How climate changed effected the agriculture revolution

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The climate change was the most important effect of agriculture revolution. After the last ice age, temperatures slowly but gradually started to rise. Because of the rising temperatures, growing seasons were longer; there was more food than there was when the temperature was low. Because there’s more food, people can survive longer and they can reproduce and filling the population. As the population rose, people started to farm more because farming provided a more steady food source. Years after years, the temperature rose and it still rises to this day.


How did Japan’s location result in it pursuing imperialist policies?

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Japans location shaped the future of Japan’s civilization. Japan is 500 miles away from china and only 120 miles away from Korea; they were close enough to be affected by the civilizations, and to learn from the other empires to from their own civilization. The first historic mention of japan comes from Chinese writing, at the time japan was not a united country, but hundreds of clans scattered across the land. Each clan worshiped their own gods, and had different customs. It was only later that japan was unified and had one religion called Shinto. During the 400s, japan started to have more interaction with mainland Asia; very soon they were strongly influenced by Chinese ideas and customs. Imperialism changed japan entirely; the once not unified little clans were than ruled by the Yamato emperors. Even without full control over japan, they were never overthrown. The Japanese adapted the Chinese ways to suit their own needs; the power structure was strongly affected by china. They had sent many missions to China to learn their ways, but in the late ninth century, the imperial court stopped all missions. And this was all possible because of Japan’s geographic location. The location of japan helped them get in touch with central Asia, in which they adapted many ceremonies and traditions so as knowledge, if japan wasn’t in its specific location, perhaps the japan we know now would be very different

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PEEL of Abul

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Abul believes that even though Hinduism worship different figures and images, they still believe in the unity of god just like Muslims do. They just express their ideas in a different way. In the document, it states that the Hindus one and all believe in the unity of God. This is Abul’s view. In Hinduism, they worship multiple small gods and idolize them, but in the Muslim religion, there is only one god. And there are no stone and wood images that are worshiped because they believe that God is too powerful to be able to expressed by man.I n Muslim mosques, there are no statues or paintings inside that are worshipped. But in a Hindu temple you will see many arts and beautiful sculptures inside that are representing different Gods and different ceremonies. Abul’s view on Hinduism showed that he respected them, and by saying that they believe in the unity of god, it linked Muslim and Hinduism together. When the religions of the kingdom is united, it is easier to rule and the people who worship Hinduism are less likely to rebel, there for stabilizing the nation. Both religions play an important part in history although the many differences, but if one is able to be tolerant to religions; they are benefited for ruling for unity.


To this Day

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How did a country located on the far southeastern tip of Europe, with merely 35000 square miles (approximately the size of the state of Maine) of territory rise to control the trade route spanning three continents? This paper will explore the rise and fall of Portugal as a country in the spice trail and how all the social studies factors fall into place in terms of the spice trail.

Lusitania, as the roman called Portugal was made part of the roman republic by Julius Caesar. And as part of the Roman Empire it became Christian. Portugal falls to the moors who are Muslim, at the beginning of the seven hundreds. And remained ruled by the Muslims for almost 500 years. By the 1400 Portugal pushed the Muslims off the peninsula but they didn’t stop, they kept going. Geographically, most of Portugal faces the Atlantic Ocean, but is it also close to the Mediterranean Sea, by this time in history, early 15th century; the Italians in the Mediterranean and the Arab traders controlled trade with Asia over the land route in Asia. If Portugal wanted to buy spices, which were extremely popular in Europe, they would have to pay a large amount of money. But the Portuguese didn’t want to have to keep this way of trading, when they pushed the Moors off the peninsula, they didn’t stop, they kept going. Within a hundred years, Portugal established a ring of colonies around Africa India south East Asia up into china, and this force, was partly driven by the history in Portugal.

The spice trail was the start to what we know now as international relationships, and all because of what history formed for us. In the early 15th century, king Henry the navigator paid for explorers to begin to find alternate trade routes that didn’t involve the Mediterranean, by doing so they wouldn’t have to go through a complicated and costly process to get their spices. By the end of the century, Vasco di gama reached India and not long after, Indonesia and the spice islands, this trade brought great wealth and influence to Portugal. However later in the 1600s when there was war between Spain, Holland and Portugal, Portugal lost its influence. The history was driven this way partly because of who the Portuguese were culturally.

The Portuguese too shared a roman history like many of the countries in the Mediterranean, however the division of religion between Muslims and Christians became a very important dividing line in the Mediterranean and else where. Because the Portuguese had had association with the Muslims before the pushed them off the peninsula, this helped the Portuguese when they first explored West Africa and later in east Africa and later in the Arabian Sea, India and ultimately Indonesia. Because many of these lands were populated with Muslim people, and the Portuguese were intimately familiar with how to both cooperate and if necessary fight with Muslim people. They felt that since their religion taught them that Islam was evil and none Christians were heathens. It was their religious duty to convert the non-believers wherever possible. So their culture pushed them not only to trade but also to spread their faith. Which means they always built churches in addition to trading post. And while faith was very important to Portuguese culture, clearly the hunger for commerce drove the Portuguese powerfully to go so far from home.

In the islands of eastern Indonesia, the traders who loaded up with nutmeg, pepper and spice. And “Of the three articles most in demand for European consumption, coffee, pepper, and sugar.”(George Early 1832) stood to profit remarkably. But only if they survived the dangerous passage around Africa and up into Indonesia, and the voyage back home. They could sell their cargo at an enormous profit. This economic trade put pressure on the Italians and the Arabs in the Mediterranean and over land routes. The people who use to trade the over land Mediterranean route could no longer compete with the ambitious new Portuguese traders. Trade and the desire to make a profit fueled the growth of the Portuguese empire. This empire flourished until other ambitious European powers whose positions changed as well, geographically and economically triggering motivations. Causing the rise to control the spice trade in the beginning of the next century.

Every road you take, every step you make, you are making history, each jaw dropping piece of art, every astonishing site, all of the roads we walk on, were all created by the people who once walked the earth. They created history for us to be bewildered by, for us to not understand and estimate about. Through this example we can see how the unique quality of Portuguese geography, history, economics and culture informed their rise from a small European kingdom to a world power with influence that remains to this day.Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.08.45 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.08.50 PM






PEEL of Columbus

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Geography was an extremely important factor in this video because the discover of America was found through Columbus and he had to navigate through the seas without and advanced technology and only the facts he had at hand and some guesses. And it was at huge risk where he did what he did. No one knew what was beyond a certain point, but he wanted to find out even though he was far away and the lands and seas where extremely hard to navigate though. The reason for Columbus to sail his ships off to sea, was because he was originally looking for India, but instead he bumped into what is now knows as America. History comes in as a factor because people believed that the world was flat and at a certain point you could fall of the earth. But Columbus knew that it was round and another one of his reasons to set sail was to prove his theory. Because centuries and centuries of history all say the world is flat, but he knew better. But why would he want to find India? Because they believed India was full of spices and if they dominated India, they would be come extremely rich and they would be able to take all the spices and riches from India for their own benefit, which brings in the factor of economics. Another really important reason for Columbus to travel besides to prove his theory and the find riches, was to convert others to Christianity, which is cultural anthropology. Christianity is an important religion and the Europeans wanted to spread their idea to others, originally they were going to convert the Indians and other countries to Christianity but in the end they found America.


4 lenses of social studies and the spice trail

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The 4 lenses of social studies are geography, economics, cultural anthropology and history. One of the most important one out of these four I thought was economics, because the whole system is based on money. One of the main goals of the spice trail was also to earn money. The economics of each country also deeply effected the spice trail. for one thing, the traders could only trade with the merchants if they had spices, and the only way to get spices was the farmers. And in order to get spices, the traders had to pay them, then the merchants would pay them. The whole system was on a chain of money. Geography was also an important factor because the traders and the farmers had to be familiar with the land because, first the farmers needed to grow spices, and their lives depended on it. If they tried to grow a crop during the wrong season, it woulView postd fail, and the farmer would have no money. The traders needed to know the winds, sea and landscape because they needed to travel through it. If for example the sea was ruff, and their boats got sunk, the traders whole purpose would have failed. The traders job is very risky. Then of course cultural anthropology was an important part of the spice trial, because it was another one of the reasons the the spice trail was created. The europeans wanted to teach others their religion, and using the spice trail, so many others would learn about it. Also the Europeans believe that spices had health benefits and added flavour to their foods. History, the last lens of social studies. played an important part in the spice trail too. Without history, no one would have had the knowledge and the civilisation to start the spice trial. But history may have been a very difficult factor, because everyone had different histories and cultures, so communicating may have been challenging

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Asian studies

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How much did you know about the topic before you started the task?

I really didn’t know much about the spice trail and the connections between the traders, merchants and the farmers. I knew that the spice trail had helped us form the world we now live in today.



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Crumbled Opal

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Crumbled Opal 


Should I Stay

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If I stay playlist  

I made a playlist for my final blog post of the year because music is one of the most important parts of Mia’s life. She started playing the cello when she was 10 and since than she has fallen in love with it. Music brought her life together, she meet her boyfriend because of music and she got into Julliard because of her love for the cello. Music is her therapy for everything and almost her life. Also her whole family.


Happy- Pharrell Williams

“Because I’m happy”

At the starting of the book, all is happy and joyful. This song perfectly describes Mia Halls life at the first stage of the book. Mia Hall is a girl in her senior year in high school and has a future in Julliard for cello playing. She wakes up on a perfectly normal snow day and her family decides to go visit her grandparents, they happily are riding in the car and listening to music just like any normal family would do. She is happy and there is nothing to worry about.


Passenger-IGGY POP

“I see the bright and hollow sky, over the city’s ripped backsides, and everything looks good tonight”

As Mia rides in the passenger seat with her family in the car, everything is happy as she watches the snow flakes slowly fall outside the window shields. The song expresses exactly Mia’s situation because not only is she in the passenger seat but she is also enjoying the beauty in the skies. “C’mon, Mee,’ Henry said. ‘You’re among family.’ ‘Totally,’ Kim said.” (Gayle Forman)





Love the way you lie- Rihanna

“I can only tell you what it feels like
and right now there’s a steel knife in my windpipe”

Suddenly the car crashes and everything is black. Poor little Mia doesn’t know what to do, because she sees her own bloody ragged body in the snowy ruble and remains or the car. Fear bubbles up in her because she doesn’t know what is happening. Is she alive or dead? Was this some kind of dream? This song describes the situation Mia is in because her real body is in pain while her heart hurts because of confusion.




See you again-Wiz Khalifa

“How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?”

As she wanders around the ruble and finds a hand poking out of the rubble, she runs over but sees her two dead parents bodies. Shock and pain surges like an electric shock through her body, reality hits her and she can only hope that her little brother is still alive. So she can see her brother again. I like this song because it perfectly describes her feeling because she wants to see her family again, but she is sliced between her parents and her little brother. “How am I supposed to decide this? How can I possibly stay without mom and dad? How can I leave without Teddy? Or Adam? This is too much. I don’t even understand how it all works, why I’m here in the state that I’m in or how to get out of it if I wanted to.”(Gayle Forman)




Imagination-Shawn Mendes

“Or is that just me and my imagination”

While she searches for her younger brothers body, the ambulance comes, she watches as her parents bodies are taken away and her own body is taken into the ambulance like a rag doll. Mia starts to wonder what she is. Is she a spirit, a ghost? Wonders take over her world and she can only stumble along with her unconscious body. Pain numbs her thoughts and she sits and watches as they work through her half dead body. The song imagination is the perfect song because Mia doesn’t know if she is alive or in a dream or just imagining. “If I felt like a fish out of water in my family, I felt like a fish on Mars in Adam’s circle.” (Gayle Forman)





Promise-Ben Howard

“And maybe, just maybe I’ll come home”

While she watches her body being worked on, and having millions of IV in her, she walks away from her weak little body and sees her family remaining family members, and all of them are there. This song suits this part of the story, because she is struggling weather not to leave or stay. Her grandfather paces around the room, each step heavy and sad. Her grandmother chatters away because it is her only way to comfort herself. Mia can’t imagine what kind of pain they must being going through, after losing their daughters and their grandson; she is all they have left. Should she stay or let go? “I’m not sure this is a world I belong in anymore. I’m not sure that I want to wake up.” (Gayle Forman)




Heal-Tim Odell

“And take my past, and take my sense, like an empty sail takes the wind”

When Mia realizes that her brother is dead, she feels empty inside her heart, because every moment of her life is filled with memories of him. After all she has lost, Mia starts to wonder if she wants to stay in this world. Maybe she could leave and reunite with her family by letting go. Two sides pull her as she stands on the verge of death. What is left for her in this world?



I will be there-Odessa

“I will be there, standing by your side”

This song suits this part of the book because when Mia’s boyfriend sees her, he starts to talk about their past, all the memories start gushing through her mind, and he asks her to stay, and tells her that he will always be by her side.

Mia’s body can now have visitors, she watches as her family and her best friend one by one, plead for her to stay, only her grandfather tells her that its okay to let go if she didn’t want to stay. “I just wanted to tell you that I understand if you go. It’s okay if you have to leave us. It’s okay if you want to stop fighting.”

Gayle Forman)

Because her boyfriend isn’t a family member, he is not aloud to visit, but they mean too much to each other to let the boundaries of the hospital stop them. Her boyfriend tries so many ways just to sneak in to see her. Finally the nurse allows him to visit her. He holds on to her and soothes her with his sweet words. Mia wants to hold on to Adam, her boyfriend, as she reaches out to his hand she realizes she can feel him, and she is awake. “If you stay, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll quit the band; go with you to New York. But if you need me to go away, I’ll do that too. .. And that would suck, but I’ll do it. I can lose you like that, if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.”

(Gayle Forman)


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