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Burning House Project

Name: Calvin L. Age: 15 Location: Beijing, China Occupation: Student Items Listed: Pikachu Stuffed Animal, Family Photos, Basketball, Laptop, Headphones, Swim Goggles, Speaker, and Guitar. The items that I have included in the picture represent many things that have sentimental value towards myself or represent a characteristic that I have. The Pikachu in the photo […]

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Elements of Art

-Introduce and define the elements of art. There are seven elements of art, the seven are Line, Shape, Forms, Space, Color, Texture, and Value. The way the elements are captured can give you different characteristics or feelings to the piece. Line is any piece of art or photography that includes or incorporates a line into […]

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Black Power Salute

From the “100 Influential Photos of All Time” the one photograph that really speaks to me personally is a photo captioned: “Black Power Salute”. This photograph taken by John Dominis during the 1968 Games in Mexico City, represents the fight for equality in the world for minorities. The photo appeals to me due to the […]

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