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May 25th, 2018

Humans of ISB

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What keeps you awake at night?… What will you miss?

The fact that the world can end anytime…I’ll miss being able to acquire knowledge, my friends, and family members.


Who are you most thankful for?

My parents, because they gave me the chance to study at such a prestigious school and supported me when I needed it.

If you had one last wish before you died, what wish do you have?

I’ll spend my wish to have more time with my friends and family because I don’t want any regrets.

What was the scariest moment in your life?

e movie called player 1…there were the scenes of The Shining. To be honest, I never watched The Shining, and the jump scares weren’t that bad. It’s just the whole atmosphere was terrifying in general.


What was your favorite childhood memory?

I was at this pond and this dried, dead fish fell down on my head. I thought it was raining fish or it was the fish jumped too high and burned to crisp. When I told my mom and grandma, they made fun of me. To this day, they still laugh at me, but I found it to be a pretty cool memory.

May 24th, 2018

Portraits Continued

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In this picture, I changed my point of view and framed the girl into the blocks. I had to adjust my camera angle multiple times to get the girl centered right in the middle of the blocks.


In this image, the boy displays a more serious face compared to his peers. This photo then highlights his emotions and hesitance to lower his guard down at the beginning.

In this image, I used motion blur to capture Janet walking. I set the shutter speed to 1/40 with a low aperture to create the effect. Despite being blurry, I really liked how her facial features can still be seen.

The last image, is filling the frame. Stephanie with the main subject and her entire face is focused and zoomed into the camera. I liked the clear eye contact with the ambiguous facial expression to keep the audience thinking.

May 23rd, 2018


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This image above used the technique of eye contact. He was staring directly into the camera which created a stronger impact on the audience.


In the photograph, I focused mainly on my arm which revealing my entire face. The reflection across the window created a symmetrical balance which further enhances the photograph, giving it a mysterious vibe.(I can’t flip it back????)

The photo above uses freezing action to capture the boy’s movements. The clear focus on the boy’s arms with his feet slightly blurred creates a stronger impact and creates an energetic vibe.

In this image, the colorful background contrasts against the solid natural colors of Janet’s clothing, accentuating her figure.


This photo exhibits the technique of introducing a prop. The two kids playing with the props is immersed in their own world and less distant and shy in front of the camera.

This image was shot on a tripod after I adjust the settings on my camera. I asked Janet to help me take the images; however, I forgot to set the settings back to the single photo, so it was a continuous shot of me goofing around with Janet.

May 23rd, 2018

Field Trip Reflection

The digital imagery class went on a field trip to the hutongs and the Drum and Bell Tower. As we explored the hutongs, we took street photography to put in our albums. I enjoyed the food the most out of the trip. Our family stays in Shunyi without going into the city; therefore, the whole experience was really enjoyable and fresh to me. The food was really tasty and there were plenty things that I have never tried before.

I tried to take more portraits since I don’t usually challenge myself in that section. I really enjoyed trying out new techniques, such as contrast, filling the frame, and panning. I kept adjusting the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to get a successful shot. The constant change helped me get more familiar with the functions and allowed me to adjust my camera even faster. Some of the people were really nice and generous about taking their photos; however, some others were really harsh and serious about their privacy. I had to apologize multiple times when people got mad for their photo being taken. Street photography was a really new and interesting field. I learned to find the little details that would really make a picture interesting. These experiences will help me in my digital imagery.ELO to Shanghai.

May 20th, 2018

Weekly Post 11

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This week, the kids returned back from their trips. Mr. Jeng assigned a new project which required them to measure the dome and create a floor plan. The students were eager and enthusiastic about the project; however, I encountered some issues later on. Mr. Jeng sent some of the students to the dome to start measuring. In the dome, some of the boys started goofing around instead of working. I tried to keep them on task, yet they decided to ignore them. After several warnings, I decided to write their names down. I learned from the online course that it is important to set up a professional and respectful relationship between the tutor and the tutee. Therefore, I decided to become more strict with the students and told off their behavior to Mr. Jeng.

After the little scenario, the students became more aware and respectful of their surroundings. I learned that even though it is important for the tutee to be comfortable around the tutor, it is still important to maintain a certain boundry between them. This week taught me a valuable lesson that would be applied better in the future.

May 13th, 2018

Weekly Post 10

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This week, the middle school students went on overnight trips. They missed two math classes; therefore, I was only able to tutor for one session this week. Mr. Jeng decided to let the students review their assignments and topics. However, there was one student who was working on calculus. I have never learned it before; therefore, when he asked me questions, I was unable to answer. This reminded me of the online training, where it mentioned that it is okay to not know everything. Instead of lying to him, I admitted to not knowing much about this topic and guided him to Mr. Jeng.

May 6th, 2018

Weekly Post 9

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During this week, I missed a session due to my digital imagery class trip. On my second session, Mr. Jeng announced that he wouldn’t be teaching any new materials because the class would be going on trips and missing multiple classes. The students were still given the option to study new topics independently, and many did. They worked on the whisker box plot; however, I was only taught this last year. I was able to assist many students with my past notes and textbook. the following weeks, the students will be on trips and MAP testing; therefore, I have to work even harder the next few sessions.

May 1st, 2018

Henri Cartier Bresson-Analysis

May 1st, 2018

Weekly Post 8

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This week, the students were mostly working on their geometry assignments in preparation for their upcoming test. They were given worksheets, online work, and projects to create a more in-depth knowledge and a wider perspective on the topic. Many kids couldn’t see the the formula of the shapes in a wider picture. When they were given an assignment to explain how the formulas came to be, they insisted the formulas were “right because thats how they were taught. It was difficult to change their perspective; however other kids were more open minded and finished their work quickly.

April 22nd, 2018

Weekly Post 7

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This week I had APAC softball and missed the Thursday session; however, I was able to make the Tuesday session. In the Tuesday session, I worked with a larger group of kids where the students were asked to design a carton to hold a certain amount of cubes. The project was slightly challenging for some students as they couldn’t comprehend the shapes in a three-dimensional form. After some help and guidance, many kids were able to successfully create their unique carton for their required assignment.

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