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What I Want To Say…

For this multi-media post, I decided to write a letter from Lara Jean, the main character’s point of view to her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky. In the letter I wrote, it said “This night, we become real…” (Han, 337) because before today, Peter and Lara Jean had a contact with a set of rules they couldn’t do to each other because the reason they started dating each other was not because they had feeling for each other, but that they had their own reasons. Therefore, they set up a contract, and one of the rules was not to break each other’s hearts. But what is love without heartbreaks? What is love without risks? During the process of them dating, Peter and Lara Jean slowly fell for each other. It was great because they were already boyfriend girlfriends, but it was different because of that set of rules they had. In the middle of everything, Peter startWhat I want to say…ed, as he said, comforting his ex-girlfriend, Genevieve because of her family reasons. Lara Jean thought that he still had feelings for her because she didn’t trust him enough, so she decided as her old crush came back, to start hanging out with him. They managed to get back with each other at last, and their feelings through. In this letter, I worked on characterization by thinking about what Lara Jean wants to say to Peter and presenting it using a letter form. There were things she didn’t say to Peter yet, and I included that in this letter too. That night, Peter said “No more contract. No more safety net. You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.” (336) This is the night they become real, but what happens in the future, all depends on what they decide to do.


#4 Polymer Design–Final Reflections

Not only engineering, but every single process requires failures and effort. In this polymer engineering project, my partner Wanwan and I worked pretty efficiently as a team to create a suitable polymer for our goal.

The first step to this was identifying our goal. We were asked to pick a general goal from a hat and make it more specific. The goal we chose was to create a shoe insert and as girls, one of our problems is feet pain caused by shoes. We identified other existing products that solve the same issue, observed their product’s characteristics, then decided we wanted our products to be soft, a little bit sticky, resilient, heat resistant and elastic.

Then it was to start deciding what we want our polymer to be made out of. I found this process very hard because at first, I really had no idea of what materials would be suitable for our product. After experimenting, Wanwan came up with something really cool that we thought could suit our polymer goal. When we had our basic recipes, we started changing the amounts of materials in order to create a polymer that could be the best for our goal. Our final recipe consists PVA glue, starch solution, liquid foundation, borax, corn starch and guar gum.

After we had what we wanted, we started constructing different tests on the polymer to see if it fulfils the qualities it needs to have. We tested how long it took to mend together, what happened if we were to squish it, what happens when we pull is with different speeds/pressure and a lot more. With all these tests, the results basically came out to be very satisfying so therefore it wasn’t necessary to make any changes to the polymer recipe. That’s how we determined our final product.

During the process, surprisingly, Wanwan and I didn’t have any conflicts with each other and worked very smoothly. We also achieved our final fairly quickly, therefore we were able to have a lot of time of flexibility to prepare for the final presentation day. Before our successful prototype, there were a few prototypes that we tried to make out of Borax and PVA solution, they all failed because it didn’t give us the elastic feel that we wanted it to have. Wanwan came up with something interesting but wasn’t “barely visible”, therefore we decided to modify the recipe by adding liquid foundation so it could blend in with the user’s skin colour.

On the final presentation day, I feel like our group deserved what we got—second place, but there are still a lot of areas where we can improve on. After looking at other infomercials, I realized that our infomercial contained a little less information and is a little too short. If we were to redo something, I would change that. I feel like this presentation day really let me have a practice of “marketing” and persuading people that our product is worth something and useful. Overall, I really enjoyed this project including the planning, the process, and the presentation.

Filming BTS:


Almost Home, Soon Maybe

For this multi-media, I drew cute little illustrations for an excerpt from a poem written by the protagonist in the novel Almost Home by Joan Bauer. Almost home is a heartfelt story about an unfortunate girl, Sugar, who became homeless and fought with terrible situations—ones that we would probably never experience—and at last, won against her infortune. This little series of illustration explains how the story resolves. The excerpt from the poem basically tells the whole story with very simple language. “Once, long ago, a girl lost her home, but she didn’t lose her dream. She held onto it as the wind kept trying to blow it away, but that just made it stronger. So now she has keys and walls of many colors and people around her who think she’s something.” (Bauer, 259-260)

The illustrations I drew was based on a character from a game called Deemo. The reason I chose Deemo and was inspired by it was because the character I based my illustrations from, Alice, also lost her home. She was lonely at first, but as time proceeded, she met and was assisted by a lot of nice people and finally was able to find her way back to her home. Alice was just like Sugar, they both fell into a depressing situation, but with other people’s help and their own dedication, they were able to climb their way up and start a new life again. “Every morning Reba tells me, “You go out there, Miss Sugar, and show’em what it means to be sweet.” “Yes ma’am, I will.” (264)

Advancing Step By Step

This is a playlist of songs that is compiled to express the story Almost Home by Joan Bauer up to its climax. All of the songs represents a different stage/part of the story.
-Good time
This song is a song full of positive vibes about having a good time in not as good situations like these lyrics says: Feet down dropped my phone in the pool again… Although this song is way not as severe as Sugar’s situation, it still sends a message of being happy and positive when bad things happen. That’s just like Sugar’s life in the beginning of the story, she didn’t have the best family background, but she was still able to continue a happy life.
This is when Sugar and her mother gets informed that they will be kicked out of their house in a week. “Where do we find a new place to live in two weeks?” (Bauer,34) said Sugar after she got notified about that. This song can relate to what Sugar feels because Sugar has been asked to do something impossible for her.
-Say something
There is one sentence of lyric in “Say Something” that made me chose this song: “Say something, I’m giving up on you”. Sugar’s father left Sugar and her mother because of drinking and gambling issues when she was young, but he’s still a part of their family. Now that they’re in trouble, Sugar is hoping for help from her father. “Reba is counting on you, and me…well…I’m just hoping.” (Bauer, 29)
-Welcome to New York
Welcome to New York is about new beginnings, which is exactly what happened to Sugar and her mom. After they got kicked out of their house, Sugar and her mom lived in a place called Grace Place, and now, they have headed to Chicago for a new beginning.
-Fight Song (her fighting)
Things did not go well after they arrived in Chicago. Sugar’s mom was shocked and became depressed because of problems she had finding a new job. Sugar was sent to a foster home. I chose Fight Song by Rachel Platten because in the song, Rachel described how she was fighting, and in the book, Sugar was too.
After Sugar and her mother finally got their heads around something and their lives became a lot steadier, Sugar’s dad came back saying that he wants to “help”. Sorry by Justin Bieber says: “Is it too late now to say sorry?”, well, in Sugar and her mother’s case, the answer should be a big fat “yes”.
-Jar of hearts
“Who do you think you are, running around breaking hearts…” Jar of Hearts by Christina Perry describes exactly what Sugar feels about her father. Except in Sugar’s case, Sugar knows for the best not to trust him. Will Sugar stand up to her father? Will Sugar accept her father’s “sincere” apology? We’ll see!

#3 Polyme Design–Optymizing Prototypes

Nothing is perfect. Engineers test different prototypes to create the perfect solution for certain problems, and in this engineering project, my group designed 2 main prototypes that the recipes were recorded, and luckily, one of them is a great fit for what we want.

The first prototype wasn’t what we were looking for. It consists of 1cm plus 3ml of PVA solution, 8ml of borax , 4ml of water and 1 pinch of each corn starch and guar gum. It was similar to Super Slime instead of Gloop. Its texture was sloppy, smooth, and very moisture. It is not fit to be a shoe insert because it might make the shoe wet and the shape of it might change throughout the day. The only advantage of this prototype was that is was transparent so it is harder to be seen by others.

The second prototype was a lot more successful than the first. For this prototype, we first added 15g of PVA glue and 5ml of starch solution into a plastic cup. We started stirring it but before it’s completely mixed, we added 4 squirts of liquid foundation so it could have a skin tone colour. After that, we poured in 7ml of borax solution. We had to thicken our polymer, therefore we sprinkled a small scoop of corn starch and guar gum each on the polymer. This is our final product.

At first, we wanted to make a polymer that is transparent, but with only borax and PVA solution, we couldn’t create the texture we wanted. Wanwan created a polymer with PVA glue but it was white. After consideration, we decided to add liquid foundation to it so it has both the texture and will not be easily seen because it is skin colour.

To see if our final product meets the needs for our purpose, we ran a few tests on it. We timed how long it took to mend together if it was ripped apart and the result was 30.77 seconds. This meant that although it will take time, but people can still mend two pieces together. It’s rubbery because it would rebounce when it’s sqished. When it is quickly pulled, it would pop, but when it’s slowly stretched, it can meet almost all the needs for a shoe. We actually tried it on a shoe but we realized it will stick onto fabric, so the user could not wear socks when using it or it could be covered by plastic.

In conclusion, our final product fulfills basically all the needs: it’s rubbery, soft, not too sticky, resilient, and can be mended together after broken into pieces.

Below is a video of the process of creating our polymer, please enjoy!

Created by: Karen Chen

In Control

“Once, long ago, a girl lost her home, but she didn’t lose her dream. She held onto it as the wind kept trying to blow it away, but that just made it stronger. So now she has keys and walls of many colors and people around her who think she’s something.” (Bauer, 259-260) 12-year-old Sugar Mae Cole could sure use some sweetness in her life. At first, Sugar only had a father who abandoned her and her mother because of drinking and gambling issues, but now, because they can’t pay the rent, Sugar and her mother became newly homeless.

Almost Home by Joan Bauer builds up to a beautiful and heartfelt story about Sugar Mae Cole, her mother and their rescue dog Shush when they had to survive the hardest time in their lives after being kicked out of their house. Sugar was extremely unfortunate having a father who abandoned his family, but she had a talent in writing motivated by her grandfather, King Cole. As a homework assignment one day, Sugar wrote about her father: “There are people in out lives we cannot trust. One of those people in my life is my father.” (10) Sugar neither liked or trusted her father. King Cole not only inspired her in writing poetry, he also created a habit for her of writing thank you notes, and this habit of appreciation guided Sugar through very tough times and became on of Sugar’s “weapons”. After Sugar and her mother were notified that they were going to be kicked out of their houses in a few days, Sugar contacted Grace Place, a place where you go when you loose your home, and got permission to live there. Although they found a place to live in, it’s facilities and the living style there tells Sugar and her mother: this is not a place where they can stay for a long time. So after a while, they decide to leave. But that’s not the worst of Sugar’s luck yet. Sugar’s mom falls into depression, and her worst fear, her father comes back. Sugar’s father has been a scar in Sugar’s heart ever since she was young, and this return of her father is like ripping the scab of the cut, making everything bleed all over again.

Sugar’s worst fear was her father, and at first, she wasn’t able to change that. Sugar’s father was one of the most important things Sugar and her mother had to overcome in order to start a new life. That was one of Sugar’s conflicts in the story. Everyone had people to face, people they disliked. In Sugar’s case, it’s her father, but in my case, it was a little girl who bullied me when I was is kindergarten. She used to tell me to touch things I didn’t want to like bugs and caterpillars, steal things from teacher’s office, say mean things to other people… I didn’t want to obey, but she would threaten to not be my friend anymore if I don’t. I couldn’t stand up to that. She was my only friend, and I’d rather be with her than alone. So I did everything as she said. People hated me and teachers thought I was a disobedient little thief. Everyday I would get teased by other people and go home crying, and I would have never been able to face her without the help of my mom.

My mom always told me to stop being friends with her, because real friends don’t threaten each other. I knew that that was true, but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to be lonely. Under the persuasion (more of brainwashing) of my mom, I slowly started disobeying her requests. It wasn’t easy, but I slowly started noticing that even if I wouldn’t do as she said, she would just ignore me for a while and come back. The reason for that was simple, she didn’t have any other friends either. The more I rebelled, the more she stepped back. And bit by bit, it wasn’t her that was taking dominance in this so called “friendship” anymore, it was me. After that, we started doing things that actual normal friends do until the year that both of us left that school. I left that school, left the little girl and all the bad memories behind.


I was blessed that the person I had to face wasn’t my father because compared to me, Sugar was much less fortunate. Your father is a part of you that you cannot erase. Although Sugar wants to, she failed to do so. When Sugar and her mother just got through the hardest time and gotten their heads around something, Sugar’s dad came back, saying that he wants to “help”. Sugar knew that he wasn’t any good. Sugar was afraid of him, but Sugar’s mom, still, for some reason, trusted him when he came back. “Her face breaks into joy… She runs into his arms and they have the kind of kiss that makes everyone else in the room comfortable. (212) Sugar didn’t want her dad ruining what they built up again, therefore she talked to the friends that she made, asking for what actions she should take. Her friends knew too, that Sugar’s father wasn’t a person that could be trusted, therefore they told Sugar not to surrender under his fake and empty promises. Sugar’s father comes and goes, comes and goes until one day, he comes back drunk. Finally, Sugar’s mother realizes that his promises are only empty shells, and fights back to him. That gave Sugar the courage to finally step up and protest, and that was also what finally shooed her father out of their lives again.

In the story, the conflict that Sugar had to face and overcome was her father. She entered a new school and started a new life. Nobody knows what will happen to her in the future, but we know that what she had gone through is what made her herself.  Everyone have things they fear to stand up to, things they fear to overcome. Don’t be afraid, don’t let it control you! Stand up and break free from what is restricting you to be yourself, and when you finally come through, you will find the world to be a little brighter, a little better and a little nicer than what you thought it was.

#2 Polymer Design–Developing Solutions

Our product goal is to create a polymer than can improve comfort in shoes. To achieve that, there are a few characteristics that our final product has to have: a little sticky, not slimy, soft(comfortable), elastic, rubbery, strong, resilient and heat resistant.

In class, we did slime tests on polymers Boogers, Super Slime, Gloop, and Oobleck. Oobleck is neither a solid nor a liquid, it changes with the amount of force applied to it. Gloop is elastic, Boogers is stretchy, and super slime is sticky. After all the observations and testing, we decided that we are going to base our polymer out of Boogers and/or Gloop because it’s less sticky and more elastic. Between Gloop and Boogers, Gloop appealed to us more so that’s what we will try first. Gloop was very elastic, bouncy, and wasn’t slimy at all.

By observing the recipes of Gloop and boogers, we realized that one ingredient they have in common is glue, which could be substituted by PVA solution. We want our product to be transparent, therefore I want to experiment by replacing glue with PVA solution and altering the amount of ingredients we used in the Gloop recipe. We want to increase the amount PVA solution so our polymer would be less sticky and more elastic. If the idea of replacing glue with PVA solution doesn’t work, we could also colour our polymer to be skin coloured so it blends into people’s skins.

We will test two different recipes, one with PVA solution and the other with glue. For the first recipe, we will mix PVA solution and Borax solution together. After the slime forms, we will slowly add Corn Starch and Guar Gum alternatively to make it more elastic. For the over recipe, we will add glue, starch solution, borax and foundation (for the colouring) to form the slime. When the slime forms, we will do the same thing as the last recipe to thicken the slime.

To test if our polymer actually works, we will run a few slime tests: slow pull test to test the stretch of the polymer, squish test to test how elastic it is, overnight test to see what will happen to the slime if disposed to air overnight, and the heat test by holding the polymer in hand to see what it’s reaction is to heat. Depending on the test results, we will be altering our polymer recipe and be testing new things in the future.

Boogers and Gloop

Multi-media Created Using Piktochart

#1 Polymer Design–Defining The Problem

All girls want to wear pretty shoes and look glamorous on the streets, but as people always say, “Beauty comes with pain”, pretty shoes are usually not comfortable at all to wear. When the sides of the shoe rub against your feet, it feels like something is grinding it every single step you take, and our polymer will be designed to solve that.
Our general design goal is to create a polymer as a shoe insert, therefore we decided that our polymer will be designed to resolve feet pain caused by uncomfortable shoes and our target market audience is mainly females who experience feet pain created by heels or any kind of shoes. Our polymer will be inserted into areas that costs feet pain to resolve the feet pain. It will also not be too visible so that people can notice it and ruins the prettiness of the shoes. People who use our polymer not be anymore bothered by feet pain and will not have to worry about the polymer being seen because people will hardly notice it.
We hope that our product will be soft so it is comfortable to wear, sticky enough to stick on the shoe but not slimy so it is disgusting to wear, resilient so that the shape doesn’t change too much under the pressure of the foot, and heat resistant so that our body heat will not cause the polymer to melt throughout the day.


There are other products that also focuses on similar problems and solves them by using silica gel. Silica gel is very elastic and resilient, and we want out product to have that characteristic as well. What makes our product different from already existing products is the ability of being shaped so that people could change the shape of it and place it in different areas of their shoe to fit their feet. Since our product will be shapeable, how you want it to improve the comfortableness in shoes is entirely up to you!

Design Of Our Product:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.18.02 PM

Image Source:

There Is No Name Yet–Dorothea Lasky

Created Using: http://www.abcya.com/animate.htm
Music: Yawning Lion by V.K.