A Portrait of the Soul

A Portrait of the Human Soul Dorian Gray is a creature of beauty, worthy of the eternal praise offered to him by those stunned by his boyish good looks. And yes, “beauty is a form of Genius,—is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation.” (Wilde 35), but beauty cannot last. What is now will soon come to past.… Read more →

Smell of Roses in the Air

  When the idea of hedonism become more than just a way of living, and the very essence of one’s life, what does this individual end up like? For Dorian Gray, a character from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, sensual pleasures have become the only focus of his life, and as Lord Henry Wotton states, “A new… Read more →

Who Is Justice?

I chose to create a magazine cover for the manga series “Death Note” Illustrated by Takeshi Obata and Written by Tsugumi Ohba, for my exposition prompt. I chose to put the two main characters, Light and L onto a cover of a TIMEs magazine Person Of the Year issue, as in the first arc of death note, society is swayed… Read more →

Latenight Musings

1: Every heavy shadow and dark corner screamed of secrets, of things never to be spoken. And that is where I lurk, in the darkness of the moon. And as I see  you walk by, I closed my eyes in pain. For you are so bright, just in the midnight rain. You glisten so brightly, I cannot help but stare,… Read more →


Someone has asked me why I watches such things as dark, as bloody as desolate and cold as hannibal. And I just smile, and answer: perhaps thats just who I am. But this is what I really want to say: I can describe the shakiness of someone’s pale fingers when they reach for a glass of water or a few pills… Read more →


During the grand course of time, even a small change can cause a deceptively large ripple effect, or chain action. Ray Bradbury’s A Sound Of Thunder portrays this point perfectly. During the climax, the main character, Eckels, disobeys the instructions and wanders off the path, and in his stray, kills a butterfly. This is the very thing that puts his… Read more →