Miss Narwin’s True Story

August 29th, 2014

Miss Narwin’s True Story

Miss Narwin, the teacher of Harrison High, teaches Harrison High for about 20 years and she is the supportive teacher and she is experienced teacher. “’She’s a fair teacher. All the kids say so”’ (Avi 125). This quote represents how all kids think about Miss Narwin and how she is being fair to everyone. Some students think she is really helpful and some says her studying style is really boring. She has a student named Philip who disrespects her and thinks she is the worst teacher. “’ Well, I heard him. Sort of. I mean, it wasn’t loud or anything. Not like the paper said. But he wouldn’t stop. And she did ask. I guess that was the disturbance”’ (Avi 124). This quote shows how Philip is being rude and makes the disturbance. Miss Narwin thinks teaching is the most important job and she is passionate about her job, which makes her the supportive teacher.
Miss Narwin herself thinks she needs more ideas to teach her students and she is not satisfied of what she has right now and wants to get better at it. “’ You know how, in your memo, you spoke of going to that workshop- that some should be a master teacher”’ (Avi 55). This quote tells how she respect teaching and wants to develop her teaching technics. She thinks that her students are really smart and only thinks in the good way even though the student is behaving rudely. “ But this Philip- an only son, by the way, which may be the problem- is only a middling student, and it’s a shame. A nice- looking boy. A boy I like. Intelligent” (Avi 5). In Miss Narwin’s letter to her sister this shows how she thinks about Philip in a good way even though Philip disrespects her. She thinks that her job is the best because she loves her job and she is passionate about it.
In Nothing But the Truth everyone respects Miss Narwin as a great teacher. In school they are really proud of having her and they admit that she is the best. “… How much I admire your willingness to expand your intellectual and teaching horizons. You have always been one of our best teachers, and I know you will continue to be so”’ (Avi 21). Principal in Harrison High thinks Miss Narwin is one of the best teachers. Even though Philip disrespects Miss Narwin, many others love and respect her. She is being passionate with her job and everyone know that. “ …I remain steadfast in my belief that my life was meant to be the bringing of fine literature to young minds” (Avi 4). This shows how Miss Narwin is passionate about her job and wants to reach her goal. Miss Narwin even though she is the best in her school and most experienced teacher, she wants to learn and develop herself. “ My love of literature- which has served me so well all these years- is perhaps not enough. I want to find new works and new ways to entice the young people of today” (Avi 15). This quote represents how Miss Narwin thinks she need to be better at teaching and wants to improve.
In the book Miss Narwin respect everyone by talking only the nice part of people. Even though Philip hated her and being the worst student, Miss Narwin with her open mind she talks in the positive way. “ Though your other answers are only a little better, I know you have the potential for good work” (Avi 13). This shows even though Philip did terrible job on his test, Miss Narwin believed Philip’s potential for good work and this means she is respecting and believing Philip as a great student.
In conclusion, Miss Narwin is open minded teacher, who thinks everyone have some skills that they are good at and she thinks everyone including bad behavior students have a chance to fix their problem and thinks in a good and positive way. She is the most educated and experienced teacher in Harrison High. Miss Narwin is also the strict teacher, who follows the school rules. “Philip, leave this room instantly, Report to Dr. Palleni’s office. Now!” (Avi 50). This shows how Miss Narwin is strict with rules and showing she is following the school rules. Over all Miss Narwin is the best and nicest teacher in Harrison High.

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