This picture by Dorothea Longe describes many things. When we first look at the picture the first thing we notice is the background. The background shows that the living conditions are bad as they are living in an old tent. This also goes for the setting. When you look at the people in the picture the women are loking at the kid as if he did something wrong. This tells the point of view (POV). The people look as if they are in a serious discussion.

“The Dark Forest Rescue”

The Dark
Forest Rescue
This is the journey of a boy Max who set out to rescue his father, but will he be able to get past the mighty Gladus?

This journey of Max Aniston starts in the magical kingdom of Megatopia. The kingdom is filled with joy, freedom and of course magic. Flying carriages, magic wands and also magic weapons. And here in this kingdom lives a brave young man named Max Aniston. He is the son of the bravest and the strongest man of the whole kingdom, Clark Aniston. He is a muscular man with blonde hair and a short boxed beard, who is a wizard with the use of magic weapons. He is named the strongest squadron leader in the history of the Megatopia army. Max is fifteen. He is a handsome young man who is tall and also has blonde hair. He is incredibly strong and when it comes to the use of weapons, he is a master. Someone may as well say that he was better than his father.

Everything was going well until that one unfortunate day. There were rumors going around in the country that there was a monstrous figure living in the Dark Forest. We call it Gladus. He has ruined many villages and was planning to destroy ours. The royal army was sent out to defeat the monster and bring peace to the country. They made Clark the captain of the expedition. But luck was not on their side. For Gladus was far too strong for them to handle. Clark gave the mission all he had. He helped his men escape but the monster didn’t leave anyone alive. After that nothing was heard from the squadron.

It has been two years since that incident happened. Now Max is seventeen. He still believes that his father is alive. He can’t just let this thought go. He already made up his mind to go and rescue his father from the Dark Forest. He went to the weapon store to get himself set up in case he had to fight Gladus. The shopkeeper welcomed him warmly. Max told the shopkeeper his situation and soon the shopkeeper’s smile disappeared. “Do you want to die kid?” said the shopkeeper. “You are talking about Gladus here. People say the Gladus is a huge creature with fifteen feet of height, with body as black as the night itself. It has strong hands with knife like nails, and you want to fight him?”. “I have to rescue my father. If you don’t want to help, then don’t” said Max. When he reached the door the shopkeeper stopped him and told him to wait a minute. The shopkeeper then came to him with a sword in hand. “This is a magic sword, which is made with the teeth of a vicious dragon that lived long ago. Take this and you might stand a slight chance against Gladus”. Max took the sword and left the shop.

Next morning, Max was ready to leave. Well, all he had was his sword. He thought that as he was going in the forest he can find food there. Soon he left the village in the magic carriage. The carriage cropped him at the edge of the Dark forest. He could sense an ominous aura coming from the forest.

Everything was dark and gloomy. There was a peculiar chill in the wind. It felt as if the wind was warning Max not to go any further in the forest. Even though it was summer the weather in the forest was cold. Suddenly, there was a loud roar. Louder than any lion. It felt like the whole forest was trembling. All the other animals started to run away. Birds flew away. And then there was complete silence.

Max stopped moving. His heart beat sped up lightning fast. His heart was beating so hard that it sounded like drums in a parade. He started to move again. Max’s steps were slow and heavy. Earlier he was feeling cold, now he was sweating as he was afraid that he has to face a creature who made him sweat just by a roar. “How will I face something that I have not seen before but still got scared by its roar?” said Max. He stopped again from the thought of this question. He thought to himself “What if dad is already dead? What if all I do goes in vain?” he sat down on the ground and thought. “No I can’t give up after coming this far. Dad must be counting on me. I can’t just abandon my father”. He stood up, took a deep breath and started to walk.

The forest is huge. Max was barely far from the start. From what he had heard, it seemed that the Gladus is somewhere in the middle of the forest. Some people say that Gladus has been in the forest for more than a thousand years, that he was cursed a thousand years ago, and he became this vicious and horrid beast.

He had been walking for hours now. He was really tired and couldn’t walk anymore. I looked around to find some sort of shelter. Sometime later he found a cave. He went inside the cave with his sword in hand to see if any wild animals were sheltering there. The cave was not that big but the space was enough for two people to take shelter. So, he went outside to find some lumber to make a fire. He found some fine sticks to use in some distance. On the way back to the cave, he found some fruit trees. He climbed up and gathered some fruits. When he got back in the cave, he sat down and started the fire. Max was famished so he hurriedly ate the fruits. He started to feel good. The cave was cozy, the fire was warm and the fruits were delicious. It felt as if the cave was telling Max to relax and sleep and not to worry as the it will protect him. Soon his eyes started to feel heavy. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The sunlight entered the cave. He woke up but something felt weird. He felt as if someone was watching him. The day was steaming hot. He got out of the cave and started to walk again. It is a really bright day. It seemed as if time itself has been stopped. There was no wind, the sunlight wasn’t going away, and the animals have suddenly disappeared. Something definitely was not right. Whenever he took a step, it felt as if someone was following him. He started to walk faster and the feeling grew. He then started to run. He ran and ran and ran. His legs started to hurt. He couldn’t breathe. And finally he stopped. Max started to look around. he looked up and down, left and right. Nothing was there. He was in rage. He shouted in rage “Come out! I know you are there!”

“Come out coward!” There was a gust of wind that flew past me. Max saw it! It was Gladus. It was for a blitz second but he saw it. The gust of wind was Gladus. Max stood there in horror. “How can something be that fast? How am I going to fight it, if I can’t even catch it?” thought Max. He fell down on the ground. Max blanked out. He couldn’t hear anything. All he did was shiver. He was in a trauma. All Max could feel was fear. It was the fear of getting killed. He traced his steps back to the cave and decided to stay for the day. He sat down. Max did not move for the rest of the day. He did not eat, did not sleep. He felt as if his heart stopped and restarts every time he breathes.

Next morning, he got up with wobbly feet and decided to eat. He found that fruit tree again and got some fruits and ate them. Max thought a lot that night. But Max was not the one to give up. With this, he gathered himself and started walking with a slight smile on his face.

Finally, Max made it to the middle of the forest. He shouted “Gladus! Come out you monster! Give me my father back”. Darkness fell over the forest. The forest was silent. It was so quite that one could hear his own heartbeat. There was a rustling sound behind him. Max looked behind and was stuck with horror. There were two dark red evil eyes glaring at him. There was a black figure definitely 15 feet tall with hands bigger than his face and huge knife-like nails. It was Gladus! There was something in its mouth. It was a deer covered in blood. Gladus quickly devoured the deer. Gladus bent down like an animal getting ready to fight. Max pulled out the magic sword. It shined brightly in the sun. Gladus came towards him. Max started to swing his sword. Gladus stopped the sword halfway before he could hit it. Gladus clutched the sword’s end and snapped it in half. Max looked down at the broken sword. Max looked up again and Gladus was gone. Max looked around rigorously. He was aware of the Gladus’s speed. He was aware that Gladus was as fast as the wind itself. He turned around after looking in all the directions of each side. Suddenly there was a shadow behind him. KCHHEEEK! Max looked down. There was a huge black hand with knife-like nails pierced through his chest. “The moment you set your foot in the forest, death was already marking you” said a horrifying dense voice. “I know who you are. You smell like the soldier who came to kill me. Too bad you have to suffer the same fate as him”. Max’s eyes started to close.

Max pounced up. He was still in the cave. “Was that a dream?” he thought. “Or was it” said the ghastly voice from the dream. Max looked behind. It was Gladus. He stood up and ran. He ran and ran until he couldn’t breathe. He didn’t want to be here anymore. He can’t beat Gladus. He had never felt this horrible and useless before. He fell on the ground. Tears came out of his eyes for he could could not save his father. With this he stood up and left the forest. He did not go back to Megatopia. No one heard anything of Max Aniston after that day.

“Eyes on China”

In the 8th grade final project, our job was to make a magazine that shows our writing for the people who want to explore the wonderful places in China. Making this magazine was a tough job. First we had to write our articles, which were the base of our magazine. Then we took the pictures from the ethnic park and our Pingyao trip and put them in the magazine. We used pages to make the articles. We used piktochart for infographics, preview for merging and issuu to upload it. Overall the project was fun and helped to sharpen our writing skills.

Science Journal #4

This engineering design cycle was hard and difficult but fun too. Designing the final polymer required a lot of thinking. We needed to think that how will we achieve all the goals with adding some ingredients that will help meet the final piece. We had a total of three prototypes that lacked some properties that we needed. Our final polymer was a booger which had borax to remove the stickiness and both types of starches, liquid and solid. Through all the failures we learned that they were not failures at all. They were just some step that we needed to take in order to reach the goal. At the end, we looked at all of our prototypes. They all had some ingredients or properties which were not present in all of them and that lead us to our final product.

Try Try and you will succeed.


At the Dream On Day, I learned a lot of things. When I looked other people’s product I was astonished to see so many brilliant ideas that the polymers were used for. It was still hard to believe that there were these many ideas for the polymers and on the other hand, I had a limited thinking. I only thought about the ideas that were the most common. If there is one thing that I have learned it’s that sometimes you have to think out of the box to gain satisfaction.

Dracula! Are you for real?



Everyone's Point of View Matters

Dracula is a book that doesn’t really have a lot of characters but there are some parts which involves people that have no real connection to the main plot: “He and his wife, the old lady who had received me, looked at each other in a frightened way” (Stoker 76). In this quote Jonathan is in a village where he tells the people he is with that he is in Transylvania to meet Count Dracula. Here you can see that by mentioning his name just shook the people. This quote is also important as it provides a point of view of the people about the Count.


In this book, the story is utterly based around Jonathan and Dracula. Jonathan is stuck to the fact that there is more to Dracula than just his name. During his whole adventure in the Count’s mansion, he witnessed a lot of mood swings of the Count. : “ We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England. Our ways are not your ways, and there shall be to you many strange things”(Stoker 82). In this quote, the Count has become quite angry with Jonathan about confusing the ways of London to the ways of Transylvania.

Journal #3

During the process of deciding the polymer, my teammate and I had to face a lot of problems. Our first idea was our dream of ooblek in a bag was to be given up. Then we had to give up on the whole idea of waterproofing. And now, finally we have our polymer that we wanted to make. We decided to call it Footzee. It is a polymer that gives you a height enhancement. It also gives you a boost when you jump. It is a polymer that will target the people with short heights. As I said in my previous journal I needed some specialties from other polymers. With just the right amounts of stickiness and smoothness, the polymer can be made. Our first prototype was high in stickiness, but smoothness level was low.


Second prototype, was the other way around compared to the first one. Its only problem was that it was too stretchy.


As soon as you step on it, it goes down. We checked that by putting it in our shoe. We need something that will be able to withstand a person’s weight.




The Journey Continues… (Journal 2)

My plan for water- proofing was ineffective as all the polymers become liquid again when they get in contact of water. So my partner and I decided to make something that goes in our shoes to give us an extra boost in every step and run or even if you kick something. Our target market audience are the kids who love sports. When we started out for this polymer, our first idea was to make some ooblek and put it in a slim but durable bag. But then we realized that ooblek needed constant pressure on it to remain solid. But our fear was that the ooblek might loose its properties in the sun so we left our ooblek dream. We needed a polymer that is soft and comfy and can fit to any size and really easy to use. We need the smoothness and fit to any size properties of boogers and a little bit of stickiness from the gloop. We also need attractive colors as only one color wont work for every shoe. To test all its features we will use an old shoe as a prototype. The only problem that we might face will be adding the appropriate amounts of stickiness.

Further Applications

What does the Dracula say?

Dracula is a classic book written in the 19th century in the year 1897. Bram Stoker, a writer with high writing skills, wrote it in the United Kingdom. The word choice is an important element of writing a book; without it the tone of a book would be plain and boring. Bram Stoker does a really impressive job with the word choice that tends to intensify the tone of the text.


It is a book about Jonathan Harker, a man who is going to visit Count Dracula, to discuss about the property he bought in London. To him the name ‘Dracula’ doesn’t seem pleasant. He has a rather surprising journey with some nocturnal activities. Jonathan also stops at a town for provisions and to get a new ride. But the people when they heard that he was on his way to meet Count Dracula, they insisted him to stay for a day or two. He had no choice but to stay: “But everyone seemed so kind hearted, and so sorrowful and sympathetic that I could not be but touched” (Stoker 28). From this we can see a tone that is affectionate, as he couldn’t turn the offer down as he was touched by the townsmen’s behavior towards him. He described the people as sorrowful because Jonathan told them that he was going to meet Dracula and they were insisting him on dropping the idea of meeting the Count.


When Jonathan reached the Count’s place, at first he was nervous as he was hear to meet such a feared client by the fearsome name of Count Dracula. The first thing that the count did was to explain to him the rules of his mansion: “ We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England. Our ways are not your ways, and there shall be to you many strange things” (Stoker 82). From this quote we can tell that the Count is very insistent with Jonathan on the issue that the mansion may have certain things that the outsiders are not familiar with or that some things are uncommon between them.



Polymer Project

My challenge is to make a polymer that deals with a problem in footwear. After deep thinking and consideration I have accepted the challenge of making a polymer that applies water proofing to the shoes. This is kind of an important and depressing thing getting your shoes wet and soaked in water. My polymer can sustain and repel most of the water and keep the shoes dry and fresh all day long. It is targeting the professional people and children who go to school and have to cross roads. As sometimes there is water on the roads and it is difficult to cross. It also has a bad impression on your personality.

The polymer is going to be handy and can be carried in your pockets, so when you see puddles ahead you can face them easily. The polymer would be light weighted and comes in different colors so that you can chose which ones will be best suitable for your shoes.


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