Look Up The Sky: Book Thief Persuasive Monologue Speech

March 24th, 2016

Markus Zusak: The Book Thief 

This is my persuasive speech, which has point of view of Hans Hubermann speaking to Liesel convincing Liesel not to say anything about Max.


Don’t ever say that! You can say that in our house, but you never say it on the street, at school, at the BDM, never! You hear me? He is a Jew. He can’t be around here?! He is a Jew! If he gets caught, I’m.. we are not fine. Max gets in danger, Rosa and I are gone from you and he already had saved my life and is me, who have to save him now…

Liesel, I apologize putting you and Rosa in danger… but when I see Max sick and ill, I just want him to be part of our family but he can’t. He is a rat in their society. A trash-eating rat. I never want him to be treated like that! Always face the ground, kicked and punched and drink, shower with spit. Max is a lovely man. So lovely that he would leave us if he finds us uncomfortable being with him. But… you know? I would never want him to leave me. Leave us. He isn’t our family, but more than just a friend.

Please Liesel, I want Max to be with us, and you with us too. If he gets caught, not only he is in danger, but us too Liesel, us too. I.. Rosa and I will never again stand next to you walking, talking and sometimes fight. But this whole thing to me… are great memories. I want, must protect these wonderful memories and in order to protect, I need you Liesel, you. If Rosa and I are gone, what are you going to do? I always ask these question to myself. How are you going to live without us? Rudy? Frau Holtzapfel? Then who’s  gonna give you love? We want you here, our home, together. I love you.

But Liesel, I ought to save him, I’m sorry, but no matter how dangerous it takes and no matter how long I have to suffer, I would, no, I must save him. Liesel, to you, I don’t know. You would probably think he is just a stranger, but Liesel, that stranger is my hero. If it wasn’t him, I wouldn’t be here with you talking. I would have been up there (pointing upward) with other soldiers. And this is my opportunities to save him. What he had done to me. Saved my life. If he needs me, and he does now, I would go for him. I love you Liesel, I love you, and I will be here with you, with Max on my back. I promise we will be just like before, reading and laughing, but you need to promise me one thing. Please never say anything about Max outside.

Liesel, look up. The sky. Isn’t it beautiful? One day, lets all sit outside and enjoy the stars. And Max would be there, with us looking at the stars, clearing his mind from all the stress he’s faced. (laughter) I bet you, Liesel, you will be holding his hand. This day isn’t going to be soon, but I promise you Liesel, this day will come, and all you gotta do, is trust me and wait for me.




Propaganda poster: Bottoms Up!

March 14th, 2016

Photo on 3-14-16 at 10.50 AM #2

I have interpreted “Fear” as my propaganda technique, because the Japanese blood falling from the shot cup, it brings the attention to the american. My propaganda poster appeals to pathos, emotions, because the feeling the poster itself has its the great emotions of fear. Archetype used in this poster is the hero, the american, and encouraging people to join in U.S. and fight with them and be the “Hero”.  My design is drawn the way the “Hero” isn’t defined, which gives the audience mythical emotions who’s going to be the hero? and plant the mindset of they could be the one, the “Hero”. “Bottoms Up” and “Color’em Red” emphasis the definite victory or the trust in victory americans have. “Hero” holding the cup full of Japanese blood shows the over control of them and which gives more entertainments to the audience.

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