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Introduction to Digital Imagery – 2

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A man clings to a rope ladder as his life depends on it. We can see the camera has positioned him in the right quadrant and is following the rule of thirds. As our attention is drawn to the primary element of the picture, we notice the subordinate element of the bees. His final destination is a hive that contains nuerotoxin honey.

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Dunks True Test

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What would you do if the dying wish of the man you respected and loved was to kill him? Dunk, a squire to a hedge knight is faced with an impossible scenario of killing and taking the armor of the man he pledged the rest of his life to. “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” written by George R. R. Martin is the prequel to the events in his other bestselling series “A song of ice and fire” I will be reviewing and connecting to the exposition

The story starts of with a scene of Dunk watching his Knight die very slowly. He is faced with the impossible decision of killing his knight who he has given a pledge to protect with his life. This must be really be horrifying for dunk because he must choose between honoring his pledge or doing what is right. “Dunk, finish me fast, I prayed to die an honorable death and this is by no means honorable. I would rather die quick and painless than slow and painful” (Martin 6). I can make a text to text connection with another book called “Firefight” by Brandon Sanderson. Without going into too much detail the ending of the book is David’s (the main character) emperor is about to burn some innocent children. David is forced between killing the emperor or honoring his vows of protecting him. He is faced with the decision of doing what is right or honoring his pledge much like Dunk is.


Now that Dunk has become a knight he rides to the king’s tourney. A tournament held every year for the king to recruit some of the best knights in the country into his army. Whilst dunk is at the tourney he faces the problem that he is of no significant origin, he cannot gain respect therefore cannot participate in the higher prize pool competitions. “Any knight can make another man a knight, though you bear no house sigil of significance therefore I will be placing you in the lower pool” (Martin 28). I can make a self connection to this, during the summer I participated in a tennis camp. We were asked to bring certificates and achievements so we could be placed in the appropriate groups. Because I had forgotten them in China, I was placed in the lowest group. This relates to dunk though my skill was at the higher level I had no prior achievements to show for me to participate in the higher group


Overall I recommend this book just because of the feeling of you on the edge throughout the story, at no point can you accurately predict what will happen in the rest of the story. I hope you enjoyed my blog post and thanks for reading.

Martin, George R. R., and Gary Gianni. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. New York: Harper Collins, 2015. Print.

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Warrior Children

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*******MAJOR SPOILERS********
Fleeting moments of brilliance
Leaves everyone enchanted
Intricate display of inner beauty
A glimpse of the immortal world

But then again I realize
I will never grow up

You may think I commend you
You may think I’m proud
You may think I’m grateful

Although you saved me
You knew all along
You’ve damned me to this hell
Where I have no escape

I’ve already died
I am but immortal
My words are meaningless
There’s no going back

Why do kids never grow up?
I was to naïve to realize
The true meaning of this hell

We’re nothing but your slaves
You lure us ought’ve our forgotten lives
But I realize how much I’d pay for that back.

Although this poem doesn’t revolve around the central theme, I think it clearly represents the main character nick and his thoughts and character development over the book. After being taken out’ve an abusive relationship with drug dealers Nick is led through the world of avalon at first amazed he soon discovers many dark secrets including the most important. Why children never get old? He realizes what a hell he’s going through and why he needs to get out. Although he ends up dying in the final scenes of the book (if you’re reading this Brom, the ending was SUPER RUSHED would’ve liked a bit more) the reader is left with the question does peter really care?

The book has many central themes, with the author taking many shots at world issues. I will be discussing 3 major themes and how it relates to the real world.

First off are “Children as warriors” are forgotten children Taken from abusive homes, they leave for a place where there are children from similar backgrounds The children become merciless, bloodthirsty and savage. Brom discusses how this relates to gang culture. The children are slowly affected by Avalon’s magic and become a powerful force. This knowledge of superiority coupled with the right circumstance could easily cause innocent children to become killing machines due to the overriding power of the queen’s powers. “Judging from what goes on in modern gang culture, seeing how quick teens are to define their own morals, to justify any action no matter how horrific, I believe it wouldn’t be that hard.” 468 Brom

The Flesh Eaters were Christians in search of a place to live without anything that contradicts their belief systems. The Reverend, once a good man, captain carver, becomes a twisted soul that takes sadistic pleasure in torturing children. The people are led deeper and deeper into insanity as the magic of Avalon affects them. The Flesh Eaters are truly evil creatures that main attention is to kill the devils, but the reader is introduced to their side of the story. They want to go home to families and away from this island, and put what they want ahead of all decency. But still contradicts their main belief of whether they can go anywhere and still be safe from anything that contradicts your beliefs.

The final but main theme is during the main war that happens in the final scenes of the book, you’re left to think, who do I root for? Although with all their evil intentions The Flesh Eaters have been accustomed to Avalons magic for too long to think for themselves and see no other way out of this hell other than to kill the devils. On the other hand, peter and the devils have been fighting for a long time to keep their land. But the readers are introduced to the dark side of peter. His dark upbringing, how his population control works “When kids start to mature, I thin them out” Brom 400. It’s really hard to support either side when both of them are equally bad.

Overall I highly rate this book and give it 6/5 stars due to its sheer excellency. Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you understand the main theme of the Child Thief.

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What were you Expecting?

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When you think of peter pan you usually think of


The child thief is none of that. The Child thief is dark retelling of the stories of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys, a twisted fantasy set in never land where cannibalistic humans, human eating goblin and fairies live. I will be discussing the Climax of this book.

The Child Thief aka Peter is a leader of bloodthirsty children, a brave friend, and a creature driven to do whatever he must to stop the “Flesh-eaters” and save the last, wild magic in this dying land. The main plot is the cannibalistic human like creatures who are trying to destroy Avalon by killing the queen, the only people in the way are the Demons: “The cry cut through the fog, a sound of pain, agony, and hopelessness. A sounds so human that Nick found it impossible to believe a sound so human could be a goll, but throwing away all pity Nick knew this would be the start to a very bloody war” (Brom 120). Knowing this I created a text to text connection.

Whilst reading this Child Thief I soon realized I had read a very similar book titled “Cold spell” another dark retelling of The snow queen (highly recommend) where the main antagonists are trying to protect their homeland from a warlike tribe much like humans but on steroids: “What are those things, they basically look like us, but on steroids?” (Jackson Pearce 67). The climax is almost identical to Child Thief, two “main characters” are killed in combat in very gruesome ways, in addition the main climax is based around attacking the goll demon camp.

Another text to world (?) connection I made was during the 1994-1995 the Chicago bulls basically looked unstoppable, Michael Jordan, Scottie pippen created one of the best back and front court duos of all time. Making the bulls very overpowered but then the playoffs started and of course the bulls were dominating the east, but out of the west rise a unlikely contender the Houston Rockets. A movie like sequences followed ultimately landing the rockets with their first ever NBA title much like the Humans against the golls. The golls looking almost unstoppable are stopped by a very unlikely force, “It means, its time for us to end the decadence and debauchery and fight!” (Brom 160) the devils end up winning the war much like the rockets but I’ll be explaining that in my next post.

The Child Thief is an amazing story and I highly recommend it to all Young Adults, a blend of fantasy and violence that will leave you itching to turn the page. Thanks for reading my blog post.

Brom, Gerald. The Child Thief. New York: Collins, 2009. Print.

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The Child thief is dark retelling of the stories of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys, the book starts of with a horrific prologue retelling how a young girl, whose awaiting her abusive father. When her father does arrive from the bar drunk, a young buy with auburn hair, freckles and pointy ears rescues him. Knowing of the horrific story of this young girl, the boy comforts her with stories of a far away place where many adventures take place ranging from fighting faeries to taming goblins comforting her most with the fact that there are no parents to be seen.

The books first chapter starts with Nick the main character with his brother at a drug dealer house, they’re late on their payment to a local drug lord the events that follow end up with Nicks’ brother dead and Nick surrounded by the drug dealer’s henchman: “Jake looked at nick with a sly grin “Cuzz, Marko’s gonna cut you up good for the stuff your brother stole from us,” Bronn 14. After reading this particular chapter I realized how hard it must be for these orphans growing up on the street. Mixing up with will probably land you dead, or addicted to these synthetic materials.

“In a small corner of Prospect Park in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, a thief lay hidden in the trees. This thief wasn’t looking for unattended purses, cell phones or cameras. This thief was looking for a child.” Brom 1. Peter “recruits” children for his child army to help him fight against the zerkas a humanoid being that is taking over Neverland. I can make a text to text connection to the LRA (Lords Resistance Army). Joseph Kony is the most wanted man in the word, much like peter he recruits children to his army, when children become of age they’re asked to killed their parents much like Nick is asked to do when his Allegiance to Peter is doubted. In the end he does it and realizes everyone part of the army is parentless or has killed one of their parents, much like the LRA.

Another connection to the LRA is prostitution, much like nick Laura is lured in much like Nick being promised many things, when peter realizes that Laura is a very beautiful women and can be used for things other than fighting “It had starting a few months ago, around the time her breasts had begun develop, Peter had stopped my training, and put me with Madamme, I was taught how to fill mans greatest desires” Laura sobbed Brom 64. Much like the LRA selling girls into prostitution or turning them into sex slaves, Laura was turned into a prostitute to seduce some of Peters enemies.

Other than some dark moments and some very coarse language “The Child Thief” is a very good read and I would recommend it to anyone whose looking for a good fantasy read ***NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED***

A documentary was created on the LRA here is the link for the trailer

Brom, Gerald. The Child Thief. New York: Collins, 2009. Print.

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Trials of Tomorrow

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Bones of the Hill
Rising action


In Conn Igguldens’ third installment in his epic story of the rise of Genghis Khan and his Empire Bones of The Hills is an epic way to continue his ever so popular series, a carefully woven story, Conn works his magic yet again. I will be discussing the Rising Action and Climax of this book.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, this book is very political based mainly on how Genghis manages his vast empire. Something to mention is that Genghis has 4 children, whilst his eldest son was born when his wife was captured by any enemy clan and raped, through out the book its shown very clearly that Genghis doesn’t look at Jochi with the same affection he does to his other children. For example when Genghis sends his sons of to train with some of his most trusted generals, he takes on the task of passing on his most prized sword. He is drawn between Jochi and Chagatai (The 2nd eldest) in the end he hands it to Chagatai without a word and sends his 4 children off, a heated discussion then follows with his brother, “That will only fuel his hatred for you, brother,” – Kachuin pg 221 “Please, you think I would give that level of craftsmanship to a rape born bastard?” – Genghis pg 221.

Another major event that leads to the climax is when the book fast forwards 4 years, when the children have grown and come home again. The rivalry between Jochi and Chagatai for the tribe has only grown. “You don’t deserve that sword, you can cant even duel me” – Jochi 289, in chagatai’s cool manor he replies “I may not but you surely cannot best a lion, let us a make a deal if you can kill a lion I will give you this sword” – Chagatai 289, “Oh brother you will have to do a lot more then hand me that sword, I expect you to kneel down to me in front of the entire tribe” – Jochi 290. A heated battle with the lion soon follows leaving the lion dead and Jochi mortally injured, near his death he calls on Chagatai to kneel to him, as he does the entire crowd cheers which further fuels the race for the tribe, but the key thing to mention is when Jochi is healing, Genghis comes to visit him “You fought well” – Genghis 332. “You cant do anything to mend these strings father just leave,” in the end Jochi hate for his father grows so great leading him to dessert his tribe with his entire tuman (10,000 men) which leads to his death.

Thank you for reading my blog post I hope this has given you an insight on the rising action and climax of this book, I highly recommend you to read this book.

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Genghis Khans Politics

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Bones of the Hill

Bones of the Hills is Conn Iggulden 3rd installment in his 5-part epic on the rise and fall of the Mongol empire, an accurate representation of the adventures of Temujin and his brothers on an epic conquest of the world. I will be reviewing the themes and resolution of this book.

“Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard”-Genghis Khan. One of the main themes in the book is governing Genghis vast empire, the first two books are based mainly about the war and how Genghis acquired his vast empire, the 3rd book is very political and can show how the political system has evolved over 900+ years. The tribal diversity of the civilians and soldiers of the Mongol Empire was greatly diverse, including Persians, Chinese and soldiers from all over the Middle East. “How do I think of

Genghis insisted on loyalty to him and no other. Meaning Genghis had no room for
the traditional clan system. Thus his heir could be anyone. A great example was one
of his most trusted general Jebe a Chinese soldier who showed courage when
Genghis set siege to the city of Yenking. Genghis spared him and he rose through the
ranks coming as far to leading a Tuman (A tuman leads 10,000 men). Obedience was
expected from everyone from the lowest to the highest classes, any disobedience by
a subordinate office to any order from a superior office was reason for death
(Though people were allowed to voice their opinion). “No man in my tribe may
strike Another, that alone is a reason for death,” – Temujin

One connection I made was from another historical fiction book, retelling the rise and fall of Julius Ceaser. In the 2nd installment of the series the book was focused on Julius keeping his empire intact, a similarity is that both leaders had to install a new form of government to fit its citizens and personal needs, for example Ceaser introduced a democracy where citizens could vote for certain government issues. Genghis brought in a new system of utter ruthlessness where people were shown no mercy, which instilled a sense of discipline throughout the empire.

The book ends with Genghis dying and naming his Heir, Ogedai (third born). Even though there is internal conflict between the brothers, Genghis’s loyalty could not be bought, and many of his generals the respected him. Held the tribe steady until the conflict between the brothers ended. “I have worked hard with my brother to create this mighty tribe, I will not be the one to help bring it down,” – Khashar (Genghi’s brother) when asked whose side he would take in terms of who will be heir.

Although it doesn’t end well for the protagonists, I felt satisfied with the end and would recommend the book to anyone looking for a good read. Thank you for reading my blog post

Iggulden, Conn. Bones of the Hill. New York: Puffin, 2009. Print.

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Inventing a Man

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Found Poem

I am going to invent a man
And bestow a sword and bow

The khan will be known as Asia
That besieged every city with
Pondering speed while riding down
Walls of the Chinese Worlds

His sword and bowmen, every sound
Of a kingdom accomplished as it falls
Press your ear to the rumbling ground
And listen for each rider on a swift horse
Of the largest empire you will know

Over the distance you must fear,
Against the gods bred soldiers
Whose word was his life, “War”
I put your helmet to your head
And send you to defeat.

He is the lion you’re the lamb
In his mouth you picture already
You shall be weak and defeated

But let’s say we capture
A small party of 30 men or less
And kill them
Declaring we could match
The lion’s strength and speed

The great lions head will swing east
And kill our entire herd with much ease
With one great whoosh of the arrow
“Tonight they will be showering with arrows”

I wrote this poem with words from the book. I used a couple of quotes from “Tonight they will be showering with arrows” Conn pg 432, “He is the lion you’re the lamb” Conn 544. The story’s main exposition is when an Arab tribe executes a group of Mongol traders, this infuriates Genghis because the party had no intention of harming the Arabs. With one swift move of his hand, Genghis swings his entire army to kill the Arabs without mercy.

Iggulden, Conn. Bones of the Hill. New York: Puffin, 2009. Print.

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History Changing Butterfly

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Acclaimed author Ray Bradbury works his magic yet again on another short story; Ray depicts a carefully woven plot that could very well change your whole perspective on time travel. A Sound Of Thunder is a scientific fiction based on the consequences of altering time. The book has won numerous academy awards, and has gone as far to becoming a movie (not a great one I should mention). I will be discussing the theme and conclusion in this post.

Eckles, the main character of the story, sets out on an expedition to kill a dinosaur with Time Safari led by Travis, the Safari Guide. Travis goes over many rules but constantly reminds Eckles to never set foot off the designated path. When the group finally comes in contact with one of the Dinosaurs, Eckles steps off the path, killing a butterfly, this simple action completely disturbed the course of history.

The consequences of Eckels action changed the course of history. Which no one could’ve predicted. When Eckles does cause the effect most people are greatly dissatisfied of what he’s done, while people in the changed future are very happy. Deustch won the presidential election; in addition the language has altered, meaning some very important changes in history haven’t occurred.

An example of the butterfly effect can be as simple as waking up 30 minutes earlier each day, perhaps you will be able to do some new things such as exercising. After a few weeks you will become more fit, your self image will improve and consequently your self confidence. The improvement in self-confidence could help you to ask that girl at work out to a date. (If you’re still scared I’ve posted a link that could help you)

Link to motivational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuHfVn_cfHU

A more abstract example could be, going back in time and released a butterfly into the street, a dog might see the butterfly and try to chase after it. The dog will then run into the street, causing a car accident that kills a serial killers mother. Because this butterfly was flying around 100 people didn’t get killed, and one of the people found the cure for cancer.

Concluding my report I would like to state the theme of “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury is for every action we take, the future can change in ways we cannot possibly imagine.

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Writers Workshop April 29, 2015

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This is my story about the Russian revolution

Vladimir the Russian, and Lev the Jew.

The bear had forgotten what it had felt like to walk through the snow, padding heavily in and out of the birches and fir. He’d forgotten what it was like to swipe a salmon out of the river as the fish leapt upstream to go home to reproduce. He’d forgotten what it was like to rub his back against the bark, and feel the north wind run its icy fingers through his thick coat.

All he knew was that he was hungry, and that he’d have to stop his hunger. He lumbered out of the cave, thinking solemn bear thoughts about food, and made his first stumbling steps into winter’s snow. The snows were as thick as they had been for five months. Every branch was ice and crystal, and shone with immaculate beauty of a fast blizzard. Now he remembered what it was like, the world that he had missed during his hibernation, five long months of sleep.

Slowly thoughts and desires crept up into his brain, but hunger in him rose above everything else, it made him light headed, and he swayed on his feet as blood began pumping as it had done so many months ago.

Now, only a few trees ahead of him in the forest stood two men deep in conversation. One was Russian, the other a Jew; they were best friends, though they spent much of their time arguing. They would argue about all sorts of things, but each would listen politely to what the other had to say. First the Jew, whose name was Lev, would argue that the people of Russia should be its true masters

The Russian whose name happened to be Vladimir would stroke his small but excellent beard, then would counter that what Lev had said was true, he reminded him that the people need guidance from the enlightened minds after their while lev would stroke his big but well kept beard, many hours of arguing they each would light a pipe and have a good long smoke while they thought about what to argue next

The two men had both been born in Russia and had since traveled all over the Russia, and had discussed these questions with many people. There was never silence, wherever they went talk always followed. They had spent the last years abroad but now here they were back together. It was now the Russian and the Jew smoking their pipes, the bear lumbered into view.

Lev and Vladimir froze, but almost immediately realized that the bear had stopped in his tracks because they knew they had found precisely what they wanted. They walked to the bear, both blowing hard on their pipes trying to mask their fear of the bear.

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