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April (22)

Since, our old seeds died already due to some ‘mishaps’, we were able to germinate some new radish seeds this time. Thanks to one of our group members who decided to bring the seeds back home over the weekend to water them, we had some actual progress in the germination.0-weu-d1-115019141ad42eb50e54a927f3f2f2b0-300x225

We are hoping to get these seeds ready for the aquaponics and greenhouse as soon as possible to restart our growing process.

Finally growing…

(May 4, 2016)

After a lot of mistakes, problems… the plants finally grew a little bit. The greenhouse project is working well, the aquaponics farm is also doing well as well (however, over the weekend, the pump got disconnected and there was no circulation). IMG_7726


Hopefully these plants continue to grow properly and survive.

Last Day

Since today was the last day we got to really look after our plants, we needed to replant our plants outside where Sodexo were going to water it. (They don’t water plants in the greenhouse or science room, the room we put our aquaponics at) The plants, while in the aquaponics still grew a little more.


With the help of the other group, we replanted all the plants into the plots outside the greenhouse and watered them. To replant them, we carefully took the plants out of the sponges, making sure the roots didn’t break. Then we took good soil from the greenhouse and move it outside to the plots and made small holes to put our plants in.


This is going to be my last blog post about the planting project. The plants have been replanted and prepared for the summer to be checked on the next academic year.

Inch By Inch

This is the next day that the aquaponics farm is officially growing a plant properly. Today there were no problems for once. The pump is still working, the water is circulating properly etc. The plants have grown a bit, the plant in the left of the photo seemed to have fixed itself back up compared to last time when it was lying on its side.


In addition, our group, along with Tony’s group (Tony, Eric, and ByungHo), worked together to put water back into the fish tank after a numerous amount of spills lowered the water level a significant amount. We setup a long pipe to move water from the sink into the fish tank and only turned it on during class time to make sure not to overflow the fish tank.

Preparing for the Weekend

(April 28)

We finished germinated two new seeds and have implemented them into the aquaponics system.


Due to the short break we have, we watered our plants a lot more than usual. This way, our plants won’t die due to the lack of water. We hope we will finally get some kind of result from the aquaponics and greenhouse.


(April 26)

Today, we took a break from aquaponics and tried using the Schools greenhouse to try farming. We already have some germinated radish seeds and started to put them in giant basins filled with dirt.


We got a tweezer to pick the plant along with the dirt the root is holding on to and put them in little holes we dig in the basin of dirt. Then we cover it and put the dirt together and started watering the plants. Our group is still germinating more plants such as tomatoes and possibly other plants as well.


(April 14)

Things were going well until the germination plants withered away. From the seeds, the water must have been at really low levels for the plants and they didn’t grow too well as a result. It also got a little messy as the clay rocks and dirt flowed out of the plant cups as the water made it float out. We will be planning on changing this system for next class and will germinate some new seeds.IMG_7344


(April 20)

After the system failure we had last class, we decided to try a different method and fix the problems we had last time. This time we got rid of all the dirt and clay rocks as they got really messy and often would flow out of the plant cups. Instead we put sponges in the plant cups with a hole cut in the sponge.


This way we can put a plant in there after we germinate new ones. We also put in sticks connected to the plant cups to hold it up so it wont tip over and wont drown in water. We also got rid of the holes we drilled at the bottom and instead used the box’s hand hole to drain out water.

Germination Day

(This was posted rather late)
Today is when we started the germination process by using paper towels. We got all our lettuce seeds and tomato seeds and put them in small groups on wet paper towels then covered them with paper towels and sealed the growing environment with a plastic wrap. IMG_7201


We are hoping that these seeds sprout into small plants that we will later move onto the aquaponics system we have planned.

Putting it together

This time, our group finished the aquaponics setup and put all the germinated seeds into the paper cups.IMG_7333

Afterwards we got all the paper cups to be put into the aquaponics system and set the water running.IMG_7334

Our plan is to pump water into the box and let it fill up. Then the holes in the paper cups will let the nutrient water from the fish tank we are borrowing to flow through the plants. However, I do think we may need to germinate seeds again as these seeds might have been washed away by all the water. (It partially flooded)