I “create” project

May 9th, 2016

For my create project, I had worked on writing poems inspired by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare uses poetry as an another tool of writing a story, which I thought, very creative. My two poems aren’t as appealing as Shakespeare’s work, not much literary device, no big and strong vocabularies, but this is what I think is poetry.

Take me away


Tick tock tick tock,

Clock sings quiet.

Tap tap tap,

Needle dances

With the flow of the clock’s song.

Drippity-drop, drippity-drop,


As if each drop was a visitor,

Who came to listen to the wonderful harmony.

And I,

Here for nothing more, nothing less,

But something, anything.

Nothing else

I need help.



What are these rivers of pain?

Am I sad?

I don’t know,

But all I want to do is cry.


I don’t know,

I’m scared.

I need someone,


I’m dying,

Drowning in my own tears.


Would anyone know?

Would anyone care?

Maybe dying is fine.

Then please death,

Take me away,

Away from anything, everything.

I won’t miss it.


Should I?

My first poem “take me away” is more imagery based poem, which also shows my experience having these hard times. The first stanza talks about how beautiful the world is, even a sound of clock, needle and rain drops are wonderful songs, dances and people. But even though the world is colorful and beautiful, I am depressed, not satisfied. Then moving on the the next stanza, “’Why? What are these rivers of pain?’” shows that I don’t know, but I’m sad. Then the last stanza brings me to the end where I want to rest myself by dying, and no one would know or care because it is me who will die.


One medicine, three patients




My dad comes home,


With sketches and bruise.

Since when he started to buy pains?

And why,

Does he try to hide

His hunted heart

With his two small hands?

The hider

My dad


In the deep dark

One light shines,

My brother,


Something had changed my brother.





Only things that goes in to his heart,

A poison,

Poison smoke,

Poison drink.

He tries to be happy,

Be satisficed,

With those poisons.

The sacrificed soul,

My brother.


Missing childhood,

My sister.

A girl without mom,

My sister.

Lovely, kind.

My sister.

Where did she go?

Is she finding her childhood,

Missing mom?


(Please wake up…)


The childhood chaser,

My sister.

All broken,

All hurt,

My family need help,

And I have to be the one

The one, who cure them,

Care them,

Love them.

The only medicine,


My second poem “One medicine, three patients”, which is also my experienced based, gives the reader a mysterious feeling, which makes them question themselves, ‘if there is only one medicine, what about the other two?’. “‘And why, does he try to hide his hunted heart with his two small hands?’” shows how my dad is weakened by stress, because my dad’s hands aren’t “small”, but I used small to show my dad got weakened. “’In the deep dark one light shines, my brother, texting.’”. This shows that only that he feels joyful is texting not being with us, family. “’Sacrificed soul”, presents my brother’s dead emotions from the academic pressure. My sister, “’Childhood chaser’” is who didn’t have enough love from our parents because of divorce and she doesn’t have any memories of them together.







Understand to understand

December 3rd, 2015

Comic 1

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.38.30 PM

Comic 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.38.41 PM

Comic 3

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.39.01 PM


These three different short comics are all based on my personal curiosity. Not only from my curiosity but also are based on my experiments. Theme are shown in my comics, which we learned in English.


My first comic is showing the students’ life in home. Parents have high expectation which students, us, might be struggling with. Still, too low expectation from our parents doesn’t mean we could do better, but if our parents want perfect grade, we struggle. Sometimes, over love is hurtful to us.


Second comic is based on my curiosity which is in the future there has one pill that could make us see through peoples’ minds. Many parents act strong and happy but they all have feelings and they all have time when they are upset. However, parents don’t show that because they only want us, children, to see happy, positive things. Also we have time when we are upset but don’t want to tell parents. Then we usually cry quietly in the room and act like nothing had happened. But with this pill, we could read others’ minds anytime. If you understand others, others would understand you.


Third comic represents the unfairness in this world. This story wasn’t my own idea but I drew it just to share with others. This story came from the real situation. The story goes like this: One man walking down the street, heard the sound of woman screaming from the dark. Man ran up to where the woman scream came from and saw other man trying to rape her. That man fought against the other man who was trying to rape a woman and won. Woman ran away and two men were there on the dark. Man who was trying to rape woman called the police and told the police that he got assaulted by one man. Man who protected a woman explained to police that he was trying to save the woman but there was no proof. Woman already ran away and there was no one to support. Man who saved woman had to pay money to the other man who tried to rape woman. In real life, there is no hero but only has criminals.

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