Science Polymer Journal 1

Our polymer’s goal is to clean something inside a house. We have decided that we would sell our product to anyone who has the interests of keeping there house clean and or wanting something that makes there house smell very nice. We want our product to be special compared to other already made products. Our idea was to combine everything.… Read more →

I Bought a Pet BANANA!!!

    I did a simple collage of the poem I Bought a Pet Banana by Kenn Nesbitt. In this collage I picked a picture of a banana because  the banana was the main thing being talked about in the poem. The banana was the pet of this owner and he was very bad. He couldn’t catch a ball or… Read more →

The Sad Life of Ji Li

The book Red Scarf Girl talks about a little girl named Ji Li who was stuck in a very bad time period. She was part of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Jiang Ji Li was the top student in her class. She had very good grades, and was a very good student.”In the corner behind me the breeze also rustled the papers… Read more →

Manor Farm!

The setting in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell is very important to set the mood. Animal Farm is set in a farm called Manor Farm and in the beginning of the story the time of day affected the mood a lot. The beginning you picture a guy who’s drunk with a lantern walking from the hen house to… Read more →

Guy Montag

Montag is the main character in the book Fahrenheit 451. He is described to be a curious man after he learns about books. He is a brave man for doing the things he did and therefore he is courageous. Montag is also very talkative; “‘Kerosene,’ he said, because the silence had lengthened, ‘is nothing but perfume to me.’” (Bradbury 10)… Read more →

Burn or read Books?

In Fahrenheit 451 the book the main character is Montag. Montag discovers how his government is hiding things from the society and keeping many secrets. At the start of the story Montag didn’t know that there were secrets hidden from him and that he did not know so many things. In the story Montag is a fireman and his job… Read more →