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The Rules of the Game

Being the youngest in the family is hard, since you are the one who has to try to draw your parent’s attention the most, because for your elders they can get your parents attention more easily. But since Waverly is the youngest she needed to be good at something or to prove herself to her […]

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Found Poem

This found poem was found in the story of Sheila Mant and the Fish. The poem is about the conflict about the fish Sheila Mant and the Fish

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ITS ALL BOUT ME!! “CALVIN” (thats me!!)

HI!!!!!! So the first thing is that I’m not Calvin Harris. I do like music but I’m not a big fan of Calvin Harris. I like like to listen to the music that make me feel whole and good as a person, or just learn a something and play it on my guitar once in […]

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