Water Rocket Last day

November 17, 2016

After changing our design we did some testing and the results were shocking. We ended up losing the final test but we are still proud of what we did and accomplished for this project. Our fins were the weakest and most In need of improvement. Hopefully we can further developed our future models from our developed understanding. I would really recommend this project to future members of this class. Very fun and very helpful understanding the laws behind this experiment.


Water Rocket Day 3

November 17, 2016

We added our finishing touches to the model but then we soon realized if we wanted to succeed we had to stick with simplicity. We spend far too long adjusting the model so we decided to change it to 1 bottle with a few fins.

Water Rocket Day 2

November 9, 2016

Productive day today… We improved our design and started the testing. We still have wholes to cover but other than that we are doing an amazing job as a team.

Water Rocket

November 7, 2016

We started modeling our rocket and the process is far from complete. We have a lot to do as a group but we are working well together. I hope this will turn out efficient and very well constructed because we are working productively for a first class.

This Tuesday we went to the hydroponics farm in Beijing. There were a lot of different methods of growing shown including traditional soil growing and hydroponic plants. Below are some images from the trip.

IMG_8915 IMG_8921 IMG_8922 IMG_8923 IMG_8924 IMG_8925 IMG_8926 IMG_8927 IMG_8928 IMG_8929 IMG_8930 IMG_8935 IMG_8937

When we arrived at the flower market, we strolled around the shop looking for pots, seeds, and soil needed for our project. We found a small store that sold many different seeds. The store was very useful by containing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and basil seeds. After finding the seeds we went searching for a small pot to grow the basil in. We found another store and then found the perfect sized pot. We bought everything we needed on the trip.



String/Support day 12

May 12, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.47.45 AM

The plants we kept in the green house are fine and are looking very well. The plants we put outside are growing and are also doing good but we have to put in some steaks to support the plants and rap them around some string for support. This makes sure that the plants grow vertically so it will grow faster without damage.

Today was the day we finally made the decision to move all the plants we had in the green house outside in the garden. We hope this decision goes as planned and we hope our tomatoes will grow well during the upcoming weeks of their outdoor experience.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.37.58 AM

Today was another good day, the plants were watered and they are growing super fast and super well. I think it is now time to move them outside to a bigger area.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.41.16 AM

Today was a good day, everything was growing perfectly fine and the placement into the new pots is looking very good.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.41.09 AM