My summer reading goals

I’m sure that I’ll read more books in summer. I also will try some genre that I had never tried before such as non-fiction. I will try and finish all the Percy Jackson series, plus maybe one Harry Potter. I will sure read around two hours per week. Other than English books, my family also forced me to read Chinese books which are confusing and takes forever to finish. Overall, I’ll probably finish around SIX books in this summer.imgres

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“Eyes On China”

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Science journal #4

Our polymer is a polymer that should protect you from harms like, wounds, scratches, and bruises. We called it PPL, which stands for Protective Pink Lizard. PPL is a polymer that is Gloop based, with extra PVA glue, and extra water. It is less stretchy comparing to the gloop, and more bouncy. We made a whole handful of PPL, it is suppose to be able to stretch around your elbow.

Pros of our product is: it doesn’t get dried fast, bouncy, won’t stick one any kind of thing, and has a beautiful name. Cons of our product is : It can’t take a fast pull, hard to mold, and big so it is difficult to carry.

Our polymer video showed the consequence of not using the PPL, it is very humorous, almost everyone laughed. I would like to thank Jesse for doing most of the editing for, but filming with him was a difficult but funny thing to do.

It was very fun doing the polymers, i still remember that our first idea of the product, is that to have two layer, it turned out to be way harder that be thought. So much things that we have to record. We did’t win the final prize, but it was a cool experience.

Go Sun Bros, yea Protective Pink Lizard!



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I Made Fire… Oh It Just Burnt My House…

It was a morning like the other three days, Brain wakes up, washed his face, and think what kind of situation he’s in. Then, the hunger comes, he ate some of those disgusting gut berries and go and explore. Brian then somehow found some raspberry bushes, started devouring and packing as much as he can. Suddenly, appears in front of him, is a giant black bear, Brain was so scared he was not dared to even move his tongue. Lucky, the bear just wanted berries and let him off. Brian spurted away and got back safe.

It had been four days since the plane crash, Brian is now very injured and clueless on how to move on. He did build his own shelter, but the simplest you could think of. He thought raspberries would end the bad luck of his, but it didn’t. That mid-night, Brian was woken up by a very disturbing smell, he couldn’t see so he started shaking and see if it something in the shelter, all of a sudden, he felt a severe pain in his calf. He was so scared he threw his hatchet, which hit a rock, and made a spark. Brian was then to tired to care and went to sleep.

The next day, he knew, it was a porcupine that got in his shelter. He took all the spikes out with extreme pain. He thought to himself again, he lives everyday in a cold cold place and without light, only if there is some kind of fire. That reminded him of the spark from last night. Making the fire was not easy for him, it took him many many tries, once he got his first fire, he thinks the luck is finally on his side. That night, he went to sleep warm and cozy, but he forgot that there is a fire, in his shelter (made of grass). The whole shelter went one fire, it was too late when he woke up. Mistakes were made, now he just has to build another house. Lucky, he spotted a cave, an empty cave, good for him.

As you can see, Brian is doing pretty well in the wilderness, he went though pain and joy, but when will the nightmare end?

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Science Polymer Journal #3

our “finished polymer” ready, we named it the “Protective Lizard”. Our polymer was suppose to be something that people can wear and has a special purpose. The “Protective Lizard” is a polymer that you can wrap around your elbow, knees, and other vulnerable body parts.

The “Protective Lizard” ‘s base polymer is the bloop. The ingredient for gloop is PVA glue, borax, and water. We had three prototypes. Number 1 is 35ml of PVA glue, 8ml of borax, and 4ml of water, but then we found it too sticky so we decided to change the formula. The second prototype we put in 30ml of PVA glue, 8ml of borax, and 8ml of water. Then it turned out to be the worse one, we just couldn’t get it in shape, it was too liquid and won’t form up. Our last try, which is the best one of all, was 35mlPVA glue, 8ml of water, and 8ml of borax.

The cons of our product are: It dries up easily so it’s essential to keep the polymer away from exposure to air, second it can’t take a fast pull, the polymer will split apart when it gets a fast pull.

I know we might not get the “dream on” product, but me and my lab mate had a lot of fun in science!15429990-shield-protection-a-people-hiding-behind-a-shieldNeoprene-Elbow

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Polymer Journal#2

Our current progress of the polymer isn’t going very well. Our project, which is for protection uses, should be made of oobleck and booger. But now we need a new plan, our oobleck won’t work because it keeps losing its shape, we tried to add things to make it more solid(borax), but still didn’t work (now we are not using oobleck). I still have to discuss with Jesse about what we are going to use instead of oobleck. We are thinking about goober since it is like the hardest sample we got, but easier to break.
The gloop, we tried to make, also didn’t work, we tried to put PVA solution instead of PVA glue, but it turned out to be the exact formula of super slime! The next time, we are going to stick with the old formula, but we are still going to put extra PVA glue in.
Our new polymer (it has to feel right first) can’t stick on hands, and will be tested with these following tests: Absorb test- See if it Absorb water, pull on or two drops of water on our polymer. Hitting test: put it on an elbow and hit it with something hard, see if it will go through the polymer. Our last block that we get to work on making our product, was a even bigger disaster. We kept on putting to much water and borax, in that one block, we made 4 whole polymers. Each of the polymers are: 1st, 35ml PVA glue, 8ml borax, and 5ml water (then we realize it was too sticky so we made the second one with more water),2nd, 35ml PVA glue, 8ml of borax, and 8ml of water (we were suppose to put 10ml but all thanks to our teamwork, we got it wrong), but the result turned out well, and 3rd, 30ml PVA glue, 6ml of borax, 10ml of water (this one turned out not sticking to anything). At last we just mixed everything together. If we get to do our dream, I would choose the second one.


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Overcome Self-Pity

Brian is a thirteen years old boy who become stranded in a forest. After his plane crashes, his appearance changes: “The back of his hands were puffy and his eyes were almost swollen shut from the mosquitos…” (Paulsen 38). The second day he tried to wash his face in the river and saw his reflection: “It frightened him-the face was cut and bleeding, swollen and lumpy, the hair all matted, and on his forehead a cut had healed but left the hair stuck with blood and scab. His eyes were slits in the bites and he was-somehow-covered with dirt.” (Paulsen 69) From this we can see that surviving in the forest is very difficult.

Brain’s parents divorced, sadly. and this seems heart-broken to Brian, yet his mother still loves him a lot: She nodded. “Just like a scout. My little scout.” (Paulsen 9) I’m sure that his father loves him as well since that he is going to his house. Brian also doesn’t really trust and believe himself, on the plane: “Good plane like this almost flies itself.” The pilot shrugged. “Makes my job easy.” He took Brian’s left arm. “Here, put your hands on the controls, your feet on the rubber pedals, and I’ll show you what I mean.” Brian shook his head. “I’d better not.” (Paulsen 4).

After all the thing that had happen to Brian: “And he was, at that moment, almost overcome with self-pity. He was dirty and starving and bitten and hut and lonely and ugly and afraid and so completely miserable that it was like being in a pit, a dark, deep pit with no way out.” (Paulsen 70) From this we can tell Brian is giving up on himself, self-pitying even though it’s not going to matter.

Brian Robeson was a cool kid, I can tell, but now he is all up to himself and a hatchet (Paulsen 9) against the wild, it’s his will against all.

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Polymer journal entry #1

Our polymer is going to be something wearable, and has a special function. Our polymer’s purpose is going to be protective. Soft inside, and hard outside. Worn on body parts that is easy to get hurt (elbow, knees, belly). For our polymer to work, we’ll need it to stick on our body part, and also suck in all the sweat it will make from just wearing it.

People who will use our polymer will be one that are involved in sport that might cause body contact and even injury(football, rugby, wrestling, and even biking). The characteristics our polymer is going to have is: non-sticky, soft(inside), hard (outside).

The last thing about the polymer, it’s better if it’s cleaned all time and non-toxic.

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