Polymer Project Journal I (Gryptonite)

Polymer Project Journal I (Gryptonite)


We areĀ planning to create a polymer that we will call Gryptonite. This material will be used in conjunction with other pre-existing materials to create a phone case. This case will be able to mold to the hands of users, provide high traction as to reduce slipping, fit any current model of smartphone and provide adequate protection from multiple falls.

By creating this polymer we will be providing options for certain scenarios. For example, if you have an IPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 you will be able to use this one case for both phones. It will also be saving you money from the countless times that your phone may be damaged due to a fall or after you get a new phone and require a new case. Finally, this case is different from the way other cases protect your phones. Instead of preparing for the drop to occur and protecting your phone through absorbing/ dissipating the impact. Our case will protect your phone by preventing that drop from ever occurring thus removing the small risk that any other case fails to protect your phone from the fall.

This product will be targeted to different users of smartphones everywhere. Because of the pliability, it will fit any phone you want increasing the scope of potential customers. Also, the comfortable grip will hopefully attract the eye of people may be holding their phone often whether due to a job or their own choice that want a more comfortable experience without having to buy fancy attachments to their phone case which gives them, even more things, to worry about.

Finally to be able to fulfill these needs it will require many unique characteristics. These include but may not be limited to:

-Easily pliable yet retains shape


-Odorless/Pleasent Scent


-Having high traction

-Good at absorbing energy

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