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March 30th, 2015

People are lot more brave when they are up to something they are curious about. Nick Waters in the book SCAT by Carl Hiaasen he is a coward. “Nick’s chin dropped to his chest. If he answered yes, he’d risk making a mortal enemy of Smoke. If he answered no, Mrs. Starch would pick on him mercilessly for the risk of the school year” (Hiaasen 9). Nick is scared to share his own opinion when teacher is asking him how he feels because Nick thinks that something horrible would happen to him. “Nick wasn’t sure if sneaking into Mrs. Starch’s house was the bravest thing he’d ever done, or the dumbest” (135). Nick even though he is a coward who can’t even share is own thoughts he is sneaking in to his scarcest teacher. He is risking his “life” to get some evidence from the mystery event that happened to Mrs. Starch.

Nick Waters have lots of similar part with me. By the way my name is Nick Choi. When I was young I was afraid of my house. Every time I see some place dark I always freak out and run to my dad. But one day with my cousin I wanted to explore my house. It was a huge house for a baby. My cousin and I was really closed and we wanted to go to the dark place and find something interesting if can. One hand we were holding each other and on other hand we were holding a weapons. My point is that we are brave when we are into something and want to explore something.

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