You or Money?

May 4th, 2015

Having money doesn’t mean people will have happiness. In Chomp, written by Carl Hiaasen, there was a boy named Wahoo who needed money desperately, but, unfortunately, his dad was seriously injured and no one in the family was able to go to work. Wahoo’s mom decided to work, but her job required that she move to another country. Now no one was in charge of his father and the animals they raised. Even though his mom was in another country working, Wahoo knew that there wouldn’t be enough money for the family. So, he decided to work with the famous survival actor to provide an alligator for a scene. They were told that the family would be given a great amount of money for borrowing the alligator in their TV show. Derek, wanting a challenge to create an exciting scene, said, ‘But I don’t want to wrestle the small one. I want to wrestle the monster,’” (Hiaasen 20). This shows that the survival actor, Derek, wanted to wrestle the twelve foot long alligator, which already experienced chomping off Wahoo’s thumb. Derek had no real experience with surviving in the wild. He was only told to act out the scene and that was all. Wahoo and his father already knew that Derek was not a real survivalist and would be in great danger. However, if Derek did not wrestle the big alligator, then Wahoo and his family would not receive the money, which they desperately needed. This shows the conflict that Wahoo and his father had in that they knew the decision was wrong but they needed the money.

When I was young, I had a similar situation as Wahoo. I only thought about what I would earn but not the problem that was going to happen next. I guess not only me, but everyone would make a poor decision at least once. Once at my grandparents’ house, I saw a bunch of money tied all together on the table. I didn’t know at that age how much was it. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. As soon as I realized no one was there, I actually stole money from my grandparent! I didn’t know how dumb and rude that was. I took the money, hiding inside my cloth, laughing, and couldn’t wait to go home. My grandparents didn’t realize that the money was gone and I was really, really excited. So I got home with no one finding out that there was a huge amount of money inside my cloth, but the problem was here. Where should I hide it? I had nowhere to put the stolen money. Maybe I was to small at that time to think. This created a huge problem and that was terrible! Both my mom and dad got mad at me, hitting with a thick stick (it wasn’t that thick but I was young at that time). Crying would not make it better. They would hit me until I felt truly sorry to my grandparents and they would release me.

To sum up, both Wahoo and I were not able to think of the future. Wahoo wasn’t able to think of what would happen to the famous TV show actor, Derek, and I wasn’t able to think of what would happen to myself and the trust between me and my parents. However, after experiencing my own mistake, I was able to fix it and never to it again.


Jonas’ changes

January 26th, 2015

In The Giver written by Louis Lowry, Jonas had a huge change during the rising action and the climax. Past few days Jonas was a normal kid from his normal society until he saw a little change with the normal apple. Starting from that Jonas started to see something beyond. Then he dreamed a weird dream. Jonas described his dream with a word wanting. This shows that Jonas is becoming a guy not a kid. Jonas at the ceremony of 12 he was selected as the Receiver. Receiver is the job, which receives the memory of the history and holds the memory for people in his world. Jonas meets the Giver, who gives the memory to Jonas. Jonas gets the memory and sees, feel, hear and smell different.

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Jonas’ Diary

Rising Action & Climax The Fault in Our Stars

November 19th, 2014

After meeting Augustus Hazel Grace fell in love and she became energetic and joyful. Before Hazel was on the bed the whole day reading the same book over many times. After Hazel and Augustus meet together and become a good friend they travel to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam they visit the famous author Peter Van Houten who Hazel respect and went the hotel. At the hotel Hazel and Augustus found out that Augustus cancer had came back. Climax of The Fault in Our Stars is when Augustus dies in after the Amsterdam and Hazel depressed. RISING ACTION AND CLIMAX The Fault in Our Stars

What is your best part in NBTT

September 2nd, 2014


In my opinion, Climax of Nothing But The Truth is when Ms. Narwin retires and goes to Florida.

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