Life’s Hard, Ship Breaking is Harder

Imagine kids, having to breaking down oil tanks for copper wiring everyday just to make quota, that is Nailer’s job.Think of America ‘s Gulf Coast region, that’s where Nailer lives.  Picture a boy with “brown skin and black hair… and pale blue eyes, ” (Bacigalupi,10) that’s how Nailer looks. Ship Breaker  by Paolo Bacigalupi, is an eye-opening story about faith and… Read more →

In His Head

In life we take advantage of a number of things and it is only when we lose those thing do we realize how truly important that thing is. Like when Clay Jensen, the protagonist in the book 13 Reasons Why loses someone he considered a friend he realized how important love is. Love is important because it was love that was… Read more →

Hit Rewind

She couldn’t handle the pain. He was willing to share the pain with her. She, is Hannah Baker the girl who thought there was no one and took her own life. He,  is Clay Jensen the boy who was practically begging her to let him in, before she died. Clay rushes through the tapes she sent him, her reasons, he… Read more →

Spin The Clock Back

Have you ever wondered what it is like to lose someone just wishing you had a chance to get to know them better; wishing for a second chance to somehow save them; rewind? That feeling is true in the book 13 reasons why by author Jay Asher. Throughout the book readers have the chance to really put themselves into the… Read more →

Hope Is Always Near

Meredith in her fifteen years has experienced a lot more heartbreak, pain and sorrow than most people do in their whole lives and it is because of it that Meredith does not always fit in. After three long hard years, Meredith’s wounds were slowly closing, but to have them ripped open again would cause any person to lose hope. But yet… Read more →

The Song’s Her Heart Sings Go to the above link to listen and get a feel of Meredith’s emotions and feeling’s from the beginning of the story up until the climax, these are the very song’s her heart sings. Pain, anger, hurt, heartbreak, hope, love, trust. The A team– Ed Sheeran A song about broken angels relates to how Meredith thinks about herself in the same way-broken… Read more →

Haunting Memories

Meredith may look like an average fifteen year old l at about five foot six with long brown hair, only wearing dark colors and sneaking around. But she is quite the opposite. After all not every fifteen year old girl from a town in New Jersey has a father in jail and his picture posted on the New Jersey Sex… Read more →

Haven’t You Ever Stepped On a Butterfly?

“His feet sank into green moss.” (Bradbury, 231) Written by Ray Bradbury, who knew that in that one sentence Eckels, our main character in this story would change history. English language, who becomes president, all that changes because of Eckels’ mistake. He knew the circumstances, he knew not to step off the path and yet that one moment of absolute… Read more →