Polymer Project Blog 4

At first, it was clear that Grace and I could have been out of ideas. However, we first came up with a very simple design goal, to make a polymer that will increase the time it takes for a ice cream tub to melt. Out of the observations from the basic polymers it turned out boogers would turn cold when it was stretched and from then, we made a less sticky, easily moldable, highly stretchy prototype.


When we noticed it wasn’t cold enough at first we soon found explanations and tried storing it in the fridge, or just leaving it out in cold air. However, we soon noticed that when the polymer touches the ice cream it turned cold instantly and the temperature did not go up from then on. The prototypes were based on what could fit our design goal the best, when we came across the problem that it was too sticky we used baby oil to fix the problem. We soon copied the experiment methods and produced many amounts of the prototype.


It was clear that when the prototypes failed it was keen to stay calm and find out what could fix the problem and get us to the original polymer prototype. Sometimes when it the features weren’t expected we thought of it less as a mistake and thought of how it could make our polymer more unique than others on the market. The different materials had different aspects of changing the polymer and we mostly used them as a change of features in our own polymer.


From the dream on presentation day, it was clear that what we said should be made clear to the point without any exaggerations, and that when we were explaining our product the customers knew exactly what would happen and the different unique features.


Defining Ideas Developing Solutions Optimizing prototypes
–       Think of a basic goal

–       A unique feature

–       Innovate a close product

–       Make it better

–       Think it a positive way

–       Fix it before panicking

–       Always prepare for failure and think of a plan B


–       Always record what you are doing

–       Produce enough for failure

–       Choose the best


Insurgent Book Cover


This multi media could look like the original book cover, however in many ways it is different. I have used Photo shop to edit some parts of the original photo. On top of the background there is somewhat a cage effect to show how he is caught in something, On the top “you’re too important to just…. die” (Roth, 156) clearly shows the intensity of the book, and the quote on the bottom “You die, I die too.” (Roth, 167) shows the romance that happens in the story. The lining of words could only look like a format, but it is there for the readers to experience what the book is like. The title and the caption is used with the original font to make it more professional and just like the original book cover. I tried to make it as focused to the book and so that it could be used by the real book cover.

The citations are below


“‘DIVERGENT’ MAKEUP ARTIST REVEALS THE PAINSTAKING PROCESS BEHIND FOUR’S TATTOOS.” Hollywood Reporter. Stephanie Chan, 18 Mar. 2014. Web. 1 May 2016.

The process to a perfect conflict


It isn’t easy to have a theme of violence and cruelty, as well as a conflict that can match these settings. It isn’t a surprise when all these come together to produce something that grabs many audiences attention. From the outside it may look like just a normal storyline, however with a very sparking idea of putting dictatorship and another idea of diversity, that connects to our own society. It brings different connections that can move people’s emotions. Insurgent, something that could be just a simple word shown in a bigger world, in a fictional reality. That is the book Insurgent, containing the best conflicts that lead to a collage of problems.

If Utopia was real

Some people say Utopian society is imaginary, it could be reality. Only that in a blink of an eye it can change to a Dystopian society with some of the people earning the benefits. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye. When the society collapses it is impossible to go back to utopia. The book Insurgent by Veronica Roth gives a slight vision of a slowly collapsing world. In the first book divergent, it first introduces the conflicts of a setting that looks perfect to so many people. The problem was there are always people who didn’t belong in these places, people that could form a thought more than any division. Later called the five factions, they could comprehend and use imagination like nobody else could. So there she was, Tris with the Erudite leader chasing her with all she’s got, and her running away from trouble with her friend Four, Peter, Christina and Caleb. Running away into the Amity head quarters where all the kind people belong. The setting set with such conditions they have to make many choices along the way, of what is for the better good.


Is it really possible to have a perfect society when people are separated into different teams? We usually tend to be very competitive and fired up, when it comes to protecting our own kind. Then the results of the society in Insurgent isn’t such a surprise, they were all trying to protect the system, but what they didn’t know was that it was them who started this fight. Only if it ended in a concise and fast way there wouldn’t be any problems, but this time Tris was different, she interpreted things differently. She was a real threat to the system, and as erudite had their smart brains, her leader knew it wouldn’t be long until the Divergents could take over the whole world. The Dauntless was lost in their own faction being controlled and the other factions were treating Dauntless as murderers along with abnegation being sent into places that couldn’t be worse. Even Dauntless wasn’t strong enough to fight the mind controls, and Tris and Four didn’t have to contribute into the mindless robot exercises. To protect each other they escape into another world, trying to fix all of the problems going through danger as if a lonely mouse was going through an active cat. A human world of Jungle book, finding places to live, and helpless Divergents left alone.


It is surprising at the start of how many people actually believe in the system. Although the collapse they still keep in place, without any questions asked. We aren’t all welcoming new subjects, some people want to live hidden in the past of the good times. Following what they believe in already, living life like they were told to, but the people that really make change is the people that improvise their own thinking. But “Sometimes people just want to be happy, even if it’s not real.” (Roth, 138) Regarding the people who didn’t want change, they were like aliens, unusual human beings that could bring a threat. We are all afraid of change, when we know we belong to a place, it is crucial we want it to stay that way. Nobody would give up on their good times until they finally hit the wall, the wall that gives them the knock of reality. Later on, it gives slightly explains the destructive results and violence that happened through out the whole process of the society’s collapse.


The cost of one’s thoughts of dictatorship are always followed by worse consequences, and death follows every time a big change is made. It was proven many times in history, and at last some people are foolish enough to follow them, not knowing one day the consequences can come back at themselves. In this case Tris has to take the pressure of Will’s death. It comes a time where she realizes that she has “done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am.” (Roth, 93) As Tris says for whatever reason she may have she has had to make choices that were against her own will. The book starts with Tris remembering what happened to Will, and knowing that it was her fault that he was killed right now. Through out the book they go through many choices that they sometimes cannot decide on, in some of the experiments they show how to kill somebody without feeling but soon after the insurgent starts it is no longer needed. No limits are set and they start out the book with a deep and meaningful setting, with the expectation of something more the book starts out at its exposition.


The society was shown to be collapsing, with the different factions, one’s hope to dictatorship, and people that follow these rules the Divergents are left in great danger. Although the setting is set in a disadvantage to them they emphasize what their abilities can do, and keeps increasing the chance of opening all the people to a new change.



Polymer Project 3rd post

Our prototype has shown excellence in stretching as it sticks to a cup. Also, it changes in temperature very fast, the temperature goes down very fast if it is left in cold air, however too much exposure to the open air is critical in holding the form. For our Polymer to keep the ice cream cold it needs to stay cold and start cold at the start, so putting it in the fridge give it more of an elastic feature for the cost in that of the decrease of the stretchy feature. However, it can help start the polymer stay cold, as it has to stay cold and not be exposed to air for it to be reused it should be kept in a plastic bag. Prototype one did not keep the inside product cold but was stretchier and sticky, the final prototype is less stretchy and sticky but can keep the temperature very well. The final product will help complete our design goal as it keeps the temperature cold and blocks out heat, we can produce large amounts to cover up the less stretchy quality.


We thought of storing it in the fridge when we noticed although the temperature drops it is not enough for it to catch up to the ice cream’s temperature, it starts out with 26 degrees and with in minutes’ decreases and at about 17 degrees it stops cooling. We have to be sure that it does not get hotter as it goes, but since it is touching a ice cold ice cream it wont change in temperature as long as it doesn’t defeat the purpose and warm the product up.


Our Polymer is based on a basic polymer called boogers as known, and we added guar gum so it can stay in its form, and also added PVA solution so it isn’t too rubbery and it can have a stretchy feature, and since PVA solution also makes it sticky we cover it in baby oil so that the stickiness goes away enough that it isn’t too sticky to touch but sticks on the cup. The baby oil makes the polymer warm so we have to wait until it becomes colder, the materials were 1cm tall of glue on a cup, 3 drops of food colouring, 15ml of liquid starch, 30ml of PCA solution, 5ml baby oil, and 10g of guar gum.



Science 2nd Blog Post

My partner and I have discussed out of the 4 basic polymers which ones would be the best for our basic polymer. The slime test identified the different qualities of each basic polymer so we could choose the most efficient and fitting polymer for our product. First of all, Oobleck is very efficient in flattening down on the ground, and turning into liquid in a short amount of time, however, if it is hit or poked through fast it is equivalent to a solid object and turns very hard. Second, Gloop is a very sticky polymer that bounces more than stretching, it is very hard to form a shape with this polymer and its only unique feature is that it is very sticky. Third, Boogers is very stretchy and slimy, it flattens very quickly and is quite sticky, it is easier to form a shape however, it loses its shape fairly quick as well. Finally, Super slime is similar to Gloop in the qualities but bounces a little bit and loses form very quickly.


My partner and I decided to use boogers as our basic polymer since we need the stretchy feature, it can also help the people form the polymer around the ice tub fairly quickly. Boogers are made out of glue and liquid starch, and since we need the sticky and stretchy aspect we will keep glue and replace liquid starch. The first test is using solid cornstarch and then the next time we use guar gum. Solid cornstarch can make is thicker, which could get harder to form into a shape but will be more likely to keep it in the shape and stay there. The guar gum can help it make rubbery rather than more a slime, which can help hold the ice cream and also make the flattening feature change. The liquid starch can make the slime less stringy which means when we take out the liquid starch it will be stringier or stretchy and we can use this so it can stretch into different shapes.


Our goal is to find out what are the right amounts of solid cornstarch and guar gum is needed to reach the point where Boogers is just right to form into a shape without breaking and can also have an elastic quality.

Down below is a video of our 1st prototype and how stretchy it is

Polymer Project Journal 1

The design goal of our polymer is to make a heat insulator that traps heat and won’t let heat to escape. We wanted to fix how when we eat a big bucket of ice cream it soon starts melting and isn’t cold anymore. By replacing the bowls with a polymer that can keep the ice cream cold, it can hold the cold the ice cream as it is so that it doesn’t melt in the middle of enjoying the ice cream. We are trying to target teenagers that like to eat a whole bucket of ice cream while watching television or doing another activity so that they wouldn’t be rushed to finish the ice cream before it melts. Also it could be put into a small ball for the use later it would be easier to adjust the bowl size.


Our polymer will have the qualities of turning into a solid bowl to put the ice cream inside and it should keep the inside product cold and the outside a normal room temperature so that its not too cold to hold. Since some of the problems are that when eating the ice cream water starts dripping down and by using our product it can solve that problem as well. If we can make it this way our polymer should be able to extract into a small ball and later when it comes back to use it can turn into a bowl shape and stay solid. This way the users can also adjust the bowl shape regarding the amount of ice cream to eat. It should be sticky but when it is finished with the form it should be solid so that the ice cream is easier to eat. As another use if we can not make it stay cold for a long time when it turns into a ball we can stick into the fridge and the product can stay cold as we mold it into a new form. It should also be able to get wrapped around the tub of ice cream. The final and the most important quality is that it is able to keep the cold temperature as it is. It prevents heat energy to enter the tub so that it doesn’t affect the temperature of the ice cream.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.14.09 PM









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