Everything you see is not always the truth

April 5th, 2015


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Everything you see is not always everything. Fire on the background represents the shown part and the hidden part. Bright color flame is the shown part. People can easily see the Bright flame. However, the dark flame is the hidden part where it is hard to see. People only see the shown part and tell what they think and figured out. However, in many other situations, only by looking at the shown part would not able to make you solve the problem. Mostly the dark part tells the truth but people do not want to find the dark side because it is hard to find.

In Scat written by Carl Hiaasen, there was a terrible accident. There was a fire made by someone when students were having a field trip. The fire went off thankfully however; one of the teacher was missing. Police interview every single students and found nothing. Student nicknamed Smoke was the most suspected criminal. He had many accident related with fire. Everyone suspected Smoke. Theme of this book is that everything you see is not always everything. Students gathered the information they have seen and guessed who made the fire. However, Smoke had nothing to do with the accident. Two students went deeper with the fire incident and found the dark part of the issue. Those two found out that it wasn’t Smoke who made the fire. It was the people who wanted the panther. At the end people who made the fire were arrested.

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