Polymer Project Journal 2 (Gryptonite)

Polymer Project Journal 2 (Gryptonite)

Now that we have determined what we want from our polymer we are beginning to come up with ideas to create it. Be have yet to collect too much data on traction yet so first we are trying to come up with a polymer that fulfills the needed consistency. We wanted a material that could absorb impacts and also can be molded with your hands while still maintaining its own shape afterwards. Out of all the available materials we tested the 2 that fit our needs the best were Gloop and Boogers. The gloop bounced which is a sign that it might be good at protecting a phone; it also retained its shape well and didn’t stretch out on its own. In fact our slime tests showed that it didn’t stretch at all when held up at 30cm. The main problem with this material was the pliability of it. It would often “tear” and rip apart when we tried molding it, which would be a significant problem with what we are trying to accomplish with it. The second was boogers. It was very easily moldable and was very easy change the shape of. Alas this also proved to be its fatal flaw, as it could not retain its shape and after only a few seconds would collapse on itself. Considering these materials we have decided to test a combination of these 2 materials as well as Gloop with added _______ to make it more pliable. Then finally to test it we will use these tests:


-Mold test to see of it is easily moldable and retains its own shape. This will be done first by rolling into a ball and then setting it on the table and timing how long it retains shape.


-Traction Test to see if it is able to provide a good grip. I will position it 20 cm from the bottom of a book and angle the book at 45 degrees, and if it does not fall 60 degrees and timing it for both.


-Protection test to see if it will protect something from an impact. We can’t be testing this will real phones so we may be testing it will other objects such as crackers. We will be testing from a height of 1m 3 times.


-Additional tests such as smell, texture, multiple phone compatibility will be based off of qualitative observations from personal experience with the polymer.


Photo-on-2015-03-31-at-3.16-PM-2 Gloop Screen-Shot-2014-03-10-at-2.18.06-PM Boogers

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