Math is everywhere

March 16th, 2015

Will the shot go in

We learned about how to graph the real life situation with quadratics. Quadratics is used in the real world to show varied things such as force, speed and more. By using the equation y=Ax2+ Bx+ C you can figure the vertex, speed, angles and more. A, B and C depends on the situation. The meaning of three words can be varied by what is happening. You can graph the situation with y=Ax2+ Bx+ C but when we are graphing we only measure the restricted part meaning the part we only need. There has a lot of quadratics uses in real world application such as badminton, basketball, dolphin jumps and lot more. When graphing you only need the restricted part, which I mentioned before. For example when you are graphing the basketball shot you only need the point before the basketball net because you don’t need the part when the ball crosses the net.

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