polymer project (FIRST POST!)

March 30th, 2015


My own polymer would be used to cover the car and prevent the car crashes. These days we are having so much trouble with car crashes. This polymer would impact our world by able to prevent car crashes and deaths. Be able car to not break while car crashes polymer should be really bounce, soft and stretchable. We have 2 kinds of polymers. We have polymer that is bouncy but the stretchable and we have polymer that is soft and stretchable but not bouncy. If I use one that bouncy but not soft and stretchable I will need tones of it and whether the car crashes with or without the polymer that is not bouncy the car would still break. If I use one that is not bouncy but soft and stretchable I won’t need to make tones of it but it is still not bouncy. So I thought of combining both of the polymer and have every qualities I need for the polymer.

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