Polymer project final journal entry

April 20th, 2015

Final journal entry

Our product Keyboarder was a success. Keyboard cleaner worked successfully cleaning the keyboard. However there had some difficulty that we had to face. First was our product was really easy to get dirty. So once we used the Keyboarder to clean the nasty stuff it gets really dirty and the customer need to take the dirty stuff off by themselves.

We didn’t really have many final changes to our product however we did try making a product with different ingredients. It was hard to make a polymer that we wanted: sticky and stretchy. However from many tries we got the final product that wasn’t bad.

At the last day of the polymer project we presented our group’s product and shared ideas. Many groups were amazing and also we needed to evaluate the groups except for our own group. The hardest part of evaluating was that I could not give my friends the harsh score. However the evaluation went well because I thought that every group deserved 4, which is the best.

This project was fun but still helpful. This polymer project was just right project to finish the chemistry unit. The best parts was making our own polymer and share it to others.

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