Directer’s notebook

This is the Director’s Notebook for my English assignment. Below is my self reflection.



My contribute to the director’s notebook is the music and my quote subtext. For the subtext, I show the pauses, stresses, tone, movement and body language when I said my line. I was responsible for the music selecting issue. My responsibility was to select music that fit the theme and the emotion of the character. I choose <yellow> when Chloe first walk down stairs Mike and Luther first saw her to show the shock of Mike and Luther, and the beauty of Chloe. I choose <the love theme of God Father> when Jasmine says ‘Hurt me? You can’t hurt me any more than your words! Hate me? What’s happened to you? Am I not Jasmine, are you not Luther? It’s not like I just somehow changed, when we were in class, you still said that you loved me. But how could you just leave me like this.’ To show the sadness and the struggling of Jasmine. I choose <Miss Misery> as the end credits music.


My role in the play is Jasmine who suppose to show the sadness the anger and the feeling of baffle when she was abandon by Luther, just like Hermia in A Midsummer Night Dream. At opening play Jasmine(Hermia) fell in love with Luther(Lysander) which Luther felt the same. When Luther says ‘Hey Jasmine you look more beautiful everyday, you’re my sunlight I can’t live without you.’ Jasmine responses ‘Oh thanks sweetie can’t stop thinking about you…’ But then, a new girl named Chloe came to the stage and Luther has been attract by the new girl. Through my performance, I first shew the anger inside Jasmine, when I questioned Luther both my lines and my tone of voice shew the anger such as I questioned Luther ‘I heard everything. How could you, Luther’, Then I said ‘ You French and your romantic nonsense You can’t mean what you’re saying.’ I used the word ‘French’ and ‘nonsense’ to show the vexation. But then, when I said ‘you can’t mean what you are saying’ I turned my voice down to show the feeling of baffle of Jasmine that she can’t believe Luther abandoned her, just like Hermia could not understood Lysander. At the last part of the play, I said ‘Am I not Jasmine, are you not Luther? It’s not like I just somehow changed,’ to show that Jasmine is still struggling if Luther really ditch her, actually she believed, but it just the sadness let her couldn’t believe in the realistic.


Mostly, my conversation was happened with Karl, because I performed Jasmine as Hermia and Karl performed Luther as Lysander. In our dialogue, I mostly keep begging Luther not to abandon me, and questioned him the reason why he ditched me. But Karl on the other hand he performed Luther as Lysander, so he just keep hurting Jasmine. So through these conversation and performances we advanced the sadness, anger and the feeling of baffle of Jasmine and Luther for showing the emotion of real Hermia and Lysander, or at least, trying to. So that’s something I couldn’t do alone. I need to interact with other character.


We were not extremely hard working on setting, because we just filmed it in school. But when the scene goes in to classroom, the place that we sit is really important. So Luther and Mike was racing on pulling out chair for Chloe and they all want to sit next to Chloe, but I just have to sit on the line at the back of them for showing that Jasmine have been abandoned already, to reflect the emotion.


I performed Jasmine as Hermia, so I have to face the conflict that caused by Mike and Luther because that they all want Chloe.


During these conflict, I just keep trying to avoid the quarrel and the fighting between Mike and Luther. Mike just acted like nothing, but Luther just keep swing his arm when I caught his arm and keep saying that Jasmine is annoying when I was trying to stop him. Using these body language, we just want to show the theme that Lysander abandoned Hermia but Hermia still love him. And the sadness and struggling of Jasmine.











Karl:  Hey Jasmine you look more beautiful everyday, you’re my sunlight I can’t live without you, 

Richard: Oh thanks sweetie/ can’t stop thinking about you…  (soft voice nearly whisper, put hands on face, standing closer to Karl) thinking stress

                          ENTER Nick *

Matthew: WOAH! who’s the new girl? she’s pretty 


Karl: My eyes can’t beleive it! Who is this new girl?

Nick: (sitting far away)


Matthew:(moves towards Nick). Hi, my name is Mike. What’s your name beautiful?


Nick: my name is Chloe


Matthew: Oh, what a beautiful name, nice to meet you. 


Richard(to Karl): (soft voice)Hey Luther,/ what are you doing tonight(Karl move towards Nick)   Luther! (speak louder, catch Karl’s hand, trying to keep Karl and follow Karl down stairs with a anxious face)


Karl:(completely ignores Richard and walks with Nick) – 


Karl: Hey girl, did it hurt? 


Nick: Huh?


Karl: When you fell from heaven? (very playful tone) – black pen “your mine” (wink) 


(Matthew turn his face to Nick)

(Bell ring, Nick run to class room, Matthew and Karl follow it, Richard left behind)

———-Class Begin end of Scene 1 ———-

(Karl and Matthew sit together)

Nick: (sits between Matthew and Karl)

Richard: (completely ignored by Karl) 


———-transition to staircase ———–

Matthew(to Karl): Hey, What happended to you, Luther? Were you out of your mind?!


Karl: What, man?


Matthew: Why were you talking to Chloe? 


Karl: What?  why can’t I talk to her? She’s just a new student, I was just trying to  not make her feel awkward.




Nick:(hiding behind a wall head tilted down)



   ENTER Nick


Nick: Ok you guys stop it, i know your trying to mock me


Matthew(to Karl speak with anger): You already have you fine Jasmine, and you own her love. So, go to your “precious”  Jasmine and don’t bother me again!


Karl: Dont lie Mike, I know you like Jasmine. Guess what? You can have her, I am giving you my permission to have her.


Nick: Seriously guys, its not funny.


ENTER Richard

Richard: (walking down from the top of the stairs) I heard everything./How could you, Luther.(question Karl with anger, loud voice. keep walking down stairs, stand behind Karl. Show anger on face)   the stresses are ‘everything’ and ‘could you’


Karl: Chloe, you are like Angelina Jolie to my Brad Pitt. (looks at Jasmine). You on the other hand, you are like Kim Kardashian to my Kanye West


Richard(Walk two steps back, point at Karl, trembling voice, show sadness on face): You French and your romantic nonsense/…..(change voice to show sadness) You can’t mean what you’re saying.    The stresses are ‘nonsense’, ’French’ and ‘saying’



Karl:(talking to the camera) I like Chloe. When her eyes sparkles, it reminds me of the night time sky with its stars shinning bright., life without her is pointless. She’s like a thief, she stole my heart. When I first layed eyes on her, it was like being struck by Cupid’s arrows.


Nick: OK Guys enough. I don’t know if you guys think this is funny, like oh my god  I find this really  offensive. And now you guys got Jasmine to join in on this? You think that I don’t know about  your “little game”? Trying to act sympathetic for me, just because I used to be a loner? If you had any self respect left, you would stop this immediantly.


Nick: You know what I’m out of here.


Karl: Stay bae


Nick: Haha, good one (sarcatically)


Richard: stop Luther(scream out, trembling voice, show despair on face, without movement)   the stress is ‘stop’


Matthew: If Jasmine can’t get you to stop, I guess I’m just going to have to make you\


Karl: Woah, so scary~ you wanna go bro! YOU CAN’T DO NOTHING.

Chloe, everything I said is real.


Matthew: Oh yeah? Well, I love her more than you do! She’s mine


Karl: You wanna settle this like gentleman?


Matthew: OK!


Karl: (to the camera) I’m sure I can beat up Mike, I mean look at him (looks at Mike flexing in the background). Ha, I got this.



Richard: Where are you going bae? (grabs Luther’s arm, trying to stop Luther, turning voice from extremely loud to low. Move forward to Karl, worried expression)


Karl: Go away, you loner


Matthew(to Richard): You better go now! He seems like to break free from you!


Karl: Get away, you loser. Stop cling on to me


Karl: (To the camera) Okay, at this point I feel like that Jasmine is just wayyy too clingy, like I just need my space.


Richard:(Loud voice with despair, move 2 steps backward, showing sadness on face, exaggerated voice, sketch out both hands) Why are you so rude, Luther? /What happened to you bae(when saying bae, turn the voice to a soft voice, move 1 step forward)? 


Karl: Bae?! move you idiot! Get outta here!


Richard: You’re joking right? (speak in a rush, one step forward, trembling voice, show sadness on face)   the stress is ‘joking’


Nick: Of course he is, and so are you


Karl: I’m ready to fight you Mike! I’m going to beat some sense into you


Matthew: I wish we had recorded what you just said, I can see that you don’t keep your promises, I doubt you will follow through


Karl: What? Do you want me to hurt Jasmine, kill her? I hate her, but i wouldn’t hurt her.


Richard(push Karl away): Hurt me?/ You can’t hurt me any more than your words! Hate me?/ What’s happened to you? Am I not Jasmine, are you not Luther? /It’s not like I just somehow changed, /when we were in class,/ you still said that you loved me. But how could you just leave me like this. (sneer and say ’hurt me’ in a cold voice, then move 1 step forward. Turn voice louder when say ‘hate me, what happened to you?’ speak with passion. Use even louder voice when say ‘Am I not Jasmine, Are you not Luther?’ speak in a exaggerated and trembling voice. Turn voice down when say ‘changed’ )The stresses are ‘me’, ‘words’, ‘happened’, ‘changed’, ’this’

Seeds moving

Today is the 12nd of the seeds growing project, we decided to move our planet from the Green House to the field for getting ready for our summer vacation. We first dug the tomato from the black box, IMG_4826digging out the tomato

make sure that these planets’s roots are covered by dirt.


IMG_4824Second, we dug some hole in the out door field and then add some good soil which from the matel box. Finally, we planted our tomato in to the out side field and watered it.

IMG_4831planting the tomato

IMG_4826The tomato


Seeds growing project (day7)

This is the report of the seventh day of the seeds growing project for integrated science. We were happy to see that the seeds which we moved from the black plastic thing to the pots are growing very well. The length of shoots of the normal tomato have grow 2cm approximately. There are some tassel grew on the surface of the normal tomato’s shoot.IMG_4667tassel on the tomato’s shoot

We watered 1/2 water can of water to the normal tomato; we watered 1/5 water can of water to the cherry tomato.IMG_4672watering the cherry tomato

IMG_4673cherry tomato(after watering it)

CREATE project

This semester my teacher taught me how to write a persuasive speech and I think the technique on writing a persuasive speech is very useful.

Me and my friends established a charity fund 4 years ago. After we raised money for 3 years, we had a feedback program last year. During the feedback program, we found out more problem of the local students. We aware that what the local students need is not just a better campus, but also better education. However it’s hard to find more teachers. So we decided t o start this program which let the volunteers to train the local teachers. But to do so, we need more financial support and resource. So I imagined a activity for us to fight for the support and resource. I’m using this speech to persuade my audience to help us




Today, I’m here for those kids that need our help, those kids that need our care, for those kids that have a strong will on being educated, getting better education  but may not have the condition. Because 4 years ago me and my friends heard the shout from those kids, the shout of hope, and that became the reason that we decided to establish this charity fund. To help those kids.

Three years from the founding day of this organization, we raised enough money to give them a better campus, well, specifically they deserve it, they own it by showing the faith of getting a better education to us. So, last year, we produced a feedback program for building this campus. During this Feedback program, me and my teammates had a symposium with those local students. The meeting was a time for those local students to tell my team what do they need and the future that they are expecting. The words that they spoke reflect a big difference between the education that I accepted in my school and the education that these local students are receiving. According to this symposium, I knew two things that day. First, the life of these local students might be extremely hard, but their faith on being educated or getting a better education is unshakeable. And the second thing was what they need was not just a better campus, but something else, because no one wants to live in a house which has a wall made of golden bricks but supported by rotten woods, beetles flying everywhere inside the living room and has mouse gnaw at the table leg. What I’m trying to say is that they also need a better education. Just like the old saying goes, ‘Dare to collide destiny is genius.’ I can see the will of getting a better education in these local students’ eyes, but before they challenge their life, they need some better mentors. So I decided to do something that can help reducing the difference. Then I came up with an idea which I think can help these local students. It’s called the teacher training program. We are trying to find some professional teachers came from some top schools in Beijing that volunteer to train these teachers that teach these children left behind. We have plenty of standard such as teaching age for these teacher trainers to make sure that these teacher trainers are 100% reliable. The training, of course, can be in different ways. During the vacation, we can ask these volunteers to come to the school that we are helping and train the teacher to face to face in that school. During the semester which means these trainers may have their students to teach, volunteers can train these teachers through the internet.

But to do so, we need your help, we can’t do this alone. The wise of a group can be and must be much more than one or two people. After all, this charity fund have only 4 years history, we need more resources and financial support. And I hope you know this that you are doing this for those kids that need help. With your help, we can provide them a better, or the sufficiency and diversity of teaching resources, and you will be able to be the eyewitness of a more colorful future of those kids. Those kids need our help, so please, give them a hand.

Seeds growing project (day6)


This is the sixth day of the seeds growing project. We moved the seeds that growingin the black plastic thing in to pots.IMG_4562moving seeds

We watered 1/2 water can of water to the normal tomato; we watered 1/6 water can of water to the cherry tomato. The normal tomato which grow in the black box are actually growing very well. The grow a another 1cm or 2 this during last time and this time.

IMG_4559watering the normal tomato


Seeds groing project (day5)

This blog  is the report of the fifth day of the seeds growing project. We are happy to that our seeds are growing well. Because today is a little bit hot, so we decided to water more water to both the cherry tomato and normal tomato(btw, we give up on growing basil.). IMG_4385cherry tomato

We Watered 2/3 water can of water to the normal tomatoIMG_4529 normal tomato

; we watered 1/5 water can of water to the cherry tomato.IMG_4383

Seeds growing project(day10)

Today is the tenth day of the seeds growing project for integrated science. Today we are going to test our soil, so we took some soil example.IMG_4719 soil example

Other things were as usual. We watered 1/2 water battle of water to the normal tomato;IMG_4718normal tomato

we watered 1/5 water can of water to the cherry tomato.    IMG_4716  cherry tomato

It’s a great pleasure working with you@Hermia

This is a comparison between myself and one of the character in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Great plays need to be supported by some great characters, some of his characters mirrors people today…


Comparing myself with Hermia, one of the main characters of the book. When Even though the appearance of Hermia was being really point out in the original words, still, I can see it from the quotations or the words that other character spoke. Hermia first appearance in the play, she was stand in front of her father Egeus and the Duke of Athens, Theseus. At that scene, Hermia, the Duke and her father Egeus was arguing about Hermia’s marriage. On one hand Egeus and Theseus thought that Hermia should married with Demetrius which was the chosen one by Hermia’s father. But on the other hand, Hermia wanted to marry with a man who named Lysander, who loved Hermia too. According to the Athens’ law, if Hermia doesn’t obey her father’s order, then either she’s going to die or she’s going to make an oath to the god of the moon that she will become a nun. But because of the pursuit of happiness and the faith of believing in true love, Hermia decided to ‘fight’ against her father, negate her father’s will, just like the original words said ‘I do entreat your grace to pardon me. I know not by what power I’m made bold… The worst that may befall me in this case, if I refuse to wed Demetrius’ (line 58-64). Hermia chose to discover her true love, to seek her own happiness by being together with Lysander, to collide her destiny. From the majority point of view that other characters in this Scene is holding is that Hermia’s action is a kind of rebellious behavior or betray just as Egeus said that ‘With cunning hast thou(Lysander) filched my daughter’s heart, Turned her obedience, which is due to me, to stubborn harshness.’(line36-38) And here is the response from Theseus ‘What say you, Hermia? Be advised, fair maid. To you your father should be as a god…’(line46-line47) and that it’s why Hermia’s behavior is really after my heart. It’s caused courage for Hermia to jump out of the tradition or authority and to speak out her opinion. The rebellious behavior is really after my heart. I think that we sometime need that kind of rebellious behaviors for our own life, and that is what I’m trying to do. I’m a person who’d like to challenge other’s opinion during my study life. I was a member of the student council in my local school, I joined it just because I want to say some my own perspective  of some issue that happened in my school. Sometimes I was lucky, I seen things in a different angle, so my opinion could been adopt. But sometimes my own point of view may not be very comprehensive, after all, the wise of a group is much more than mine own. As the time that I failed to challenge have increasing faster, I begin to wonder whether I should keep standing out and show the others my perspective when I find a question. And Hermia really mirrored me, she’s not just mirrored me. By reading her story, I know that I should really speak out my opinion. Keep being a person that can or have the courage to show his own point of view.

However,although there is common point between me and Hermia doesn’t means that there is not different between us. Hermia is a character who can well show her emotion, which I’m not very good at it. When Helena which one of her friend misunderstood her, mistake that Hermia was cooprate with Lysander and Demitrius to insult her, Hermia couldn’t control her anger and shouted to Helena that she will use her nail to scratch Helena’s eyes! ‘how low I’m I? I’m not yet so low but that my nials can reach unto thine eyes!’(line297-line298). I used to been misunderstanding a lot. But mostly, I buried my anger and my sadness, I’m not really good at showing my emotion, or I don’t like to show. But Hermia, she’s different, she way of handling this kind of thing is different from me.

Seed growing project(day8)

IMG_4534  the cherry tomato                           IMG_4529the normal tomato

This the eighth day of the seeds growing project. Because we are going to have a long weekend which means we are not going to see these seeds for one week and the weather now is very hot and dry 🙁 so we watered these two kind of planet a little more water to avoid the coming of the death of these two kinds of seeds. We watered 1 water can of water to the normal tomato; we watered 1/2 water can of water to the cherry tomato.

IMG_4535 watering the cherry tomato

IMG_4536 watering the normal tomato


IMG_4533 the process of moving the seeds


We thought that seeds will growing better in the pot so we decided to move some of the cherry tomato seeds from the black plastic container to the pot.



IMG_4530 plant the seeds after moving it.

IMG_4532 after we planted the seeds…    🙂



Seeds growing project(Day 4)


This is the fourth day of the seeds growing project for integrated science class. The weather is getting hot these days, so we planed to take the container out side the greenhouse next time. Because of the temperature, we found out that some of our seeds’ death; however there are still plenty of seeds survived. We watered 3/4 water can of water to these seeds in the big black container which is on the floor; we watered 1/4 water can of water to the seeds that in the pots. Seeds are doing good except those that are dead.