French Revolution Journal Entry

March 29th, 2015

The French Revolution was very violent and many people died. The French people were divided into two groups at that time, rich and poor. Their life wasn’t fair. Rich people did not have to pay as much in taxes as the poor people. To show their anger at their situation, the peasants marched and attacked the prison on the east side. This was the first conflict in the French Revolution, the Storming of the Bastille. The prison became the symbol of the monarchy’s dictatorial rule. Even though the peasants got the weapons at the prison, they still did not have the food they desperately needed. Many, mostly women, marched through the heavy rain, holding various weapons, and attacked the city wall, which held a great amount of food. Once the peasants got the food, they demanded that the king be killed. However, once the king and queen were killed, there was chaos. This led to the second major conflict of the revolution, Marching to Versailles. Robespierre came up to power, and even though he was a great public speaker he ruled people by fear. He was the major figure in the third part of the revolution, Reign of Terror. He killed many people. Whoever was suspected as enemies of the revolution was guillotined. After Robespierre’s death the Reign of Terror also ended.


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French Revolution brought many changes. People in French lived based on freedom, equality and brotherhood. However there had some part that did not change. French still had one person (Napoleon) held the power to rule. But Napoleon was different than others. He gave what French citizens needed.


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