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Impressive Improvements

Goal: Improving specific rhythmic playing. This doesn’t mean simple rhythms but in fact, playing rhythm that incorporates slurring and staccato notes are hard to physically play. I want to work on this part of my playing skill so that during a slurred phrase I won’t play a note shorter than the other. Moreover, I felt like I needed improvement in this are because of the fact that our new concert song highlights many of these rhythmic exercises.

Exercise: The first page of the exercise is mostly the fundamental different rhythm phrases that I will encounter in a piece of music.  The second page is a more specific type of exercise with slurring and articulation involved – which is exactly what the minimalist dances part tackles.

Practice Routine : Start with Long tones – Move on to the technical exercises – Finish with the minimalist dances part to see improvement every practice session. Practice session 30-40 minutes – 3-4 times a week

First Three weeks of High School band

I think the best part about this year’s band is the environment around us. Everyone seems to talk passionately or play music in a very happy face, which is not very common in other classes. Moreover, many of us are able to meet other people and socialize while playing music. It seems as though we can do what we enjoy, play music, while being with our friends. It has been a great performance to the ES as well to inspire and surprise elementary kids.  Although ther eare some new people in band this year, there are also many remaining students to lead or maintain the skills that we had last year. We played some music together and I think that compared to my last two years in band during high school, the sound was comparitively better for the first time playing together. The overall experience seems different as I became a upperclassmen, and I can’t wait to learn and play new songs throughout the year.

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