Figure of Sadness





Lange took this photo of a man who is moving from one place to another due to his destroyed farm. Even though George and Lennie never owned a farm, the two connect well with this man because they own nothing, they are tired, worn and unhappy, wanting to live the American dream. The man’s clothes are all tattered and worn, his face is droopy and gives a mood of unhappiness, worn and frustration. They really show a plethora amount of moods, and they come from his body language and different aspects of the photo. By having leading lines and a contrast of direction between him and the other person with his back facing us, it really makes the man the focal point of the picture. This adds more visual weight to this person, as we then see more things about this man. His facial expression shows us a great deal of unhappiness as it is frowning and giving off a bad mood. His clothes look old and tattered, it makes the man seem very tired and most of all poor. Last of all, the way he is standing really makes him feel lonely and sad; he is against the wall with a leg up, as him he wants to create space between others and keep distance. These aspects really make this man become the dominant element and give off a very negative mood. This man was a person who was waiting for a relief check after his farm was destroyed. Through the destruction of the farm he then became a migrating agricultural laborers.

Second Chance, A Short Story

I finally understand the reasons behind it and I wish I could redo everything. The reason for gifts that were not what I wanted. It was to help me become a better person, to not obsess over electronics and learn more about the world and appreciate the world. This boy has been living a spoiled life, until his grandma tries to help him learn and change, but of course things go the wrong way and his life is like never before and as the story continues a theme of redemption is shown.

In my story, I have been able to use a lot of similes and metaphors in order to help the reader understand what I am talking about. “Jack was an enraged elephant stomping across the room” This metaphor was in my story and it really portrays how Jack is acting. This kind of figurative language is found to help develop my story. As Jack storms around his room like an elephant, making the conflict arise and show people what is happening. “Running down the stairs like a stampede.” This simile is able to show how Jack is running, as he is compared to stampedes that rush forward at high speeds. The metaphor and similes in my story are able to help develop my story well in order to allow the readers to understand what is going on.

Throughout the story, I have created a mood through my connotation. Words like “distaste”, “enraged” and “disgustingly beautiful” all create a sense of a hatred and annoyance and distain. They enrich and linger the feeling and make imagery clearer as well in the reader’s mind. All of this contributes to imagery as the feeling allows you to see things more clearly.

The point of view of this story is third person omniscient. This will allow the reader to know about everything and allow the story to flower easier. Third person omniscient is having a narrator that knows everything that is going on. Therefore, there is distance created between the reader and character, but imagery is much easier to do.

The motif in this story should be very obvious, it is a flower ( or sometimes rose). This is because I wanted to highlight a conflict two types, human vs. nature and human vs. human.

SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As Jack is put up against his family, as well as nature. A flower is a symbol of both conflicts as it incited a conflict between humans and humans and nature.


   Second Chance

                                               By Alex Zheng                     

Running down the stairs like a stampede, Jack Hartford soared down his two story house excited by the fact that he is getting a present from his parents. His Pudgy hands slid down the stair, leaving sweat and oil on the wood. He moved like a cheetah and as he came down stairs and turned to the dining room, Jack saw his grandma sitting side next to the table with a box wrapped in gold paper wrappings.  The reason for all this excitement was because of the present. All he wanted were new things, new toys to play with.

Henry Hartford’s mother, Sarah arrived at 4:00 PM on October 24th to see his grandson. When she stepped in the door of the house one word came into her mind “rich”. There were 4 flat screen TV’s in the living room, and a kitchen the size of a auditorium. This whole house was quadruple the size of her own house back in California. There were so many rooms, and floors it was hard to keep track of where she is. Everything seemed expensive, luxurious and not necessary, but it really did show this family’s character.

Jack’s parents Henry Harford and Hailey Hartford, came to welcome their mother into their house, making her comfortable and happy. The main goal for Sarah was to meet her grandson. She waited and waited in the living room, waiting for Jack to come down. Yet, he never came. So she decided to walk down the hallway into his room. And soon she understood why he didn’t come. As she opened the door, a booming sound of a gun erupted in her ears. As she calmed down she saw a huge screen with a guns and cannons firing. Jack stood a few meters from the TV and was completely absorbed in the game.

With many tries of yelling his name, Grandma Sarah finally got his attention. Jack turned around, only to see his grandma, standing over him with a very unhappy face. He dropped his game console and look down in guilt. There were no words exchanged, and Sarah was so annoyed by the series of events, she leaves. Grandma Sarah knew that her daughter and son did not know knew how spoiled their son is, because. He probably is the most spoiled person in Montana, but they couldn’t do anything about it until on the last day of Grandma Sarah’s trip, she found a solution to help her grandson.

When Jack came down the stairs, he noticed how it was a long box about the size of a shoe box. It stood out from the dining room. There was a long table the length of a tree, with chairs along the side. Lights were everywhere around him, fluorescent lamps, yellow lights, everything was so bright. Jack called his house, “Mini Paris” for a reason. For all Jack knew, this gift was probably another pair of headphones, another game console, so he just tore the wrapping paper apart and opened the box. As he did so, Jack’s face darkened. What stood in front of him was the most unexpected gift to him.

A flower.

He looked up to his grandma with a disgusted look and started to gather his rage and let it all out.

“Do you like it?” Sarah asks.

“No, why would you get me this gift? You know how I am I love to game, I love to have technology around me, but of course you get me a flower a stupid flower. How in the world does a flower have the same value as a PS4? A PS4 costs $399, its not even that expensive, but a flower doesn’t cost anything. It is invaluable!  It is not needed in my life!”

“But Jack, please understand what we are trying to do for you here, we are trying to give you something new to do, think of this flower as an opportunity, a way for you to treat something so delicate and precious and gain a new experience. Trust me, it is worth it, this is definitely a life changing moment.,” Grandma Sarah explained calmly like a teacher to a student

“How life changing could a flower be? All it does it take up space, take up resources and does nothing else, why do we needs this. You’re just a person who is blinded, by this plant, blinded by nature! To me you just scum of the earth, a piece of trash, a waste of life!” Jack insulted.

Like a cub leaving its mother, Jack leaves the dining table without saying another word or hiding distaste to his family and went up stairs, bringing the flower with him.  As he slammed his door shut he could hear his parents talking about him and what just happened.

“I understand that he didn’t want a flower, but I just wanted him to see other things, rather then just staring at TV screens and what not,” Sarah tries explains in a quiet voice.

“You don’t understand, its just he is to used to this luxurious life that he hasn’t gotten to understand the beauty of nature and life. You just have to wait,” Henry states.

Hearing this, Jack was an enraged elephant stomping across the room, raging about why they think he is spoiled, why he needs to appreciate nature.

“Nature is just there, there is not point of nature, we can live without it! There is no point of it! None at all!” Jack says to himself

Angered about everything he smashes the flower on his desk like an abusive husband to his wife, being as violent as possible, being as evil and cruel as possible. The smashing the flower was not enough for him as he banged on the table like a gorilla loudly banging on his chest, not caring about anything around him, not even his parents. As Jack finally arose from his anger like a plane out of the clouds, he realized something, a simple flower pot would have broken on Jack’s precious Maplewood handcrafted table, but not this flower pot. Jack finally examined this flower. The plant was disgustingly beautiful, it was a simple rose, blood red petals with a thorny stem and yet it had some sort of glow that illuminated around it, radiating a tiny glow as if it was a fire fly at night. However, the pot was really odd, as he examined the pot, the design across it were root like patterns and colors. His curiosity led him to feeling the pot, the rough exterior was like touching sand paper.  It made him question the quality and the price of this plant because the pot itself was just like a bunch of roots clumped together.  He didn’t think much about it and went to bed, cursing his parents before falling into a dream.

It was 7 o’clock Monday morning when Jack woke up to his alarm. As he prepared for school in his room, he observed the flower once more, he saw the rose as it was, nothing special about it, but the pot, the root like pattern was gone and it was just a normal pot. Dismissing the fact that something happened, he walked out of his room, giving no water or sunlight to the plant for it to live. That day was also the day grandma Sarah left, back to her home. Leaving the flower behind.

As time passed, Jack soon forgot about the rose and went on with his daily life, and as time went on, the flower started to die. Jack didn’t know, his parents didn’t know, but they were all blinded to the dangers of this gift.  The flower started to wilt and one by one, the flower petals fell off the stem, and as each petal fell, Jack was affected.

One morning, Jack woke up to an excruciating pain in his thighs. He looked around, scanning to see anything that caused his pain. As his eyes scanned to his table, his eyes laid on the flower, there was a change, a petal fell. It still looks as elegant as possible, but to him there was no way that the flower could have hurt him. No way a rose could have harmed him that bad. It was a distance away from him anyways.  Jack just ignored everything and moved on. However, he did not know what was going on and scheming behind his back

“I guess I just need to rest more,” Jack comforted himself.

Of course he did not know what was happening, but things worsened more and more when each petal fell.

            Each time a petal fell, Jack is damaged more. First his legs, second was his arms, and third caused him temporary paralysis at times.

By the fourth petal fell, he was already in the ICU having a nurse observing him for 24 hours.  He was a thin branch, frail and fragile His organs have started to fail; he was completely shutting down like a decaying flower.  Jack was dying, his body would not react the way he wanted to. Trying to get up from his bed caused his back to be in excruciating pain and leave him gasping for air. The bones of his body became more and more prominent, you could see his veins and his arteries pulsing as blood moved around. No one could do anything, Jack was left to die as if he was a dying skunk on the road. He is going to die by a pain that was more painful then death itself. However, no one was there to save him, it was to late anyways…

His parents did everything they could to help him. They were like Jack’s servants, doing whatever he asks and to do anything that is they brought him all his toys and presents, even the rose.  All the rose did was make Jack see nature, the one thing he dislikes. He would turn his head from away from the flower but all it did was cause him pain, oh so much pain.  Of course no doctor could have cured him, the rose was counting down his death, and Jack could not do anything about it. As his body became more and more weak, more and more closer to death, so did the Rose. Each petal would fall and turn, rotten and the stem would start to decay. Nothing could be done.

His death would be counted to many of deaths that have happened, due to the foolishness of believing nature was not needed and it is bad. They have all been cursed the moment they were born.

It was night time when there was only a lamp on the desk and shone brightly and illuminated the whole room.  And as he laid on his bed, he looked at the rose one last time, and saw what has happened to his gift.

The stem of the rose has turned black and the thorns on it have started to sagged, the roots of the rose are gone as if someone pulled them out. The flower itself, is already gone, all the petals have fell and all there is left is a single petal, on the edge of falling like the edge of a cliff, it stood there waiting and waiting. And as Jack realized what has been going on this whole, time and how he could have prevented his death, the petal turned black and fell off. His thoughts turned from red hot anger, to a more reflective nature.

As he reflects on his past, to his grandma who flew all the way from California to see him. How he mistreated her on so many different levels, so many different ways. And the gift he got, Jack didn’t even appreciate it at all. He wanted to redo all those things he did that were sinful, that were incited by anger and hatred. Jack wanted to restart. Starting off by his grandma. He wanted to do so much, redo so much.

 And in the last seconds of his life Jack said, “Forgive me”

Jack closed his eyes, preparing for death to take him, and for a while he was going to die. The plant decayed and died, while Jack had to die, as his body started to decay, starting from the skin; exposing all of his organs and soon all that was left was a hollowed out shell of Jack Hartford, it was like an abandon coral of a family of fish, deserted, desolated, and dead.

However, as if a sudden change of fate, a force redirected Jacks life. The force that Jack hated so much and the force that was killing him changed his life. Jack’s eyes reopened to a very odd view. It was not the hospital he was just in. Jack was in his room, with a game going on right in front of him. He places his game console down, and he slaps himself to see if all of this is real. And it was as Jack winced from the stinging pain on his face.  He needed to know what happened, and he checked the time. Jack was wondering about what happened as he walked around the room trying to find clues.

“What happened to me, I was going to die, I remember I was going to die because I saw the – “

Jack suddenly stops and what sits right in front of him is that same flower. It had that same pot, and that same color. However, one thing was different, Jack appreciated the flower, he wanted to know more.

“I guess grandma was right. I guess flowers are important, I guess nature is indeed important, Nature is beautiful”

Jack suddenly remember that grandma was gone and he really wanted to apologize to her about how he acted. So, he took out his phone and was about to dial Grandma Sarah, but all of a sudden, he started laughing, laughing of joy.

In his hands, the phone’s date was October 24th 2:00 pm.

2 hours before Grandma comes.

Polymer Journal #4

After creating our final prototype, looking back at the process in which we went through the engineering design was quite efficient.  Each time we created a new prototype, we went through the whole cycle of defining ideas, developing a solution and then optimizing the prototype. After creating prototype 1, prototype 2, they were all to sticky after we defined our idea of how the slime must be mouldable, sticky but not to much and durable as well. Therefore, after defining our idea, we then started to create a solution, however another problem showed up.  The slime was too sticky and was not durable.  Thus to find a solution to this, we created prototypes 3 and 4.  Even though they worked better, we wanted to optimize more characteristics and so we created prototype 5 and 6.  The Super slime was very mouldable but not really sticky nor was it stretchy. After we completely defined our terms and ideas, the creation of prototype 5 was a failure because it was too slimy and had nothing that we wanted. . Prototype 5 and 6 were then modified and created a great substance that can be used. Oliver and I kept on defining our ideas and terms, then tried to solve the problems that the past prototypes had and optimized them. Going through the cycle on and on and on until now.  Since there have been many struggles and failures in these trials, a few examples of us learning about this is, when we tried to find new polymers that is not just a super slime or boogers because they kept on failing, we overcame this problem by learning to combine different elements of a polymer together and make a new kind. Therefore showing how we learned through failure and struggles.  On the day of the presentation, I have learned that in order to create a good ad, there must be aspects in which you are able to show what your product can do, what your product is made up of and many more.  Most of all is that you need to know your product or else you aren’t able to create a good commercial and answer the questions right.

IMG_1692    IMG_1816


This presentation was influenced by the minorities in Heilongjiang, a massive province in China which is a very unique place. This place has a lot of everything, culture, history and nature. These things all become very intwined into Heilongjiang. After its long history, the people have been changing, and the nature has been changing as well.  In this keynote, it shows the different important aspects about Heilongjiang and gives some travel informations as well to help people completely understand Heilongjiang and they will be “longing” for a beautiful place.

Polymer Journal #3

The next class, Oliver and I were able to make two more prototypes that allowed us to fully understand what we needed.  After creating boogers and super slime, we decided to try to put the two together by adding all the materials at the same time and mixing them up.  This should allow the new substance to have a stretchy characteristic, be more durable, look nicer and be sticky ( but not too much).  After creating our prototype 5, we created a disaster.  Taking the new slime out of the cup, we already new it was a disaster, it slid smoothly and when getting the slime off the spatula it was way to sticky.  Just like prototype 1 and 2 it was much to sticky, and it wasn’t even stretchy due to the fact that we add super slime. Thus showing how super slime is very fragile when stretched. Not only was the prototype 5 the worst out of them all, the characteristic that no other slime had was how slimy it was.  After creating prototype five, we decided to tweak the slime by taking out the laundry detergent to make it less sticky and slimy. After doing so, we created a new kind of slime that was perfect for our problem. It was not too sticky, stretchy and durable as well. Making it the prime substance to use.  Therefore, it is clear that prototype six is the one to use because, it has the correct balance of stickiness, it is also durable and stretchy at the same time. The others, like the boogers, were very sticky, very stretchy as well, making it a bad choice to use.  While super slime is durable and not sticky, it is not able to stretch our and be moulded.  The prototype 5 was to slimy, too sticky, but it was able to be mouldable.  Finally, our last slime was sticky enough, moldable, stretchy and durable as well.  Even thought I think we have the right prototype,  we will experiment more on the amount of chemicals used and try to add a scent to the slime to make it even more attractive to people.  To do so, we will be taking the next class to try adding different amounts of chemicals so it will fit with the wrist band and we will add perfume or some sort of scent that makes the slime smell good as well.


Photo on 4-22-16 at 11.12 AM Prototype 5


FullSizeRender 14Prototype 6 our final prototype and it works 😀

China’s Five Themes of Geography

How has the environment shaped the way people live?

Since China’s environment is full of pollution and waste, this has caused peoples lives to become harder. In such ways that people have to walk a long distance to get water,  they also need to risk their health everyday due to the air pollution and unclean water.  This then causes the people of china to have a very tough life because they are unable to gain the needs for life. Thus, the government helps the people trying to undo their successes because its causing their fall.  The Government then has to help the people through creating new regulations, make canals and other kinds of projects that help the citizens of china live a better life.  This environment also causes the people around the world to try to help and criticise china.  Not only are the people around the world trying to help China, but the Chinese government is growing restless and becomes more and more driven to help the people too. The citizens of China also start to suffer from this envrionment because the environment in turns starts to damage the human body and could kill people.

What have people done to change their environment?

China as many people know is one of the biggest exporters of consumer goods. The Chinese government did this to increase their economic status and make the country great. However to do so, they had to sacrifice their environment by polluting the air, water and the citizen’s ability to thrive.   Factories all around China have been emitting green house gases and causing PM particles to rise up into the air. Therefore hurting our environment by destroying the air with hurtful particles, making the water polluted as well and  the earth is getting destroyed as welll.

What human-environment relationships are occurring now?

One relationship is that, every time the environment is getting destroyed, it comes back and it causes damage to the people. As shown from the NY times article, China tries to make their economy better, in terms of destroying the air and water source. Therefore, the environment causes the people to suffer, from the lack of resources and horrible diseases.  Every time we try to help ourselves in terms of destroying the environment, it will cause a massive consequence as shown from the life of China.  Another relationship that is occurring is how people are taking the environment for granted or it will always be there because they are constantly abusing it, destroying it with out second thought.  To make China’s economy become better, they endured the process of destroying the environment and now its getting worse.  This is because the people of China have been abusing the environment and have been taking it for granted.

What future human-environment relationships are expected?

A future relationship that can be expected is the immense consequence of destroying the environment which the humans caused.  In China they destroyed the environment for the economy, therefore, causing the environment to twist and change into something that will cause peoples deaths.  This is already happening now, and it is foreseen to happen in the future as well since China has not be able to find a long term solution to this massive problem.  Another relationship that can happen between the humans and the environment is that either a country will survive from the consequences of the environment or they will fail to find a solution to cure this problem.  China’s environment is very bad right now, it has horrible pollution that can go over 1000 aqi.  Thus, the government will either be able to find a solution to cure the environment and save the country or fail to do so and suffer from the consequences of twisting the environment.

How do they affect the land and its inhabitants?

The constant interaction and relationship between the humans and the environment is constantly affecting the land, it will either cause the land to become a way to be use, or it will become a piece of land that cannot be used due to the fact that it has been contaminated with pollution.  This is because the land has been abused and polluted and made the land contaminated with pollution.  This will then affect the inhabitants because the land is the essence of creating life. Without land, the inhabitants are not able to have a comfortable life. Since the relationship of humans and environments will always be changing and the relationships can be good or bad. Therefore the inhabitants must change their lives as well because the change in humans and environment interactions will always be changing, shifting and making peoples lives better or worse.

The Essentials for Travel Writing

After reading 4 articles that are all pieces of travel writing and trying to create a small paragraph of my own kind of , the necessary factors of this kind of writing starts to come into your mind.  One key detail needed in travel writing is imagery. Imagery can be created through sights, sounds, smell, taste and touch; which then allow images to conjure in our minds that allow us to fully understand the scene.  By a sufficient amount of imagery, this will allow the reader to really understand and view the whole scene and understand their opinion.  Another essential thing that is needed in any piece of travel writing is the opinion of the writer, whether it is a real comment or a subtle comment, by putting their opinion into their article, people who read it will be able to understand how they felt towards a certain situation or thing that happened at their destination.  This will then allow people to formulate their own opinion and decide to travel their or not. By giving an opinion to the people, it will also enhance the piece of writing because it makes the article more personal  and making it more engaging for the reader too. The last thing that is needed for these travel articles is that it needs to tell a story, give information and pictures as well.  The story will be able to allow the story more interesting and show more information to the people. The pictures and information will be there to back up the story so that they can get more details about this place and get more intrigued about this journey.


The Differences between Articles

After reading the two different articles, it has been obvious that these two articles have there similarities and differences.  Right when you read the article, these articles are very similar. They all talk about the place they traveled to through a story of some kind. After talking about the story, they give allusions, hints and information that allows the reader to understand the place more and more.  However the article of Russia is very straight forward, by stating information right away in the text. On the other hand, the article on Iceland has much more allusion because he or she is hinting on different pieces of information and history as well.  One major difference between the two was the formatting. The formatting of the text was really different. While the Russia article was more text heavy and gave different facts about the place, Iceland has more pictures and captions that explain the location too.  The article on Iceland also shows how the author really gives guidance to what really needs to be done, while the article about Russia subtly implies about how things need to be done. Even though they do have their differences, these two different articles on different locations all tell a story, experience and advice to people so that they will know what to do in their situation.