bouncy but not soft and stretchable I will need tones of it and whether the car crashes with or without the polymer that is not bouncy the car would still break. If I use one that is not bouncy but soft and stretchable I won’t need to make tones of it but it is still not bouncy. So I thought of combining both of the polymer and have every qualities I need for the polymer.

Everything you see is not always the truth

April 5th, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.04.08 AM

Everything you see is not always everything. Fire on the background represents the shown part and the hidden part. Bright color flame is the shown part. People can easily see the Bright flame. However, the dark flame is the hidden part where it is hard to see. People only see the shown part and tell what they think and figured out. However, in many other situations, only by looking at the shown part would not able to make you solve the problem. Mostly the dark part tells the truth but people do not want to find the dark side because it is hard to find.

In Scat written by Carl Hiaasen, there was a terrible accident. There was a fire made by someone when students were having a field trip. The fire went off thankfully however; one of the teacher was missing. Police interview every single students and found nothing. Student nicknamed Smoke was the most suspected criminal. He had many accident related with fire. Everyone suspected Smoke. Theme of this book is that everything you see is not always everything. Students gathered the information they have seen and guessed who made the fire. However, Smoke had nothing to do with the accident. Two students went deeper with the fire incident and found the dark part of the issue. Those two found out that it wasn’t Smoke who made the fire. It was the people who wanted the panther. At the end people who made the fire were arrested.

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